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Friday, October 17, 2014

Turmeric Stir fried Chicken ~ Ayam Goreng Kunyit @ My Fav Ala-Thai #3

My final fav ala-Thai

When I was pregs with #2, I craved for white rice. Sometimes, I will eat rice at 7pm, and ask rice again at 10pm. And the rice's taste cannot be overpowered by the dishes. I wanted to taste rice, but yet, won't want plain white rice with nothing.

This dish was the one that I ate with my rice cravings. Not that I didn't like this pre pregnancy, I have loved it all the while, just that, I loved it even more during pregnancy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sliced Beef Soup ~ Sup Daging @ My Fav Ala-Thai #2

My low carbo fix for supper cravings!
This is what I will order if I want something light for the tummy. I know....  'light'... *laughing cheekily*

Ala-Thai eateries usually will have a big pot of beef broth in their kitchen, mainly from boiling the beef chunk for their beef stir fry dishes.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Squids in Soy Sauce ~ Sotong Masak Kicap @ My Fav Ala-Thai #1

Ala-Thai restaurants are a common sight in Malaysia. Some people prefer calling them TomYam shops. These restaurants serve dishes that is popular in southern Thailand and with some local fusion as well. The best ones were said to employ Thai cooks instead of locals. I can hardly get a good Ala-Thai restaurant in KK, but I had happy times in Johor Bahru. It seemed that every Ala-Thai restaurant that I go to, it's delicious.

But no matter where I am in Malaysia, my favourite Ala-thai dishes never changes and it's with these dishes, I make that yardstick whether I like the restaurant or not. They have to cook my favourite dishes well. People around me love to go for Padprik or Pattaya fried rice, or even masak merah. But I seem to love those that they don't think of ordering. And oh yeah.. I love those small plates of ulam with sambal belacan that is on the house. Not because they are free, but I love the crunch of the raw vege dipped into the pungent spicy sambal. Goes very well with the dishes I love.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Farewell Asian Food Fest....

It's been a great 12 months.
Seriously great!

A big thank you to all my hosts, Alan, Lena, Shannon, Annie, Sharon, Alice, Alvin, Kelly, Swee San and Grace.
Thank you for writing the write up, hosting and doing all the postings and cooking to spur others into trying out Asian cuisine, and most probably going out of our own comfort zone. It wasn't easy and I'm glad it all turned out well.

Thank you to all fellow bloggers who participated, and sorry if there were instances when we had to send you a PM for certain issues. I hope that you will forgive me.

And lastly, thank you all the readers who have supported this event in your very own way. Thank you.

And as for those who remember, I mentioned before that there will be an event that focuses on China's cuisine. I am not the organizer, and the organizer mentioned to me, that we shall take a few month's rest.

I would also like to apologize to everybody as I seem less proactive this time compared to MFF.
I do hope that my blogging mojo will come back soon, as now I am feeling great slacking...... not a good news eh! Haha.

Here is the original AFF page with all the FAQ's, if you like to read it.

And here is our Facebook page of which you can access for as long as it lasts :)

And here are all the monthly events..... have a look

West Asia
Hong Kong and Macau
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French Indochina

or just scroll all the way down!

Singapore Food Fest - Finale.... Sept 2014

Singapore Food Fest is the final country to be featured in our event.
Hosted by Grace Phua, you can visit her blog and read about the food of Singapore

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Taiwan Food Fest - August 2014

Hosted by Alan of Travelling Foodies.
Visit his blog to read his writings about the food of Taiwan

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Philippines Food Fest - July 2014

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French Indochina Food Fest - June 2014

Hosted by Kelly of Kelly Siew Cooks

Although Vietnamese cuisine is popular in our region, it's quite a quiet month.
May was the month of school holidays in Malaysia and Singapore... and we see less entries as everybody is busy

Entries on Facebook... totalling 31 

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Indian Subcontinent Food Fest - May 2014

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Korean Food Fest - April 2014

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Indonesia Food Fest - March 2014

Hosted by Alice of I Love. I Cook.I Bake

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Hong Kong and Macau Food Fest - Jan Feb 2014

Hosted by Annie of Annielicious Food
It was held for 2 months, due to Chinese New Year when everyone is busy.

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West Asia Food Fest - Dec 2013

This event was hosted by Shannon of Just as Delish.

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Thailand Food Fest - Nov 2013

Thailand Food Fest was hosted by Lena of Her Frozen Wings
The event was held from 1st Nov to 31st Nov 2013

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Japan Food Fest - Oct 2013

Hosted by Alan of Travelling Foodies

Japan Food Fest was the first country featured in our blogging event.

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