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Friday, August 5, 2022

Lepat Labu @ Steamed Pumpkin Parcels

Lepat Labu is one of my favourite Malay kuih. 
But, it’s not easy to find one that is not too heavy with flour. 
I prefer it soft and supple, and with plenty of coconut filling. 
It’s easy to make. 

Monday, December 7, 2020

Product Review: Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow

Normally I don’t do product reviews, but if I happen to really need it, I will. So about a month ago, sleep quality has deteriorated, and I actually blame it on my pillow, it’s been very much well used over the years. And then I received an email asking if I will do a review for some latex bedding products. 

I checked out their website to find out about their products, it helps me to decide, to accept this collaboration or not. Now... I grew up sleeping on latex beddings, and still do. Yes my current King Size is a latex bed (it’s 10 years already and I’m thinking to change it) but too bad. King size mattress wasn’t in their list for me. I was contemplating, should I should I not because a mattress at the wrong size is quite troublesome. 

So in the end, I just chose two pillows instead of a mattress. 

The Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillows arrived two weeks after I agreed ..... and I just can’t wait to try it out! 

Thanks to Origin for the pillows and do drop by Best in Singapore read to know more about pillows

Origin Mattress

Best in Singapore 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Asam Pedas Melaka

I love asam pedas. It's so appetizing. I have guests coming for dinner and it's perfect! Dishes like this is hard to cook with just 2 adults eating. Lots of work involved.

I went to chat with my colleague who married a Malaccan and cooks Malacaan food quite often. She told me, Asam Pedas Melaka is spiced, and if I were to cook Merlimau style, there has to be burnt coconut, as taught to her by her mother in law. As she is not staying with her in laws, she just played with the dish, adding anything she fancies. Yeah, that's what I will do too, if I'm not blogging about heritage dishes.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Soft Fluffy Yogurt Pancakes

My kids love pancakes. All sorts of them

I was using my good old trusty buttermilk pancake recipe for years, most of the time substituting the buttermilk with natural yogurt. But my eldest have developed some ‘dislikes’ to my pancakes over the years. And she can’t explain why, but the other kids are still enjoying them as usual. She told me she has been forcing her self to eat , because she doesn’t want to upset me. Well.....  it’s ok. I’m glad to know the truth

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Chocolate Buns with Coffee Buttercream

Inspiration came to make something chocolatey and laced with coffee for tea time, and my kids now are big enough to have some coffee, well... not all my kids though. The second one still refuses anything with coffee. 


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