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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby's Fish Porridge

Ha, I’m so far behind my posting…. Lyanne’s almost 17 months now. Althought she still eats porridge now, but it's no longer a daily affair because she's got her molars now and eating a lot of other stuff.

This is how I do my baby’s fish porridge. And to take away the fishiness, I use spring onions. It adds a lovely touch of sweetness and specks of green in the porridge. I want my children to eat spring onions. I’ve seen so many kids picking that out when they eat out. I don’t want my kids to be like that. You can add carrots of course, but I don’t feed carrots daily to my kids. And I always add sesame oil in fish porridge, masks any fishy smell. *Kitchen Tip*

Kitchen Tip: Use a timer to boil porridge with a slow cooker. This way, there’s no worry of forgetting to switch off that switch when you might be busy with baby. She might be crying or waiting for you to hug her.. and there are times when we really cannot get away for even a while. A kitchen timer really comes in handy.

I do measure my rice with a measurement spoon and use a measuring cup with my water, so that I get precise results each time.
This recipe yields 1 rice bowl of porridge, suitable for 1 feeding of a 9 month old child, Well, this is how much my kids eat at 9 months.

2Tbsp rice
350ml water
30gm fish flesh, preferably, garoupa, threadfin or Spanish mackerel. Please don’t use dory.
1 sprig green onion, separated into white and green parts, finely sliced
¼ tsp sesame oil, good source Omega 6 and masks the fishy smell too.
¼ tsp salt, optional, but I do put a bit. If you like to use ikan bilis in your baby food, they contain salt too.

If you want to increase the rice
3 tbsp, 500ml water, 2 hours
4 Tbsp rice, 600ml water, 2 hours
6 tbsp rice, 750ml water, 2 hours 15 minutes

1. Turn on slow cooker on high. Wash the rice and put in slow cooker. Add in white parts of spring onion too.
2. Boil water and fish. Pour into slow cooker. Put salt if using.
3. Put timer on for 1 hour 45 minutes.
4. When porridge is almost done, put in green parts of spring onion and take out the fish and leave to cool.
5. *Kitchen tip*
Flake fish with fingers, yes, fingers, not a fork. So that you can feel whether there are bones in the fish. You won’t want to choke your child. Feel the fish flakes thoroughly before adding back into porridge.
6. Leave porridge to cool down slightly to warm before feeding your child.

*The fish looks greyish because it's just out from the freezer, it's frost.

Variations that I find to be super yummy, even for an adult 
Chicken and Apple
Cabbage and Pork Loin/chicken
Carrots, Tomato, Onion and chicken/pork loin
Pumpkin and Chicken
Amaranth and fish
Tofu, chicken and wolfberries
Spinach, tofu and fish

I’m not the kind of person that will throw in anything to make porridge. If I feel it’s yucky and won’t eat it, I won’t feed it to my child. And some say, I’m raising picky eaters that only know how to eat good food cos they have me as their mother 

Haha, I won’t know that until much later.


  1. I can tell how good this porridge is from the big smile of your daughter!

  2. How time flies...Lyanne looks as grown up as her elder sister! I really like it that you are introducing spring onions to your daughters! Too often parents in their eagerness to make their kids eat would just stick with what the kids like.

  3. so high tech ur kicthen. the timer work ok? what is the brand. i bought 2 timers almost like this but cannot perform or malfunction ;(.

    i think the porride u prepared is better than me and your daughter look like it very much. hehehe

  4. I used to make this when EeSync's younger too, but not as flavourful la...didnt use a slow cooker but on the flames for about 15-20 min,then flake fish with my fingers too. then i blend the porridge separately. My FIL then who's looking after my son was commenting: like that where nice? But where did i have the time to slowly boil it? Thanks, that timer is a very good idea.

  5. Angie,
    Yeah, Lydia just woke up from her nap and saw me snapping pics, so she crept over and did a candid for me

  6. Shirley,
    Haha, that is Lydia not Lyanne.
    Lyanne still looks almost the same like the pic with my mom.
    I am even introducing Chili to my kids :)

  7. Voon,
    Mine is IKEA brand lor. I bought 2pcs 3 years ago and functioning til now, both also. One is here with me in the kitchen and another in my USJ house for 3 years. Everyday on off the light for my house. Never fail one.

  8. macam ni ar... i need go to IKEA buy one liao. i tell them u introduce one... see they give u commission or not ar...

  9. Voon,
    I'm a nobody, they wn't give me commission la.
    Hey, the latest model don't look like this. It looks smaller and simpler.

  10. << I’m not the kind of person that will throw in anything to make porridge. If I feel it’s yucky and won’t eat it, I won’t feed it to my child. And some say, I’m raising picky eaters that only know how to eat good food cos they have me as their mother>> <-- me too :)

    Thanks for sharing this recipe..

  11. I used to cook in this way too when my kids are little! Easy & hasle free!

  12. I cook my porridge this way too, by adding the white part of spring onions to cook together with the rice first ;-) Like you, I also believe in starting them young. My kids don't complain but it's the man in the house who doesn't eat spring onions. I'm still trying my best to convert him ;-)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. BH,
    Hahaha, it's hard to convert grown up men. I can't make my husband eat anything cinnamony or pumpkin laden.

  15. i would like a bowl of that.
    i can't cook cos brain wired for engineering. i always say next time my children, nothing to eat. but they will be great engineers.

  16. anonymous,
    Oh, I totally DO NOT agree with u.
    Cooking is like engineering, with calculations, procedures and even hypothesis to prove.
    Laws and rules to follow to achieve proper results. Temperature and motion control. Involving physics and chemistry as well. There are lots of engineers that I know who can cook very well. It just takes some effort.

  17. thks for sharing :)
    anymore recommendation on kids' porridge ? any other healthy & nice foods u cooked for ur kid ?

  18. vivian,
    My girls are already eating adult food now, so, I'm no longer cooking baby stuff for them.
    Maybe wait til my next one comes out, haha. And when the baby can eat.. it'll be around Dec 2011.

  19. i'm so lazy to try other stuff for my baby's porridge. i only put home-minced chicken/pork/fish with carrots & broccoli, pumpkin & spinach. haven't tried pork and apples before. i usually cook 1 cup of rice for 2 kids for 2 meals.

  20. Hi, my boy is 17 months now. I cook fish porridge with different kind of vege for him. But haven't tried to add in spring onion, which I think is a brilliant idea as I love spring onion:) I also never use sesame oil, in fact no other oil in his dish before:p I would like to add sesame oil into fish cooking as I love it that way too:D May I know when to add in the sesame oil?

  21. pupa,
    Sorry, I left out this step.
    Add in the same time you put in the flaked fish.

  22. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

    My baby is now almost 6 months old. I never tried cooking porridge for her yet. I don't think she can eat shredded fish yet. How should I cook the fish or meat for her?

  23. Shen,
    Start by blending everything fine in the beginning. Invest in an immersion blender. I blend their food until they reach 9M.

  24. Hi Wendy,
    I would like to try carrot, tomato, onion n chic/pork porridge as u recommended above. May I know if I can chuck everything in together or which one should go first n so on....thank you
    FYI, my little one is 15 months old n have few teeth.


  25. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for the recipe. My baby girl loves it and I have include it in my blog. Check it out.

  26. Hi Wendy, your fish porridge looks absolutely yummy!
    Any reason why you boil the fish seperately? Can I chuck it right into the slow cooker without boiling it first?

  27. Miki,
    Cos I like to use boiling water when I cook with slow cooker to save the time. Boiling the water together with the fish on the stove will save some time. But if you don't mind the extra time waiting for it to slowly boil up, you can put everything into the slow cooker.

  28. So delicious and so healthy, I prepared it last weekend!


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