Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Cake

This is only for 2 mini cakes , one for mama and one for papa. Must serve one to papa, if not he will be jealous. But make the one for mama extra special, maybe with extra strawberries. There is no cream here, so it is perfect for senior citizens who are careful about what they eat and this is definately not cloying but very light. :)

I made created this for someone I knew, who totally not well versed in cookery terms and rarely goes in the kitchen. For this year's Mother's Day, she wanted to make something for her mom, and tried out my Castella cake. Gosh, of all the cakes she wanted to do, she did a castella. Well, it didn't quite work out. With her determination and filial piety to make this day a special day, I decided to help her out a bit by making this cake for her reference. This is actually very easy but definitely will be long winded with the instructions, need to give very very proper elaboration, like what the Chinese say, "draw a picture that even shows the intestines". Please bear with me :)

To make the disposable cake ring and cake cutter
(You can skip this and use a pretty short glass to do this. Just use the glass as your cake cutter and the glass to serve the cake in it)

Stuff that you need:
8X30cm manila card, 2 pieces
Some plastic wrap or just cut from a plastic bag, bigger than the manila card 1inch on all sides
Or you can just use those plastic sheets used as binding covers and skip the manila card
Some cellophane tape
1 empty drink can
Marker pen
Blade Cutter or scissors

1. Wrap manila card strip with plastic wrap, secure with cellophane tape. (skip this step if using those plastic sheets)
2. Wrap manila card around empty drink can. Mark the spot where the card ends. This is the first mark. Make another mark 2-3mm after that first mark. This is your second mark. Remove from can, while retaining the curl. Move the end of the card to the second mark and secure it with cellophane tape. Cake ring is ready.
3. Place pen or pencil on a book about 1 inch thick.
4. Place can next to pen/pencil and turn the can (make sure base touches the table at all time), so that the pencil can make a line around the can.
5. Make an incision into the line using blade cutter. Cut along the line, make sure the line is on the shorter side, so that when you’re done cutting, the line is no longer there. Trim with sciccors.
6. There, you cake cutter is ready.

Making Temporary Cake ring

Making Temporary Cake cutter

Cake and fillingChocolate cake, any chocolate cake you enjoy eating, you only need four pieces of 1cm thick cake., Silverbird or any other dark moist chocolate cake will be fine.
140ml strawberry yogurt (single portion cup), I recommend Dutch Lady. Taken out from fridge 20 minutes before use, if this is too cold it will not give you a good smooth mixture with the gelatin later.
1 level tsp gelatin (measuring teaspoon)
2 Tbsp water (2X15ml), please use measuring tablespoon
1 level tsp sugar, or more
Some strawberries for decoration

1. Put 2 Tbsp of water into a ceramic rice bowl or any heatproof bowl, stainless steel also can.
2. Sprinkle the gelatin over the water. Let it sit for 2 minutes.
3. Heat a pan of water, the water should be about 1 inch in height, bring to a simmer. On low heat, place bowl of gelatin into pan and heat the gelatin mixture until the gelatin melts. You will no longer see any grains of gelatin. Remove bowl from pan. Lightly stir it with a teaspoon so that the melted gelatin will be evenly dispersed in the liquid. If you need sugar, put it in now and gently stir.
4. Let gelatin mixture cool down, you should no longer feel that the bowl is warm.
5. While waiting for the gelatin to cool down, cut your cake with the drink can. Cut 4 circles of cake
6. Place cake rings onto a plate lined with baking paper or plastic wrap. Put one piece of cake into each cake ring. The cake should not feel loose in the ring. It should be nice and snug. Now back to the filling…..
7. Stir the yogurt to even it out. For right handers, with yogurt on your left hand and a spoon on your right, pour the yogurt into the gelatin mixture (Do not scrap the yogurt cup, have to be fast here) and quickly mix it. After you have mixed it, only then you scrap the yogurt cup clean into the gelatin bowl and mix again.
8. Pour 2 heaped teaspoon of yogurt onto each cake in ring. Place the 2nd piece of cake over yogurt in ring.
9. Pour the balance of yogurt into cake ring. Level the surface.
10. Place plate of cake into the freezer for 30 minutes (not more than this) or chill for a minimum of 2-3 hours. Overnight will be even better.
11. Transfer cake to serving plate.
12. Use a sharp blade cutter, cut the sticky tape to release cake ring.
13. Top with a chocolate coated strawberry, or a plain one, up to you.

Melting gelatin

Cutting Cake

Preparing the filling

Cake Assembly

Final touches, before serving

To make chocolate coated strawberry
Some cooking chocolate or some eating bittersweet chocolate will be fine
Cold strawberries

In a rice bowl, pour some boiling water, halfway up. Place another slightly bigger bowl (with chocolate in it) over the bowl with hot water. Let it sit for 1 minute. Then stir with a spoon to make sure the chocolate has melted. Dip strawberry into chocolate and let the chocolate harden.

And this final picture, the yogurt is actually frozen in heart shaped moulds, instead of made into jelly


  1. You are SO CREATIVE and take the trouble to show us step by step 我佩服得五体投地

  2. My goodness Wendy, you are one resourceful lady! ;) Talk about recycling! Great thinking about using those cans & manila some money $$! ;) Thanks for the great tip and recipe. Lovely and elegant cake...

  3. Although the recipe is simple, it's so much effort making this! I may attempt this one day but will have to find a simplier method to do it :P

  4. WOW!! What can I say? First of all, you are super creative to make your own chef rings! It save a lot because chef rings not cheap. And here, it's perfectly done! Then, your chocolate cake looks very soft and fluffy! Hey, the entire cake is just so pretty. No doubt is must taste good too! This is a cake made from the heart, from the passion! I'm so admire your work! I hope I could have half of your passion will do.

  5. This is a good post, love your idea of making own cake ring and cake cutter, and the cake look really good and yummy~!

  6. AFTH:
    Wah.. no need to be so "geng"
    I "tam tong ng hei"

  7. Honey Bee Sweets,
    Thanks, I need to make use of thing around me for someone who should not be buying stuff to use for one time only:)

  8. Blessed Homemaker,
    Actually, it looks like a lot of work, but actually, not la. Just that I took too many pictures and gave a too long elaboration.. I had to, cos the person who will be doing this is truly not well versed with any kitchen or cooking terms. And she don't cook or bake at all, so there is no point to ask her to get a cookie cutter or cake rings or whatever utensils.

  9. Kitchen corner,
    Haha, sometimes I find that I have too much passion and too much curiosity in the kitchen.
    Sometimes I think too much about certain recipes that I lose sleep over it.

    Oh yes, this cake ring is washable and reusuable, and easy to store, cos it's in flat pieces:)Just remove the sticky tape residues before you keep them for future use.

  10. Sonia,
    Oh yes, the cake is indeed yummy. We ate it 2 days ago and we totaly don't feel jelak.

  11. Blessed Homemaker, again,
    You can do this in a glass. Use the glass to cut your cake and use the same glass as the ring. Just that you need to serve it whole in the glass, and eating will be messier than to have it set in a ring :)

  12. haizzzzzzzzzzz ur hubby is very lucky haizzzzzzz haizzzzzzzzzz haizzzzzzz hahahhahaha

  13. Your husband is the luckiest man on earth, seriously. I also just cook for two, very much like you but sometimes when I'm in a mood, I will do fancy desserts too and put in a lot of effort in it, just like this beautiful strawberry yogurt cake. It's just that sometimes I feel I will be doing the same amount of work if I were to bake a cake for 10 rather than for 2 person so I try to make stuffs when I am serving for a party or pot luck. But this post has inspired me to not be lazy and even when baking for 2, desserts can look really fan and great, just like yours! Thank you!

  14. Manglish,
    Actually hoh, he doesn't really care what I cook.
    He'll be happy with fried rice or steamed fish on a daily basis. Seriously.

  15. Quinn,
    My husband doesn't fancy these sort of desserts.
    He won't go "hurray" over anything fancy that I do. Eat or don't eat is nothing much to him. I don't do this sort of stuff normally, but I just did it this time for a friend to refer, and suggestions for garnish.

  16. Wendy, I bet your kids are waiting for these! hahaha.... Did they keep on asking..."mommy, can i have it now?"..."are you finish?".... haha...
    Cheers, Kristy

  17. wah good good... this make every more clear for noob cooker like me.

    mmmm i cannot promise to make it but if i am FREE... i will do so hahaha that moment i will inform u my outcome hahaha

  18. Looks absolutely gorgeous. And using the soda can is a brillant idea.

  19. Wow, I love your idea of using a soda can to cut the cakes perfectly round! That is genius!

  20. This is a beautiful creation and you are so resourceful in creating your own tools! I tend to just go out and buy the rings and plastic wrap.... applaud.

  21. Kristy,
    Lydia was by my side when I ws preparing the yogurt filling, as u can see the small hand on the table..she was begging for yogurt please. I told her to wait and I'll give her a new cup of yogurt and she keep on crying... I have a picture of that, Mike took that becos she was crying so "chai cham".

  22. Voon,
    Yalar-yalar.... only say you want to try when you really try, don't play play :)

  23. Angie and Sook,
    Thanks. I used soda can few times before to cut cakes and they are thin and sharp. they can cut thru the cake w/o flattening the sides. A very good tool.

  24. Shirley,
    Ya... hahaha, I know you'd. :)

  25. Whua!!! Feel like adding a moving icon with the soung "tsk...tsk..." to this comment! U make me wanna do this...! And Lydia's so patient...poor thing la,somemore have to wait for u to finish...if its EeSync,he's already taken a chair, climb onto it and help himself to the goodies without asking!

  26. WOW! Looks so lovely! I love it, must try to make this one day.

  27. Mel,
    Lydia oredi grab a spoon trying to get the yogurt in the glass bowl.. but I carry her away.

  28. Wow, very creative and great use of resources!

  29. Wow Wendy... this surely good for Mother's day... wish someone is making one for me. You are very creative and thanks for sharing step by step. Happy Mother's day to you & hope you feel blessed on this day. There's a card from me to you, a special & dedicated mum!

  30. HOmeKreation,
    Show your sons this post. I'm sure they can execute this. They've got your genes.
    Thanks for the card

  31. WOW!! This is amazing! No need to take mom and dad to fancy dessert cafes anymore :) Well done!

  32. NEL,
    Not only for mom and dad, but for anyone who doesn't fancy cream fillings but looking for healthier options.

  33. Wendy, may u be blessed thru out yr life. not everyone like to share knowledge esp. recipes n tips.

  34. Anonymous,
    Thank you very much.
    I do hope this passion stays with me, for a lifetime, so that I may pass the blessings I recieve to others who read my blog

  35. Dear Wendy
    thanks a lot for sharing this amazing recipe and i cant wait to try it out this weekend...well there is one thing i would like to ask can i use strawberry ice cream instead of strawberry yogurt if it not available ?!? if not then is there any other substitute ?

  36. samra,
    sorry I missed this earlier.
    I don't think that will be a problem, just melt it or freeze the whole thing, with no gelatin, should work just as fine

  37. Hihi!
    Chance upon this when searching for yogurt cake without using cream. So pretty n easy. If i wanna do a six inch size, how much yogurt n gelatine will i need? Tot of doing tis for 4 mummies instead of doing 4 individual. Possible?


  38. Anne,
    Triple the amount will be good.
    Hope the mummies enjoy this :)

  39. Thanks so much for your prompt reply! :)

  40. I cant find the dutch lady yogurt near my hse. Can use otger brand yogurt like marigold etc? Many thanks!

  41. Admin,
    I just prefer the taste of Dutch Lady.
    You can use any brand you like.

  42. thanks for sharing...i love this recipe very much!!

  43. HI wendy,

    is a fabulous dessert after all!1 i'm gonna try this out.
    may i know where can i get the recipe for the cake?


  44. Jess,
    When I wrote this recipe for my friend, I only wrote to use store bought chocolate cake because she can't bake. But I made my chocolate cake with the same recipe from Chocolate Designer Baby Grand, using half of that recipe.


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