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Thursday, November 11, 2010

GDL Tofufah 果酸豆腐花

Tofufah or Taufufar is soft beancurd in syrup. A traditional Chinese dessert. Some like it hot, some like it cold. Some like the syrup spiced with ginger, and being typical Malaysians, we like it flavoured with pandan (screwpine) or with gula melaka (palm sugar) instead of regular white sugar. It used to be the cheapest dessert ever at ony 20sen per bowl when I was a kid, and in just 20 years, the price has gone 5 fold, at least, depending on where you buy it.

The traditional way is to make it using gypsum, a natural mineral from the earth. But due to so many people saying it's bad for health, well, so, I tried making this with GDL.

I finally made tofufah with GDL and they all ended up in the drain…. Why? Cos they all were all curdled. Like vomit. Disgusting? Yes. Well, before I embarked on this brave experiment, I searched on the internet for % of GDL for making soft tofu,and I found that it should be 0.3%, well, 3L of it with 2tsp, it’s about that gua..but no…. it failed.

For those of you who have no idea of what GDL is, GDL is short for Glucono Delta Lactone. Glucono delta-lactone (GDL) is a naturally-occurring food additive used as a sequestrant, an acidifier, or a curing, pickling, or leavening agent. It is a lactone (cyclic ester) of D-gluconic acid. Pure GDL is a white odorless crystalline powder. GDL is commonly found in honey, fruit juices, and wine. GDL is neutral, but hydrolyses in water to gluconic acid which is acidic, adding a tangy taste to foods, though it has roughly a third of the sourness of citric acid. It is now commonly used in commercial tofus found in supermarkets with brands like Cheong Fatt. You can try to see that the next time you go shopping. It is considered safer than gypsum (sek koh)

There isn’t a site in English that I can refer when it comes to making tofufah with GDL… not even one. Even in Chinese, there is only one. This one. I only found her after I failed. Well, she also failed like I did, all like vomit,. Later I found another post on her blog….. SHE SUCCEEDED!!!! Oh gosh!! Now this is good news. Then she found out the reason, her soy milk is too diluted. Cos she did her soy milk with her soy machine. Well, I did mine rather diluted too, 200gm beans with 3L water. That’s why I failed, and had vomit curds like hers. Now, with her successful recipe, I’m going to embark on this grey area on the internet, where not many have trod… tofufah with GDL again.

And was I successful? Yes I am!! Not once but twice. The pictures on this post are from my 2nd successful attempt.
And below is my translation of her recipe.

GDL Tofufah
Recipe Source : DD's Wishes

250gm soy beans
1.8L water
Few blades of pandan, shredded and tied into a knot
¾ tsp GDL (1/2 tsp + 1/4tsp)
½ Tbsp cornstarch
2 Tbsp water

1. Soak beans overnight or at least 8 hours
2. Blend beans in a blender with 1.8L water (maybe done in 3 times)
3. Press out soy milk with a cheesecloth
4. Measure 2L of soy milk and bring a boil with pandan knot.
5. In another pot, mix GDL with cornstarch and water.
6. When milk has come to a boil, leave it to cool down, lid off for 5 minutes or until 90C.
7. Pour soy milk in a gushing motion(2-3 feet above) into pot with GDL mixture.
8. Do not move pot, wrap lid with a towel and leave tofufah to set for 1 hour.
9. With a tofufah spatula or a wok spatula, gently skim layers of tofufah onto serving bowl. Top with syrup of choice just before eating. Serve warm or chilled.

Now, before you go, I need some help.
I am currently wanting to buy a built in oven for my new kitchen.
I am torn between a Bosch (I have 2 models in mind, with a difference of RM1.3k between the 2 models) and Teka,
with both being German. Both grade A for power consumption.

Here's the major difference between the 2 models that I've set my eyes on

Bosch: Temperature-dial, timing-digital
Teka: Fully digital

Bosch: 3.5k (53L and double glazed doors) and 4.8k(slightly bigger capacity -58L, triple galzed doors)
Teka: 3.8k (double glazed doors 56L)

Service Team:
Bosch: None in Ipoh. But so far, response from their customer service has been good. They always call me promptly whenever I send them an email.
Teka: Service team available in Ipoh that gives tutorial upon delivery and for repairs

Bosch: Self Cleaning
Teka: None

Bosch: 7 or 9
Teka: 9

I can find loads of info online on Bosch ovens , but none for Teka, except for their own sites.

Can anyone tell me their experience with using Teka ovens, especially on the heating part. Even? Does it need turning the pan around, esp for cookies?  And does the double glazed doors feel hot to touch? Sometimes I just don't want to fully believe those salesman.

I find it weird to have a German brand (Teka) with not much information and reviews from the internet. Not that the model numbers differ (Bosch's models differs). The model that I aimed is featured in their main website (not Malaysian) and I can't seem to find information on the model, which made me really wary of their brand.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so gonna try this out! Will definitely buy this GLD powder this trip back to KL. Thanks for sharing your experience, don't want to end up making vomit like soy bean curd, lol! Btw, i made soy milk with your recipe yaterday; 100g : 500ml. It was really tasty! But a bit too thick for the first blend, so added some water. :)

    Can't advice you much on Teka oven since I have not used it. But my friend that owns a Bosch are all praise. Hope you make the right. :))

  2. Bee,
    You can get GDL in Singapore. I read somewhere on the internet, that you can get GDL from Phoon Huat but not gypsum. The site says PH says gypsum is banned in Spore.
    Oh yes, the first pressing is thick, but it'll be diluted with the 2nd pressing, if u mix them together.
    Thanks for the information on ovens. I'm really torn betweeen the 2.

  3. great job you are really my 偶像 lol never would i ever think of making my own 豆花 i guess it time for me to try this out le!
    as for the oven buy Bosch excellent reviews everywhere!

  4. Congratulations for succeeding! Your success is an inspiration to people like me to want to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I've always loved taufu fah ... That was why when I suffered from severe taufu fah cravings in the States, I even made the efforts to churn out my own soy milk so that I could make the dessert! I need my syrup to be flavored with ginger and made with either brown or palm sugar.

    One thing, though, that puts me off is the gypsum. That's why I dare not consume too much of it. I think I just took some science lesson by reading up your GDL taufu fah post. Thanks, dai gah jeh! I haven't made your egg (Japanese) tofu lar ... LOL!

    K, when I've had enough rest, I shall catch up with you on MSN. Take care! Missing your family! Will reply to your and SS's mails later after work, too. I need more ZZZZZZ ...

  6. Jess Kitchen,
    Awww... thanks for the compliments.
    And thanks for the oven comment.

    Thanks. Will you be trying this out soon???

    So Cantonese to have it with ginger. Haha!!
    U eat regular tofu also got gypsum la, not only TFF. No wonder didn't see u online these few nights.

  7. woww! sungguh sodapppp... ada lagik si GDL tuh.. macam nak kene buat jerk! dulu igtkan GDL tuh lesen mandu.. hahahahaa

  8. oh no, that vomit picture, I not feel like to eat tofufah for few weeks, hahaha..I'm too easily to get good and homemade tofufah from pasar, still not thinking to make myself. Ya, you know i bought a Teka oven, but I have yet to use it, can't advise you good or not. But I guess both brands are trustworthy.

  9. just wondering, did you use to teach science when you were a teacher? you're just like a baking dictionary to time i shall chk with you first anything that i'm unsure of..hey, do you hv any idea what do those tau foo fah sellers put when they say 'no gysum powder' yet so smooth and soft?

  10. Wendy, your tofufa looks so smooth and silky. My favourite is tofufa with soya milk and tang yuan, peanut or sesame from Mr Bean. I really must salute to you, even can churn up tofufa.

  11. Hana,
    LOL, GDL tu bukan je Good Driving License, hahaha.
    Ada jugak bende lain yang pakei name manja yang sama

    I know lor... when will u be using it?
    Can't wait to hear from you abt the performance.

    No, I'm not. But I have a Bac. Sc.
    Science, have always intrigued me, although I won't say I'm very good in it. But when one has basics in Science, understanding things around us are a lot easier to be absorbed.
    I think this is the thing they used to replace gypsum, as it it cheap. You can check out the tofus from supermarkets. Most of them has this as their ingredient.

    Jess Bakericious,
    Actually it's not hard lor, just boil and pour only. Making tofufah with GDL is actually easier than with gypsum. I mean, from the pouring technique. But getting the proportions is difficult, as gypsum tofufah will set, no matter how thick or thin the milk is.

  12. Wa...I wanna make this lah next time I make soy milk leh!!!
    May I ask for what you "wrap lid with a towel"? Is that crucial?

  13. I always hesitate to make taufu far because of the use of gypsum. I don't think I come across GDL before. I have to get some when I go home the next time. Thanks for all the tips of how to use this product.

  14. Meldylocks,
    Oh, I think I should include the pic of the wrapping, Sorry I forgot!!!
    The wrapping is to prevent the condensed vapour on the lid to fall back onto the TFF.
    I just used paper kitchen towels.

    I think you can get it there from health stores, but I read from the net, it's quite pricey over there.

  15. I think Quinn made this once and I tried it... wasn't firm enough but I will try again!

  16. Hi Wendy,

    I like trying out your recipes. So far, I have tried our pork tocino and Seri muka. Both turned out really well. I think I will try out your tau fu fah. It looks really smooth and nice. Just to answer your question about Teka oven. I have a Teka oven and have been using it for the past 3 years. I cant compare it with a Bosch though. I bought Teka because I was told that the service is good and better than Bosch's. I dont have any complains about teka. The heating is quite even. I usually do not rotate my cookies etc and find that they still turn out evenly baked. I only wished I had bought the digital version as I find it difficult to judge the temperature, like say, 185-187C by just turning the dial. I usually just turn the dial to 180C or 190C instead. Other than that, I am happy with it but sometimes also wonder what the other brand, Bosch or Gaggenau will be like.


  17. Hi there. I would be getting a new oven too. Can i know what model you decided for bosch? Would like to check it out :)

  18. I have to get this GDL when I get back! Where did you get it? Can't help you on the oven, but I heard the self-cleaning function is an awesome function.

  19. Shirley,
    I think Quinn used gelatine and not GDL.

    Thanks alot for the feedback, both on my recipes and the oven. Truly appreciated.

    There are only 3 models in Malaysia right now.
    Either HBA43B450A or HBA23B250E, and the 4 series is the more expensive model.

    Bake with Yen, there are a few branches in klang valley, Puchong, Taman Megah, Lorong Haji Taib and the rest I'm not sure.
    I need the self cleaning function whenever I make Siu Yoke! The oven is always in a mess when I do that.

  20. Wow I've always wondered how to make this at home! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Looks delicious!! haven't had tao foo fah in a year and the pictures have had me thinking about it all day!!

  22. Those Tofufah looks lovely!

    About the oven, personally, I don't like self-cleaning function. Why? It takes hours, and smells so bad because it tries to burn everything into ashes. It smells more like cremation than cleaning. I only tried it once, and never used self-cleaning ever again.

    In my experience, oven with enamel coated interior are not that hard to clean. Also, Baking Soda & water for oven cleaning works better than any other chemical laden oven cleaner.

    Whatever you choose, hope you have fun baking with your new oven :-)

  23. leaf,
    the usual way is with gypsum. This is an alternative way.

    Next trip when you come back, get some GDL and bring back.

    Thanks for the oven information. I'll bear that in mind.

  24. You succeeded, I was going to point you to this link when I saw the curdled soy milk.

    As for ovens, I usually hear good reviews for Bosch. But then again I agree with T that self-cleaning is redundant, better to wipe down with vinegar and baking soda solution after each use.


  25. I've been wanting to make this as I don't know what goes into the store bought ones (my kids love this!). I've got a few recipes without gypsum and some with GDL, but I don't want to buy a bottle of GDL just for this. I've another recipe without any but agar agar powder as substitute, yet to try though. I hope to find time to make this one day.

  26. Blessed Homemaker,
    It's just a small bottle, and you can use this to make tofu too. Tofu outside are made with gypsum too, not only tofufah.

  27. hi ms.tofufah,
    congrats.. i like your recipe and its clear procedures.. Here in Philippines we called it taho.. we can buy it everyday,it is sell through house to house,.. but it is not clean as people think.. Though it is my favorite,i stop buying it because i saw before my eyes the place it cook.. but due to your recipe, there will be a possibility i can make home made "taho" by my own :)t.y so much..
    buy the way maybe u will interested in product of Saladmaster,.. it can be your oven, your cookware and even serving ware.. 3in1 :) and you will be guilt-free because your food you will cook or bake there is 100%free from chemical reaction.. because all of there product is made in 316titanium! sounds great but it is true,,.. :) hope i can help with your concern, u can visit their site at :)

  28. Anonymous,
    I'm NOT Ms. totufah.
    I believe there are lots of Chinese immigrants from China in Philippines and this is a traditional Chinese dessert. Taho is a Pinoy translation of the Chinese name for it, just in case you didn't know.

  29. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful tou fa recipe. I succeeded in making it, it taste so different and good becauseI made it, ha..ha...ha...
    I did not follow the measurement given, cos I just happened to soak some beans for the milk, no recipe, all aka ration, so just take some from there and surprisingly, it turned out so good. I won't do that the next time, too risky. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing it.
    This is Oi Ling from Singapore.

  30. Oi Ling,
    Oh, glad it turned out well for you.
    Yeah, it's risky working with GDL unlike gypsum which is a lot more forgiving.

  31. Thank so much for this! After several failures with solid nigari (bitter curds -- OMG disgusting) and a few failures with GDL, FINALLY you solved my problems. (Soy machine milk, as easy as it is, clearly wasn't up to the task.) Made two batches this morning, and both perfect!!! Thanks!!!

    It took me a long time to find this article, so -- for SEO help for others in the future -- I was using 豆腐王 (doufuwang) brand 内酯 (neizhi). ;P

    Thanks for solving my woes!!!!

  32. Andy Deemer,
    Oh yes, I think because GDL works with the protein in the beans, and if it's too diluted, it just doesn't go its job well.
    I hope other readers will find your information useful.

  33. Hi Wendy, great post you did.I have an adjustment to your recepie, use 3 gram of GDL per liter of water, MY recepie is, 170 grams of soybeans,1 lter of water and 3 gram of GDL.
    make the soy milk as above, cool to about 30 degrees celcius , add GDL ( dissolved in a little water) pour in a bowl or small tubs and place in sauce pan, heat till 90 degrees celcious, let stand for 30 minutes and then cool, it will set and be really smooth, not that coarse texture that Dafaufu made with gypsum can have.
    you can buy GDL at, they do mail orders.
    good luck en enjoy your real silken tofu

  34. Wendy,
    Great site. Simple recipe and easy to prepare GDL Tau Fu Fa. Did mine using GDL which I get fm Bake with Yen in PJ I fly back to Melbourne.

    Wife and kids love it. It is smooth and soft. Melts in mouth. I bought Chilled unsweetened Soya Milk to test in Melbourne with GDL. Price 2L is AUD 2.20. Estimated costs for 1L used, AUD1.30 (excluding my labor!!!)

    Did not use hot boiling soya milk. I boil it from low heat till first steam is seen on surface. Off the flame. Follow coagulant recommendation and waterfall the hot-warm soya milk. One hour later, perfect setting. Soft and silky!

    Tried using gypsum but failed before using GDL. Instead of throwing away add gelatin to make it chilled version!!!

  35. Today I make tau foo fah without using starch or corn flour according to the recipe.

    Did it turn out ok? Yes.

    Now some of the beancurd fans can go test it out without starch.

    See if you can get the same result. Texture is smooth and woobly. Not brittle.

    Cooking is a passion and be willing to try differently

  36. Tarzan,
    Yeah true.
    Always need to experiment.
    1/2 tbsp cornstarch won't be much of a difference. It won't be brittle w/o that.

  37. Hi Wendy ,
    Just want to check with you , this GDL is same with citric asid ? I bought this at Bake with Yen and my tau fo fa turned out very 粗。。from kit wai ...

  38. Kit Wai,
    No, not the same.
    Is it because of the chinese name might have got you confused, as both are called "guo suan", is it?

  39. Hi all in Ipoh, You can buy GDL & Nigari coagulant for Tofu Fa and Tofu at the "Yummy" shop in Ipoh. Ask for Samantha Lian, H/P: 016 555 6037 Shop: 05 5499 677 - Address :
    21, Lorong Taman Ipoh Satu, Taman Ipoh Selantan 31400 Ipoh. e-mail: - That is where I buy my Tofu ingredients. Sam will give you instructions and hints how to make Tofu Fa successfully.
    Good luck - Ben, Perth, Australia

  40. Hi Everyone! I followed the recipe here except skipping cornstarch and pandan leaves cos I don't have them at the moment. The tau huay tastes great but the consistency bothers me. The surface looks smooth but after scooping up one layer, the rest look watery and broken into many small pieces. Could this because of lack of cornstarch or too much water? Or maybe its the heat? I pour it from one pot to the other, the latter doesn't have insulation.

  41. Li Hong,
    Insulation is a not a problem here as there is no fermentation here like making yogurt.
    Cornstarch's function is only to make it smoother.
    I don't know if you made this from scratch, but if you did there shouldn't be any problem of too much water, that is if it's according to the recipe.

  42. Hi Wendy,

    I've tried making the dou hua but it turned out slightly sourish after a few attempts. Is it becos of the amount of the GDL used? May I ask how much is 3/4tsp of GDL?


  43. Christine,
    I never weighed it.
    1/2 tsp + 1/4 tsp standard measurement spoons, all leveled.

  44. Hi,

    I would like to share with you this recipe of Tau Foo Fa I gotten from La gourmet staff. ( I made it today for the first time and it was a very successful one. Smooth, soft and tasty.

    By the way, I used soya milk without sugar bought from morning market coz I didnt have a soya milk maker.

  45. Hi Wendy,
    Can i use soya milk that i bought from supermarket (pack)?
    What is the measument for GDL if i use only 1liter of soya milk?
    Thank You.

  46. Anonymous (pls leave a name)
    No, you can't. Unless it's those freshly extracted ones in supermarket. Take note that if the milk is too diluted, it won't work.

  47. Means i need to use concentrated soya milk?

  48. Anonymous (your name please)
    I hope you have read in the post, what happened to my tofufah when it was not concentrated enough.

  49. Can you tell me where did you buy the GDL? I can't find it in Tesco, Giant or Carrefour.

  50. Anonymous,
    I purposely took a picture of the bottle. The name of the shop is there.
    It's not available at supermarkets

  51. Hi,

    Thanks for the recipe, this is what I wanted!
    Cos I've recently bought a soyabean maker, brand: Pebblio. This machine really works wonder,can make soyabean milk, beancurd and even tofu!

    Very easy to use,just pour the beans and water, press the start button and wait for the soyabean to be cooked, best part, no need straining like the other brand Joyoung, very troublesome.

    For beancurd,I've tried using Lactone but always have a sourish taste.
    I'm going to try your recipe and see if it could get rid of the sour taste!

    Btw, from your picture, I can see some bubbles on the surface. Before putting aside to let it set, quickly scoop off the bubbles and you'll get a smooth look when it's set.
    Just my 2cents.

    Thanks again!


  52. Hi Wendy

    Would you happen to know where we can buy cheesecloth (in Malaysia) that you mentioned in your recipe? About to try your recipe.

    Thanks for your good efforts in sharing.


  53. Leonard,
    I bought mine from those China import shops.
    Specifically Mr DIY

  54. hi wendy,

    you mentioned in your recipe that too diluted soymilk cant set proper beancurd, how about too concentrated soymilk? my beancurd set and look nice but it break easily and not really smooth.

    did you try using more soya bean with the same amount of water?


    hock hiem from kl

  55. Hock Hiem,
    Thicker soy milk will have more protein in the milk, and hence, more solid. Try using a cloth to sieve it to make it smoother.
    But then again hoh.... different soybean will yield slightly different results. Add more cornstarch if you want more pliability

  56. thanks wendy,

    i have a few more questions here.

    the soybean i am using is from canada. how do i know how much yield is suitable?

    ya lo, my beancurd solid but easily break wo. should i reduce the amount of soybean?

    adding more cornflour to have more pliability so it wont break easily?

    hock hiem from kl

  57. hihihaha,
    Actually all tofufahs are fragile and break easily, as one can even use a straw to drink it if one wants. It's hard to tell you how much to reduce as it's very vague. Adding more cornflour might help, but I am not sure the amount of pliability that you are actually looking for.

  58. hi Wendy,my name is Alicia, i'm looking for this recipe: tofufah with GDL for long long time, today i;m very happy to see your recipe. i did made tufufah with GDL last week but failed. Will try your recipe next week. If i success making will tell u. thanks.

  59. very useful information, this helped me in completing daily work. I get a lot of knowledge here and I want to thank you.

  60. I bought GDL from Chef Rubber in the USA, good price, fast service

  61. Where can get corn starch in Malaysia ?

  62. Hingis Lim,
    any supermarket or grocery store. It's also called as corn flour, but starch is more accurate

  63. Hi wendy, can i knownif you used corn starch or corn flour, as it is hard to get corn starch by itself around here. I have tried the recipe but it didnt set after an hour. And also, do i need to use cold water for the gdl mixture?

  64. Khoo Teng Hoong,
    In Malaysia, cornstarch is cornflour. Same.
    Cold water for the gdl mixture, yup.
    Did not set? as in liquidy, not like vomit.
    Then I think your measurement for the GDL is lower than it should be

  65. Hello!! Thank you so much for your recipe or rather the translated recipe! :) Like you when I first try making TFF last year, all look like vomit!! YUCKKKYYYY.... But hor I was curious, so I just had a few tbs of that said vomit like TFF! hahaha... Not bad taste but look very bad lor! :p

    I made it this time round and its so wonderful to have something set, look nice and looks/taste like TFF!! LOL... However this time round it looks very grainy, may be I did not grind my beans or filter it like it should. I will try again. I will link back this post to my blog post. Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  66. I'm following this recipe but my result is little bit coarse and THERE'S SOUR TASTE on my tofufah why is that happen?

  67. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for the recipe. Im making TFF every week and im running out of GDL. Can you please advice the equivalent of 3/4tsp gdl to gypsum?

  68. Hello. Can you tell how many grams the 0.3 percent exactly is ?
    How to measure the 0.3 percent base of grams or litter or other baking measurements? Thank you so much for the recipe.

    About Teka oven i used itd oven but i really don't like it because didn't have self cleaning and it wasn't hot enough to creats hood crust bread and allowed bread rises in the first 10 minutes of baking

    1. that means, for every 1kg/1000g of soy milk, you use 3g of GDL


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