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Monday, November 15, 2010

King Oyster Mushrooms with Meat Sauce肉酱杏鲍菇

I love mushrooms, and sometimes new mushrooms make us think think think on ways to cook them.

And when I bumped into this recipe ,  I quickly bookmarked it. Normally, what I’d do with king oyster mushrooms or what we call here in Cantonese as Gai Bei Goo (鸡髀 菇, chicken drumstick mushroom), is to do a mixed vege stir fry, use in steamboats or make a cream sauce pasta with it. And this method seems nice, cut into long strips and later, mixed with a meat sauce.

I didn’t follow the original recipe too much, as I have no idea what 黄酱 is. So, I did the usual shallot infused oyster sauce gravy.

King Oyster Mushrooms with Meat Sauce Recipe

I used,
400gm king oyster mushrooms, rinsed, and cut into shoestrings (Like McD Fries)
80gm pork loin or chicken breast, cut into matchsticks (so that when you take the mushroom, you won’t miss the meat, if use minced meat, chances are, the meat will drop off from the mushrooms)
2 shallots, thinly sliced
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
2 Tbsp cooking oil
2 Tbsp light soy sauce
1 Tbsp oyster sauce
3/4 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt and some pepper

1. Steam mushrooms on high heat for 8 minutes, or until wilted. Leave to cool down.
2. Remove juices and try to squeeze out water from the mushrooms. Retain all the juice.
3. Heat a wok, and put in cooking oil. Fry shallots until very slightly golden and put in garlic.
4. When garlic is fragrant, put in pork/chicken. And cook until it turns opaque.
5. Put in seasonings and cook until it sort of dries up and you can see the oil.
6. Put in retained mushroom juice and bring to a boil. (The mushroom juice tends to thicken a bit)
7. Put in mushrooms and cook it for 1 minute to let the flavor absorb into the mushroom. (If you prefer some gravy, let the mushroom absorb the flavor first, then only put in extra water or some cornstarch mixture)
8. Dish up and serve.


  1. A delicious dish to go with rice or plain porridge! I love oyster mushroom sauteed plain with garlic.

  2. I have tasted these mushrooms! They are very delicious! Delicious way of cooking them, look like noodles at first glance:D

  3. oh isn't 黄酱 means 黄豆酱 or yellow bean sauce or maybe 'tauchu'?!

    ah mushrooms are mushrooming around a lot lately. so many variety n lucky we can keep up with it. i stewed these mushrooms with chicken, black fungus n lastly add tang hoon as a one pot meal...nice!

  4. I love mushrooms too, this dish definitely will be my favourite :)

  5. Mushrooms are my family's fave. And I have cooked quite a number of variety including this kind. It's meaty, almost like eating chicken, a good substitute for vegetarian. :) But I usually cook with chicken. Will try your recipe next time, using pork strips. The texture must be good! :D

  6. My boys love mushroom very much and I am sure they can finished that whole plate by themselves.

  7. At a glance, I thought you fried it with noodles! I love mushrooms too, they tend to soak up all the wonderful gravy, so yummy!

  8. pernah nampak cendawan begini di pasaraya tapi tak pernah beli.Lain kali boleh cuba resepi ini:)thanks for sharing

  9. Can imagine the mushroom soaking up all the nice sauce.....good and delicious!

  10. Busygran,
    I love it sauteed with garlic too.


    trust me, my Chinese sucks. Especially on those terms from China, Taiwan or HOng Kong. I call my cabbage "bao chai", but they come in so many names from those countries.

    I know that. LOL.Whenever I cook with mushrooms, surely you'll leave me a comment, hahaha!!

    Yeah, I super love the texture too. Which is why here, we call it as chicken drumstick mushroom, haha.

    3 of us finished up the whole plate, with another dish. I bet ur boys can easily polish the plate clean

    Yeah, mushrooms love to soak soak and soak up flavours. Have to be careful not to cook too long, if not will soak up too much salt and be too salty.

    Boleh, tapi rasa mushroom ni harap harap boleh diterima, sebab Chinese sangat cara masaknye.

    The flavour and texture of this dish is very nice. Try it :)

  11. I just bought a bag of this huge mushroom. I will usually slice it and put it into soup and it taste just like abalone. It is a good idea to cook it this way and I might do that. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi lovely Wendy! I'm back! Missed you so much and your wonderful posts! xoxoxoxo - This dish looks amazing! I have never eaten "king" oyster mushrooms.. this looks simple and delicious, I only need the mushrooms and the oyster sauce! Megs

  13. By looking at the photos, I thought it was fried udon, haha...

  14. Wendy,

    trust me my chinese sucks too...worst still out of 10 words, i can only probably read two simple x2.

    i've improved thru watching those taiwanese shows, cooking, travelling, political-comical crazy shows etc...yeah name it, count me in.

    once, there's a recipe called for 美奶滋 (mei nai zi) n i was like WTF (ahem sorreee) is this...asked mom n she's cluless. well couldn't be bother to check so i just left it out cause it only called for a tbsp. later while watching taiwanese cooking show, they introduced 美奶滋 as mayonnaise...i was like aaarhhh stupid me!

    just went to tesco n saw this...pricey RM10+. anyway bought it n so gonna cook it tonite...yeah

  15. i just brough a bunch of it by now and end up to your site,
    thx for sharing then..
    your dish looks really deliciuse...


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