Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Malay Style Stir Fried Chayote Shoots with Dried Anchovies

I’ve seen on Sonia’s blog, she cooked this. And it has been long since I’ve eaten this.
I can easily get Chayote shoots at Ipoh’s Jusco, unlike in Klang Valley where it is hard to find.
Oh, if you think these are the same as pumpkin shoots, no they are not. In Chinese, these are called 龙须菜 ("loong sou choy" in Cantonese)

Now, let me tell you the difference,
Pumpkin shoots are hairy and big, whereas chayote leaves are smaller and smooth.
Chayote shoots taste better, if you ask me, I’ve eaten pumpkin shoots countless times cos our Malay friends like to put in pumpkin leaves when they cook their pumpkin in coconut milk (labu masak lemak).

So, how does one prepare these?
Soak chayote shoots in clean water for 10 minutes and shake off the water. Just pluck 2 inch segments starting from the top (pluck the tendrils to suitable lengths) until it feels tough. You will know if it’s tough if it needs extra effort to pluck. Discard the rough bits. Do not wash the plucked vegetables after this. No matter what vegetables they are, wash before you cut or pluck and not after, so that you will not wash away the nutrients.

So, here’s my rendition of stir fried chayote leaves , done in Malay style of stir fry.

Malay Style Stir Fried Chayote Shoots with Dried Anchovies
Recipe source: Wendyywy
Inspired by Sonia and my Malay friends
500gm chayote shoots
1 red chilli
½ onion, sliced
2 cloves garlic, peeled and lightly smashed, or just slice it
2 Tbsp dried anchovies (ikan bilis), rinsed
1 cup water
½ tsp salt

1. Heat wok and put in 2 Tbsp cooking oil. Put in garlic and sliced onions and cook until garlic is slightly golden and fragrant.
2. Put in chilli and dried anchovies. Fry for a while until the anchovies smell good.
3. Put in chayote leaves and toss. When the chayote leaves look slightly wilted, put in water.
4. Cook for 1-2 minutes and season with salt. Dish up.


  1. Healthy! so good for you, so quick and so yummy :)

  2. Hey... I always see these vege in Malay vege stalls. Didn't know what and how it tastes until now. Thanks for the info and recipe. Looks yummy and healthy too. :P

  3. elpi,
    Any vegetable is nice and healthy. :)

    Belly Good,
    No, I don't think you can find this at Malays vege stalls, those are pumpkin shoots. As chayotes are grown in the highlands, it's usually found at those who are selling vegetables from Camerons and not local lowland produce. Unless the Malay stalls are selling Cameronian vegetables, if not I bet they are pumpkin shoots that they eat very often. Watch out for hair, pumpkin shoots are hairy.

  4. Still looks so fresh even after they're cooked!

  5. Something new to me. Never seem this vegetables before. Looks good!

  6. I seldom have that dish.. I feel like eating it suddenly after seeing ur post :)

  7. Just discovered your blog and I am following you!:)

    I will come back here very often... it is so inspiring!

    Have a nice day!

  8. Belum pernah makan sayur yang begini.Boleh cuba :)

  9. hi, i seldom cook this vege but whenever i cook's only one style ..with belacan and dried shrimps.

  10. Looks good, will try cooking it this way :)

  11. Jeannie,
    Don't cook veggies for too long to retain it's freshness and nutrition.

    Not sure if this can be found in Singapore

    LOL, go buy some.

    Cucina di Barbara,
    Thanks for coming, hope to see u around again

    Boleh.. tapi rupanye seakan akan pucuk labu. Tapi licin daunnya.

    Can even cook masak lemak with this. My grandaunt cooked this, masak lemak style.

    Hope you like this.

  12. I love this vege. Never fail to order when I go eat Malay food store but they are usually cooked in lemak. Your photos are fabulous!

  13. Quay Po Cooks,
    Sorry but I doubt whether this is what you've eaten there. Big chances is, it's pucuk paku or fern shooots, something that Malays really love to eat. So far, this is not eaten by many Malays.

  14. my family love this, Jusco here is selling, usually I will buy two bundles as one bundle is too little for my family. My tip for this dish is you have to add more cooking oil, more oil taste better..

  15. Sonia,
    thanks for the tip.
    I was trying to replicate Malay's way of masak air.

  16. I'm from Singapore.

    Do you know if Chayote leaves are sold in other parts of Malaysia, such as Johor?

  17. Dh,
    It's not very common (be it anywhere in Malaysia besides Cameron Highlands), but it might be available, that depends on your luck whether the supermarket will sell it or not


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