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Friday, November 19, 2010

Figs and Tangerine Tea

Few months back, yes, this was done months back.... Blessed Homemaker posted this and I found this to be interesting, I said, I might try this out for nourishment.

But then few weeks later, I had some bad phlegm. So bad, that it was dry and sticks to the back of the throat. There was no coughing, so there was no way I could get it out. And then I remembered this cough remedy from her blog. With just 30 minutes to the medicinal shop's closing time, I wrote everything down and hurried to get my dosage of herbs.

Figs and Tangerine Tea, Zhi Ke Tang 止咳汤
(serve 3-4)
Recipe Source : Blessed Homemaker

10g Fritillaria, crushed (川贝母)
20g Apricot kernels/chinese almonds (南北杏)
1 - 2 dried orange/kat paeng (桔饼)
30g Dried Figs (无花果)
4g Liquorice Root (干草)
1.5 litre water

Rinse all ingredients.
Put all ingredients in a pot with 1.5 litres of water. Bring to boil and simmer for 1 - 2 hours.

Verdict: The taste was very nice, "Gam Gam Tim Tim". I won't say that I was "healed" when I drank this. But it did feel better, slightly better. But since I only took one dosage, it's hard to say. I took all the infusion in one night, but it's one dosage, you see. I was about to travel the next day, so I didn't make anymore.

But nonetheless for those of you who's got a bit sticky phlegm in the throat, try this out, it might work for you. I said might, not "would".


  1. Thanks for sharing this, this drink just come in the right time, my son Lucas has been coughing for about a week, I need to prepare this drink for him. Have a nice weekend ahead..

  2. I'm a big believer in natural medicines and the power of teas...I'm not familiar with all of the ingredients in this one.

  3. Whoa..this is great! thanks for sharing this ' good for phglem tea " I will keep note on this figs and tangerine tea :)

  4. Sonia,
    Hope Lucas gets better

    Just print the list and bring to your TCM practitioner. He will get you all that you need.

    Hope it works for u

  5. Yeah, i remembered her post too... I think the 川贝母 N 南北杏 is the most important ingredient here. Some ppl like to put 百合 and 枇杷 too.
    Sometimes I just use the "puddina"leaves in my flower pot to boil with some rock sugar( or just add honey after it has cooled down)
    Sometimes I'll just try almost everything until I don't know which is effective. :P

  6. Meldy,
    Thanks for the new recipe.
    I'll try yours when I have a bad cold.
    I think it'll relieve a runny nose.

  7. Thanks for having the Chinese and English name for the ingredients. It is very helpful for those who do not know much Chinese and can show the herbalist what we are referring to.

  8. Anonymous,
    Actually I have no idea what those things are, I just copied the recipe fromm Blessed Homemaker. It's always easier to have Chinese names when you consult a TCM herbalist

  9. I'm glad you like this :)

    Just to share, there was once my kids were coughing and I decided to stay away from Western doctors so I brewed this and a few other natural remedy drinks. Their cough got worse and when I finally brought them to see a western doc, they were already wheezing. So now, I try not to act smart and this drink is only given to nourish the respiratory system and not cure their cough/phlegm.

  10. Blessed Homemaker,
    Oh... I think it has to do with what type of coughing. Mine was just dry throat phlegm and not a viral infection or a cold. My grandaunt used to claim that dried tangerine peels would cure her midnight coughs, and that is usually due to dry throats and not medical reasons.

  11. So glad to find this recipe! It has the exact same ingredients as the pre-packed ones I bought from Hock Hua.

    I've been drinking this for the past 1 year for my dry cough. Before knowing this from a friend, it would persist for 1-2 weeksand now only 2-3 days. What I do is brew and drink this daily till coughing stops.


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