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Friday, June 15, 2012

Apple Pear Millet Porridge - Baby Food # 3

Millet is another grain that is suitable for baby's consumption. It is easily digestable and high in protein, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium. Good for diabetics and is heart protective. Eating whole grains is also good for kids and toddlers to prevent childhood asthma. (source: WH Foods). I have also been told that millet helps promote good sleep.

Westerners love cooking apples and pears to feed babies and I tried to incorporate that together with millet, to make it a filling meal. Nutritious and wholesome. If you find the apple to smell strong, try using just pear. It's still delicious. Lately there are small packham pears, good enough for 1 portion of porridge. When I first fed my boy with this, he gave me a weird look, but as he went on, he couldn't stop eating and cried for more when he had finished his portion. I made this many times and each time, he just loved it.

One thing I also found out after I started feeding him this. Whenever I fed him savoury rice porridge (meat + vege+rice), I found his stool to be harder and when I fed him porridge made with millet, his stool is softer. Much softer. My SIL's baby had hard stool too. When my SIL consulted her pediatrician, the doc told her to reduce rice consumption because rice will will cause hard stool. Eat other grains instead, or potatoes. When she told me this, it then confirmed my suspicions.

Millet is much cheaper than quinoa. It's 1/3 of the price and it's good to add some variety to baby's diet, rather than sticking to good ole rice. One packet of millet lasts me for many meals. You can try this with other fruits and see which one does your baby likes. But you can also use this to make savoury porridge with meat and vegetables. I am cooking fish porridge with a combination of millet and rice now.

My boy actually prefers sweet fruit based porridge more than savoury ones, LOL. I'm not feeding him all these sweet porridge you see in this week all the time, although he likes it. I think most of my readers are very  "Pro" in making savoury rice porridge and these few recipes could be something new for you to try.
I like to have variety in my diet, so I like to give my baby variety too. Remember that different food contains different nutrients, try not to feed them the same thing all the time.

Apple Pear Millet Porridge
Recipe source: WendyinKK 
Makes approximately 1 cup porridge

2 Tbsp millet
1.5 cups water
1/2 small packham pear, peeled and cored
1/2 small green apple or red, whichever preferred, peeled and cored

1. Place millet in a coffee strainer and rinse it under running water.
2. Place everything into a small pot and cook for 30-40 minutes until the millet is puffy and porridge is thick and smooth.
3. Remove the apple and pear pieces and mash with a fork. Return the fruit mash to the porridge, gently stir.
4. Let porridge come to slightly warm and feed to baby.

I am hoping to develop more recipes for young toddlers (13M-18M), before teething is complete (still need mushy food) and constipation is a common problem. I'll see how, I already have a few ideas in my head.


  1. Interesting! Savoury millet porridge...I've never tried it before. If I'd known, I would have tried feeding it to my kids when they were babies :)

  2. Hi Wendy, I'm your reader. Can you let me know where to buy Millet from? I'm looking for it but can't find in Jusco. Thanks.

  3. Fern,
    Still can feed them. Millet is good for anyone.
    Just throw substitute half the rice with millet in your regular congee.

    Trendy Stiletto Heels,
    Got la. I bought mine in Jusco's organic section.

  4. Hi Wendy
    You really done so well in making healthy baby food! Such a wonderful mother you are.

  5. I'll have to keep this whole series for my grandchildren. That should be around the year 2024.

  6. Wendy,

    This good great! And am sure it'll help with the digestive system of little toddlers. Would like to try this on my 16 months old but not too sure if she'll like it... That little one have been taking rice since she was 10 months and never like porridge at all.. Big headache for me when comes to cooking for her.

    First, let me scout for a packet of millet before I can proceed... Pretty difficult to find here in my area.

    Thanks for the wonderful idea!

    Catherine Han

  7. Wendy I definitely gonna try this...

  8. wendy, I know this is baby food, but you know what, that has been my breakfast for at least twice a week every since I discovered millet. To make it even more digestible, I soak it overnight, it cooks in only 10 min and the soaking also gets rid of phytic acid in wholegrains which may interfere with nutrient absorption (yes I'm a health geek, do a google search on wholegrains and soaking to reduce antinutreients and you'll see what I'm saying hehe)

  9. Mel,
    Me wonderful, haha, sorry. I think I fit "LAZY" better, LOL.

    Wow, oredi calculate the years.

    Can cook like rice too, just use less water.

    Hope ur bb loves it

    Yup, I read about that in your blog before, ur ABOUT, right? kekekeke.
    I know where u're coming from. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Hi Wendy, another nice recipe not just for baby but for me. As they say, best for baby, best for you.

  11. very healthy. Much better than those prepacked stufs

  12. No babies at home but I'm sure this is also suitable for me :D Would make a good breakfast. It looks so good....mmm.

  13. Never think off feeding my baby with millet. Now I use to feed her rice porridge with sweet potato n vege. Sometimes still having constipation. Thanks for your tips. 2moro need to find some millet :)

  14. I just bought a packet of organic millet and a piece of organic pumpkin. I'll cook pumpkin millet porridge for baby tomorrow. Hopefully she will like it.

  15. Wendy, thks for sharing this
    I wish I gave this to my kids when they're babies
    I dunno whether they can accept this now
    I will try for myself first, looks good for bfast :)

  16. A combo of millet and apple - this sounds very healthy. I will make this one for my kids. Thanks for sharing the recipe. In the mean time, do have a look on my blogs as well:

  17. I made this porridge for my 11 month old and she devoured it! It's mildly sweet and smells like fresh apples.. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  18. Thank you for the recipe but i hope more is coming up! :")


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