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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Carotene Mash - Baby Food # 2

I’ve heard many telling me about babies spitting out potatoes. Potatoes are really bland, if you ask me, and when they are not seasoned, they have an unpleasant smell.

But not sweet potatoes. They are delicious! And this mash is quick to cook too! I don’t bother with steaming because steaming takes so long, as long as you feed the water it is cooked in, then the nutrients are not lost.

Lydia was actually asking for this mash that was intended for the brother… see! Even kids love it.
There’s no seasoning and it’s sweet. Actually I like it too, LOL.

Baby’s Carotene Mash
Recipe source: WendyinKK
Makes: approximately 1 cup of mash

¼ cup thinly sliced carrots
¾ cup diced orange sweet potatoes
¾ cup diced pumpkin /butternut squash
½ cup water

1. Put water and carrots into a small saucepan and bring to a oil on medium heat, lower to a simmer, cover with lid and simmer for 5 minutes
2. Put in diced sweet potatoes, give it a light stir, bring back to a boil and lower to a simmer (lid on (for another 5 minutes)
3. Put in diced pumpkins, give it a light stir , bring back to a boil and lower to a simmer (lid on) for another 5 minutes.
4. Lightly press to test if all components are tender. Add little bit of water if it’s too dry, but at the end of the cooking, there should be minimal liquids in the pot.
5. Blend to preferred consistency or just mash with a fork.
6. Let it come to slightly warm before feeding baby.

*Do not feed this to baby too often, in case the hands and nose turns yellow. I do this once in 2 weeks only.


  1. This is my mother favorite food for baby.another favorite baby food is potato+carrot.

  2. Emm...i wonder if i make this again not sure my son eat or not...Last time I make potato and spinach puree and put the balance in the freezer...very tasty..

  3. wow........beautiful orange color...all is my favorite ingredient!!^O^

  4. This would be a good substitute for the usual mashed potatoes.

  5. Hody,
    The babies at your house eats potato? Wow, most I heard spits them out, cos it's toooo bland.

    No other added things? Just potato and spinach?
    Salt? chicken?

    Pei San,
    hehehe... nice to eat, but not too much, not too often.

    Haha, can... help urself

    Phong Hong,
    Make it drier, could do so too!

    Hehehehe....easy to do hor!

  6. Wow, nutrient packed bowl of orange goodness :) can also add papaya :)

  7. Heh heh, baby food really looked delicious....

  8. Nothing...just like tat. Last time I bought the puree from outside and tasted yummy so I made my own puree..I just steam potato with spinach leaves and blend it.

  9. I like this entry as much as i like the blueberry one. Thanks for sharing baby food. When I'm out of idea, I throw in any fruits or vege I can get from the fridge and blended as baby food for my gal.

  10. This dish reminds me of the days I made it for my girl! Should be nice as the base of a minestrone soup as well.

  11. he eat all the things......even chilli also he eat...hahaha.....

  12. Bright! no babies in the house though lol! KIV for future use lol!

  13. i think this also good for old grannies with no teeth....hohoho!


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