Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hoon Kuih - Penang MFF # 8

My friend HM who is born and bred in Penang sent me a recipe for Hoon Kuih, and told me, it's a kuih found in Penang that is very popular.
She told me it is usually tinted pink and smelled of infused pandan. I looked at the recipe and it looked quite simple. Almost like making kuih tako, but a lot lot easier. But then I suspected the flavour.. starch, sugar and infused pandan.... should be ok I think. Just like old fashioned agar-agar without the coconut.

Alan also tried out the same recipe but told me it needs tweaking. The recipe was a bit too soft.
I made this after Alan made his, with a slightly different method.
Instead of cooking it directly, I used my favourite way to cook starch, that is to temper it before cooking

The recipe I was given doesn't even have pandan, and personally, I think I have to get myself some that is made in Penang to convert my thoughts about this kuih. Sorry :(

So here is my version.

Hoon Kuih

250ml water
3 blades of pandan, shredded
130gm sugar

Flour mixture
50gm mung bean starch/green bean flour
250ml water
1 small drop pink colouring
*Rose Essence can be added in

1. Combine ingredients for syrup and bring to a boil. Lower to a simmer for 10 minutes, lid on.
2. Combine ingredients for flour mixture. Stir it well. Wet a 6 inch square pan or round pan. Shake off the water.
3. When the syrup has done oiling, remove the pandan shreds and then pour in the flour mixture, stir immediately and bring it back to a gentle boil. The mixture should have some small bubbles in it and has turned translucent.
4. Pour this into the prepared pan, shake it left right to level. Chill until set, cut and serve.

 I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest Penang Month 


  1. 这个冷冰冰的,好好吃。可是我住penang,就是最近很少见到有人卖这个了。看来还是自己做比较快哦。 哈哈 ~ 谢谢您的分享。

  2. look likes agar-agar. is the texture got a little bit chewy?

  3. Wendy, this Hoon Kueh supposes to taste like jelly, not as hard as agar-agar but a bit softer. With pandan flavour then will complete the taste.

  4. haha at least we tried and now we know about hoon kuih and all the stories that go with it. :p

  5. Looks pretty and easy...I'll give this a try soon.

  6. With the hot weather, this hoon kuih definitely will cool us down.....

  7. hoon kueh is supposed to have springy texture. I think you'll need to stir longer in step 3 to provide that springy texture....yes, should try the one made in penang :)

  8. I had yellow ones in pg a long time ago and they still linger in my mind...ya, tat gud :) I tried making some a few days ago but tak jadi. Turned into green gunk. So i was wondering if the flour i bot was wrong? Coz my mixture din turn translucent aft stirring for wat seems like a loooong time... I use tepung kacang hijau goreng. Aso should i be using mung bean starch instead? Appreciate if u cld pt me in the rite direction... Tq n happy new year! :D

  9. Aileen,
    Yes, the wrong flour. Tepung kacang hijau goreng is the ground mung beans, not the derived starch.
    Most local baking supplies shop will label it as grean bean flour or green pea flour of which is quite confusing, but one thing is for sure, mung bean starch is absolutely white in colour, just like cornstarch

    1. Tks... Got a few tubes of Hoen Kwe. Shld b the rite stuff. Wil gif it a go wen d kids nap :)

  10. Hi wendy, this time my hoon kueh turned out 2b like custard instead of jelly... Any reason wat went wrong? Tq.

  11. Aileen,
    Undercooked starch looks opaque. Cooked starch will be translucent.

  12. Hi Wen , Ur meaning of translucent should be in think form? mine cant be hold or mould together .. it doesn't hold up together and super soft .. could it be under cook or wrong flour ? I brought mine flour from market , is green bean flour . or I should use the type in tube packaging of Hoen Kwe? Thanks

  13. CassBook,
    I think you bought 'roasted peeled green bean flour' that is either sold under Baba's or Alagappabs?
    That will not be the correct flour.
    Mung bean starch is usually found at baking supplies shops, sometimes labeled as green pea/bean flour/starch, of which is confusing..... but one thing is for sure, it looks all white and fine like cornstarch.
    HoonKwee flour in the tube has added vanillin of which doesn't taste neutral. The outcome texture of HoonKwee in the tube is somehow not the same, slightly floury.

  14. Looks really beautiful!but I m not sure I can get the right flour!

  15. 蓝蓝的天空,
    don't try this. I am not satisfied with it, as written in the post.
    I tried eating the one in Penang, it's not like how the recipes in books say it is. It's made with other flours!

  16. it looks lovely. love your recipes. TQM for sharig. All the best.

  17. Can we use hoen kwee flour in tube type.

  18. Anne Liew,
    I'm afraid Hoen Kwee powder, those sold in tubes has vanillin added to it. The aroma will totally be different.


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