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Friday, April 25, 2014

Hong Kong Style Coconut Pudding - Jelly #3

I taste this loooooooooong ago when I was a kid, when a family restaurant served us a complimentary plate of this, made by her daughter. The taste remained unforgettable to me.

Choy May... I miss the ones your sis made.. yummy.

Hong Kong style coconut pudding is jelly like. But I've seen older recipes that calls for the addition of beaten egg whites that gives the pudding a lift in texture.

There are many versions on the internet and some add mango, some add osmanthus, some make it multi layered, some with 2 layers. It's up to your creativity. But for this time, I'll just stick to the plain version.

I made this 3 times, and the first time was a failure. I used fresh coconut milk and didn't stir it enough and the jelly split into two layers. The second time, I used Ayam Trim coconut milk from the box together with evaporated milk, but the evaporated milk gave the jelly a rather "beigey" colour and as usual, boxed coconut milk's fragrance in desserts is quite a put off. I then tried it again fresh coconut milk and fresh milk and the outlook is much much better. And this time, I made sure I stirred, and stirred it well.

Hong Kong Style Coconut Pudding
by WendyinKK 

200ml coconut milk
200ml fresh milk
100ml drinking water
2 Tbsp gelatin
80gm sugar

1. Put drinking water into a heat proof large bowl (750ml capacity minimum) and sprinkle the gelatin onto the water. Let the gelatin sit and bloom.
2. Put fresh milk, sugar and coconut milk into a saucepan. Heat it up on medium heat, stirring it with a whisk all the time, gently.
3. When the milk mixture starts to boil, turn the heat off. Pour this onto the gelatin. Stir it gently for a minute or two until it doesn't feels too hot .
4. Pour the jelly mixture into a mould (I used glass), and chill for 5 hours at least.
5. To unmould, dip the base of the mould into very hot water for 3 seconds. Check whether the sides of the jelly has come off and gently pry it to separate, do not use force. If it still sticks, dip it into the hot water again, be careful not for long as it might melt the jelly too much.


  1. I wonder if honey will be ok to use in this rather than sugar?

  2. Daphne,
    If you don't mind the taste of honey that might overpower the delicate coconut, you can

  3. Hi Wendy,
    I tried yr recipe and it taste refreshing. May I know when the pudding settle, do you see a layer of coconut cream settle on top... I am using box coconut. I am trying to layer it but I find it take so long to set even I kept in the freezer for a while...any tips or should I add some agar agar. Thanks


  4. Serena,
    Gelatin sets quicker in the freezer. It takes around 30 mins in the freezer. If the gelatin mixture is cooled to room temp, efore you put into the freezer, it'll e quicker. Adding agar into it will alter the texture.
    The layer of cream will not appear if the stirring was sufficient.

  5. hi wendy, is it ok to replace gelatin with agar agar powder?


  6. PS,
    You can, but the texture will be different, method will be different, and ratio will also be different.

  7. Hi Wendy,

    May i know where u bought the gelatin ?


  8. Ky,
    shops that sell baking ingredients :)

  9. Hi there! Just wanted to thank you for your recipe! I made it and my family and I really enjoyed it!

  10. Hi I just made this.There seems to be separation even after much stirring. I am waiting for it to cool down and then chill it. Will let you know how it taste 😊

  11. I wanted to make it less dense so I added more water. Unfortunately, it ended up with the same density but the pudding separated into 2 layers. Do you have any suggestions?

  12. John Smith,
    How much additional water did you add?
    Reducing the gelatin could be a better solution. If you want it to be at the consistency of jello, go with just 1 Tbsp of gelatin.
    Stir the coconut milk while cooking, for a longer period of time.

  13. Wendy, thanks for the gelatin tip. I did that and it was exactly the consistency of the dim sum dessert. My parents loved it!

  14. Dear Wendy,i use another recipe in youtube to make the pudding today,taste is not bad but it separated into 2layer..would like to ask you 2questions

    Q1: the fresh milk in your recipe,can i use dutch lady fresh milk?
    Q2: so the secret to prevent seperation is really only by adequate gentle stirring?(if i follow your recipe)

  15. Mike Teo,
    1. Any brand of fresh milk will do. As long as it's not vanilla flavoured milk like HL.
    2. Stirring worked for me.

  16. Hi Wendy, I followed your recipe and it turned out delicious! Just like the jelly at dim sum restaurants. I think the secret to not having it separate is to NOT let it come to a full boil. Boiling coconut milk causes separation in cooking based on my experience. Hope this helps everyone else! (:

  17. Hi Wendy, thx for your recipe it’s really nice. The consistency is great! But I noticed the coconut milk flavour is not the best -I used a UHT coconut milk packet. You said to use fresh coconut milk can you tell me where to buy it from and will canned coconut milk be good enough?

  18. Can you substitute milk with no diary such as oat or coconut milk?

  19. Hi Wendy,
    I would like to ask you a question. How did you measure your ingredients? With measuring cups? If so, where did you buy them from?

    1. liquid measurements are with a proper measurement cup with ml readings. Mine is a pyrex, but you can easily get any from supermarket or baking equipment shops.

  20. Hi Wendy, your recipe is wonderful! We just made it for the first time and it turned out perfectly with no separation. We love coconut and would love for more coconut flavor- how would you recommend to do that? Would we simply change the coconut milk to fresh milk ratio? Thank you!


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