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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lychee Rose Jelly Bowl - Jelly #2

I made this jelly on impulse because I saw some nice sweet lychees being sold and beetroot is in the fridge.

No artificial flavours and colours used and as you all know..  I love natural pigments.

I used 1tsp Mermaid brand (AAA grade) and my family liked the texture. Some brands tend to be inferior with less gelling ability. So, the amount depends on the brand that you use. The jelly is firm enough to be lifted with a fork but soft enough to be slurped down. How firm you want to make the jelly is up to your preference. and the sweetness for this is on the mild side. Something that I prefer to bring out the rose fragrance and I want the lychee be the sweet factor in this dessert.

Lychee Rose Jelly Bowl
by WendyinKK 

500 ml water
5 french rose buds
few slices of beetroot (for colouring purpose)
50gm sugar
agar- agar powder, 1tsp* (for soft) or 2 tsp (for firmer)

2 cups fresh lychee (can use canned)

1. Put rose buds, beetroot and water to boil. Turn off the heat and let it sit for 5 minutes.
2. Mix sugar with agar-agar powder.
3. Strain the rose tea and discard all the rose buds and beet root.
4. Bring the rose tea back to boil and sprinkle in the sugar mixture. Taste it, add more sugar according to your preference.
5. Let it simmer for another minute and pour into a heat proof container.
6. Let the jelly cool down totally and it will slowly solidify. ( do not move the bowl too much during this time). When the jelly has solidified, chill it in the fridge.
7. Cut into cubes and serve with fresh lychee. (I removed the seeds)


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