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Monday, June 18, 2012

Brussels Sprouts Chiffonade with Hazelnuts - Guest Post at Quay Po Cooks

Hi, today I'm guest posting at Quay Po Cooks. This lady is full of stories,...stories that get your head nod nod nod with agreement. Her sense of humour will not only tickle you pink, but tickle you red!

She didn't tell me what type of post she wants... this makes life hard with noooooooo "tips". How to guess another woman's heart, you teach me. Being the nice lady she is, I know she doesn't want to ask too much from me, but so hard la....

Anyway, here's a simple dish that is both healthy, delicious.. don't think of the price of Brussels sprouts here. It's a budget killer. May not be frugal here, but I know it's very cheap overseas.

Veron, Sorry I left out this picture. I just found it.

How to chiffonade the brussels sprouts

Picture taken on my 1st attempt 2 years ago

Hop over to Veronica's blog see the recipe :)


  1. Just visited Quay Po's site about the recipe. So does the brussel sprout taste like cabbage? how come it will turn smelly if over cook it? Just wonder how awful is the smell. I definitely will give this recipe a try.

    Wendy, from you I learnt new ingredients. First was fennel and now brussel sprouts. Although I know what they are called, but i'm not sure how to handle the food! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Angeline,
    Like rotten vege smell lor. Sulphourus.
    But if nicely cooked, very very delicious!
    Tesco ada, dun say never see before.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Wendy, I deleted my comment and type all over again. I made so many ridiculous typing errors. hehe, I am sorry I made life difficult for being "mm hoe yee see" (feeling embarrassed) to demand certain recipes from you. My Quay Lo thought that was silly because it would only create more trouble for you to have to make the right guess of what I want. So this morning, I showed him your post and said to him, "Darling, Wendy got sixth sense, she knew you like brussels sprouts." He said I always want to have my last word and I walked away happy with it. LOL! Thanks again Wendy for doing a fabulous guest post for me today. MUAX!!

  5. now i know that brussels sprout must cook in low heat....last time i stir-fry it over high heat and it taste.....yakkkkkkkk.....i will try it again...thank you for the info....

  6. They look like miniature cabbage in the close up shot. I am confused, those green leafy vege I have seen at supermarket and eaten at restaurants were called brussel sprouts too. Are they the same ?

  7. Quay Po,
    I understood, and it's ok.
    Silly but great guess I did, haha.

    Yayayaya, no high heat, very yucks one.

    Phong Hong,
    REad this post
    The "choy darm" we eat here are just loose headed brussels sprouts.

  8. Hah it's funny that it's a budget killer. Here, it's one of those really cheap vegetables esp in winter, and the thing is, pple hate it and I would never see them being willing to fork out more than a pound for a bag of them!

  9. Yummy brussel sprouts! They are cheap when in season, but so hard to find (and expensive) when they are not, especially during Christmas when I want them most! I didn't know they'd be smelly when overcooked! Your version looks so fresh and tasty...I saw some brussel sprouts in the supermarket, so maybe I'll get some and cook this weekend! :)

  10. they actually look like our chinese 'choy tam'..going over to qp's site now..

  11. Shu Han,
    It's being sold at a minimum RM7.90 per punnet.
    Very very expensive.

    I hope you like this version :)

    They are choy tam la.... just more tight headed only. Or let's say, choy tam are brussels sprouts la.

  12. It is great that now you can get brussel sprouts in Malaysia. I know many people is not fan of brussel sprouts but I am. I like it roasted with just olive oil, salt and pepper and a bit of balsamic vinegar.

  13. Wendy, did you misunderstood my comment? My Quay Lo said I am silly not you lah. Of course you did a great guess. You made his favorite dish lah:D

  14. Wah, healthy everyday...sure stay slim all the

  15. TQVM for d recipe Dear... love brussels very much..

  16. Will hop over to Quay Po's blog now :D

  17. Wendy got, I never say Tesco tak de...just dunno how to cook oni...

  18. Quay Po,
    No, i mean I silly, cos of the stupid joke.

    Actually I was attracted to this recipe due to the chiffonade and the source's pictures looked sooo tempting, kekeke. I just bought 3 punnets of this :)

    Haha I wish!

    u're welcomed

    sure ;)

    haha, sorry ah, I over assume, kekekeke.
    Cos u also told me u never see raspberries in Tesco before.

  19. sliced rather thick for a chiffonade :)

  20. leo,
    I'm sorry that 1.5mm seemed too thick for you.
    Take note that the sides pieces will be bigger, it's a curve and I don't bother to further chiffonade the side curved pieces. It's just 1.5mm straight down.

  21. Don't mean to be pedantic :) Julienne would be the more correct term.

  22. Hi Wendy,
    I have cooked this recipe and it is absolutely delicious. Thanks!

  23. Leo,
    Thanks for the heads up.
    I didn't change the name from the source.

    thanks for the feedback. I'm the only one in the house that likes this, haha


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