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Monday, June 11, 2012

Quinoa Rice Pudding with Blueberries - Baby food # 1

How was your school holidays?
I love it because I could sleep until the sun shines bright......
I hate it because the house will be in a mess all the time.
Now it's over, I'm glad but yet dread the early mornings.

Many of us South East Asians are used to preparing baby's porridge with rice. Usually savoury with meat(fish, chicken or pork) and vegetables. The porridge is both filling and nutritious. This time around I want to be more adventurous and wander off into more unfamiliar territories.

Lately I have started to visit organic shops and have learnt to use more of other grains in our diet. My friend, Winnie, gave me a packet of organic Quinoa as Christmas present. I love food ingredient gifts! 2 years back, she gave me teddy bear pastas.

Quinoa is easy to digest, high in nutrients and protein, good for the heart and eases migraines. I'm also feeding my boy with ready to eat organic cereal made from rice and quinoa. Seeing how much he likes the rice quinoa cereal with milk, I tried to cook this from scratch, with real rice and quinoa grains.

The quinoa that I have doesn't taste bitter. But has this short curly thing (it's the germ, I suppose) that my kid doesn't like and keeps on spitting it out, that is if I cooked just only quinoa. But when I mixed the quinoa with rice, everything feels so smooth that he won't spit anything out. I've cooked this a few times and he loves it! Especially with blueberries. I did not try this with strawberries as I read that strawberries can cause allergic reactions. I just stayed safe with blueberries. You can try this with bananas or papaya too!

Quinoa Rice Pudding with Blueberries
Recipe source: WendyinKK
Makes around 1 cup of rice pudding

1 Tbsp raw rice
1 Tbsp quinoa
1.5 cups water (you may need more)
20 blueberries
4 scoops of infant formula powder + dissolved in minimal amount of drinking water
½ tsp sugar (optional)

1. Rinse rice and quinoa. Soak for 30 minutes. Drain and put in water. Bring to a boil and lower to a simmer for 30-40 minutes (lid on). Adjust water amount if needed.
2. Put in blueberries and let it cook until the blueberries turn mushy. Turn off the heat.
3. Put in sugar and dissolved infant formula.
4. Puree if needed (do this while very hot to prevent the pudding from breaking down)


  1. Must admit, quinoa not my favourite ingredient. But i guess it depends on how it's prepped.

  2. Sharon,
    Plain quinoa is a bit gritty, but when mixed with rice, it's smooth :)
    Give it another chance, will ya.

  3. Oh my blueberry rice very cute and tasty...

  4. i like this week theme.cos now my house got 2 baby going to have they food is 3 1/2 months and another one is 4 1/2 another big baby going to 2 years old.he start eating rice...i think he also like this....i will try to make and let him try....

  5. Baby food, eh? Heh..heh...looks like something I might like for dessert.

  6. hai wendy...
    so we r frm de same school..i'm frm class of 96..tgk piccs mi kari yg u buat tu mmg tringat pd mi makcik tu..i selalu bli mi goreng n letak kuh kari..n bli keropok lekor yg keras sgt tu..the mamak kacang putih..dn paling tk bole lupa..air jambu batu..mmg tak jumpa dah sampai sekarang..i wonder mcm mn nk buat air camtu...

  7. I remember you saying that he doesn't like the tail when I posted a recipe for quinoa tabouli earlier this year! I'm a dan of the nutty, fluffy texture, so I much prefer it when it's just cooked, and not cooked into a porridge (because it's so expensive I feel very 'wasted' if I can't differentiate it from rice hehe). I love rice pudding and blueberries though, so maybe I'll do this anyway! I've been trying a lot of different grains to vary my diet, you can also try millet and steel-cut oats, they're delicious!

  8. angeline,
    Hehe.. u can eat this too

    You guys are the best babysitters!
    Feeding kids with organic quinoa.
    That's very generous of you

    Phong Hong,
    LOL, can can, no harm.

    kekeke.... tak jumpe kan, mi macam tu kat mana mana pun. Lekor tu... adoi, gigit macam gigit kasut, tapi best jugak, kekeke.

    Shu Han,
    Oh yes, millet will be on this Friday :)
    Oats, not yet, too early and too complicated for his digestive system.

  9. i've yet to try 'keen-wah'..easy to friend's name actually..i'm not a baby but i know one day i will try cooking with quinoa too..tasteless on its own?

  10. Hey.. great recipe! Funny blueberries are not highly allergic compare to the other berries. your photo of the keenwahs look so big.. haha..

  11. their parents gave their children to us, it is our responsibility to take care of them properly.we always give good food to children, they healthy, we are easy, parents are happy,right?hahaha...

  12. This looks like a balanced meal for toddler. I never had quinoa though and I don't really like my meal mushy :p

  13. lena,
    Adults can eat too.
    If you cook it with less water, it can subtitute rice. It's good for anybody

    LOL. The grains look big or the word look big?

    If only u lived near, then I send my kids over then I can get back to work!

    It's just like rice, less water , short cooking time, mai individual grains lor.
    More water, longer time, mai become gruel lor.
    It can be cooked and eaten just like rice.

  14. This is so nutritious! Cook more then I can eat together with baby, hehe...Let me find Quinoa first.

  15. Healthy and delicious....Uncle Pete wants to try!

  16. i love quinoa too! and my most recent find is buckwheat 'porridge' - raw buckwheat groats blended into puree. it's as yummy or better than quinoa :) love the idea of pureeing blueberries into quinoa - never thought of that yet!

  17. Little Inbox,
    Oh yes, suitable for adults too.
    For me, I'll add more sugar, hahaa!

    Good for u, eat!

    For adults, I think it will be great, but I'm not sure about buckwheat groats for infants.
    I'm not even giving them oats or brown rice for their immature digestive system.

  18. hi, thanks for sharing this recipe.. but can you tell where can I get Quinoa? Thank you

  19. This recipe is so creative. I can't wait to make it for my twins!

  20. Why Oh Why would you introduce sugar to an infants food.This does nothing other than to satisfy the adults taste buds and gets your child on the road to diabisity! Sad.

  21. Anon with no name,
    Thank you for your concern. My kids are all within normal weight and my boy is quite thin for his age, I get complains that I don't seem to feed him enough, because of his body size.

    As I said, it is optional, but my kids, with discerning taste buds do not take tangy food. In order for them to accept the slightly tart blueberries of which is very good for them, I had to add that 1/2 tsp of sugar to offset the tang. I'm sure there is more sugar in rusks, fruit yogurt and baby yogurt melts (with same volume) than this bowl of porridge. If you don't believe me, read the labels.and

    oh yes... did you mean diabetes or obesity? I can't seem to find that word in the dictionary. Maybe with your knowledge, you can share with me the exact causes for infant diabetes, and what are the weight range for obesity in infants.

  22. Hi Wendy,
    May I know how much Breastmilk you reckon I should add if I am not using infant formula milk? This is for my daughter Heidi who is 1yo. Thanks Tommy

  23. Prickly Sensations,
    4 scoops of formula makes around 1/2 cup of milk.
    You can try substituting 1/2 cup of water with 1/2 cup of breast milk, but I think it's better to add BM towards the end of the cooking.

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