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Friday, June 1, 2012

Reuben is 1 today!

Last year on this day, I gave birth to my only son.
It was a prayer answered. I prayed that I will have a delivery in the afternoon because for the 2 girls, I was hecticly rushed to the hospital at 5.30am.

This boy is nicknamed "Kim Soon" in Hokkien meaning gold grandson. LOL. The only male grandchild.
But he ain't going to be pampered, not by this tyrant mom. I promise him he'll wash dishes, sweep the floor when he is old enough for it.

At first we thought, oh boy, this boy is soooooo good to me. Sleeping at regular hours and 8 hours straight by 10 weeks. And by 14 weeks, 10 hours straight, waking up for feed when the sun rises. I was so blessed.
But then, by he was 5 months... he started having itchy gums and would wake up to suckle whole night long.  After having 2 weeks of suckling marathon, my back couldn't take it anymore and he was weaned.

Lyanne also started night feeding at the same time, 5M, and it stopped until she had all her teeth. But Lyanne has a few stops, at 8M-10M, 15M-18M, and there was a 10 hour sleep gap. But this isn't the case with my boy. I do wish he will stop soon.

At first I made him diluted milk, he will suckle half the bottle and throw it away. It's not nice. LOL. That's how I made Lydia stop night feeding when she suddenly started it again after Lyanne came. Give them disgusting diluted milk. But no, now Reuben will still drink it all. He will just take it, and has learnt to appreciate bland formula!!! Arrrgh!! *Pulls hair*

I can't feed him water like how some say as my hubby cannot stand him crying. So, I have to give Reuben something that will stop his cries, it's milk. He's not on pacifier (Lyanne) nor is he sucking his thumb (Lydia). He needs milk to soothe him as none other will.

He loves his food, Oh my. He hates it when his bowl gets empty. He will wail and scream and squirt all his tears out. He seems to have a bottomless pit. No matter how big the bowl of porridge is, it never seems enough for him. But I do not feed him as much as he can take. I do control his portions. Some people told me he looks malnourished, so skinny. But oh my, he's so heavy. Is being chubby with lots of soft soft fat means that the baby is healthy? What about density? That doesn't count? He has a healthy weight and to me that is definitely more important than looking chubby for others to say he's healthy, visually.

He's a smart boy. He's got sharp visual skills and knows how to work his way around things. Although he has 2 elder sisters, he enjoys buses, trains... boys stuff more.

He actually learnt to sit, before he could flip! He sat at 5 months, but flipped at 8.5months. He refused to be flipped (Yes, we flipped him to inspire him, but he doesn't like it, at 6 mths). all my girls flipped at 5M. This is the only kid that crawls around the house.

his butt is not touching the tub, he's floating

He loves water. He loves floating in water especially from 2M-7M. If he doesn't get to float, he will make a fuss. When he was just a few months old, and he cries for no reason, then it's just that he wants to bathe. Yeah, once we took him to KL, and he fussed for 3 hours because we had to rush out for dinner, so couldn't bathe him yet. We gave him milk, let him suckle, none will soothe him, keep on whining and fussing. He only stopped fussing once he bathed. Everybody had a good laugh that this boy loves his bath soooooo much.

Somehow this boy doesn't like to sit still. Won't watch Barney, won't watch any baby shows, won't sit still in the high chair being strapped so that I can mop the floor. So, this makes my hubby not want to bring him out. It's hard to control a screaming boy trying to escape from his chair all the time.

My friends told me, boy and girls are very different. Once you have 2 boys, you won't hope for another baby. But if one has 2 girls, one will still dare to try for another baby. Oh yes, one boy and I had enough. LOL. Luckily he enjoys playing with the sisters and the sisters play with him. It'll be soon that I will be free and all 3 kids will be enjoying each other's company with me intervening once a while, something they hope I will not do often, LOL.

So, what will I be doing for his birthday celebration?
Errr.... no idea yet.

I am waiting for his Aussie grandaunts to confirm the date as they will be back in KK somewhere in June.
He can wait....

Happy Big 1 Reuben,
Be a good boy,
Be a good brother,
Be a good son.
Love and kisses to you.

More pictures of him on Sunday, and a baby food theme coming up.


  1. Wendy, what a great post for Reuben, Happy birthday Reuben! Hugs and kisses! Hope to hug and kiss you for real in July:D

  2. Haha, reading your post...i can really relate to a lot of things as a mother of a boy. Happy birthday Reuben! May you always bring joy to the people around you.

  3. Wow...Your son very "leng zai" :)
    Happy Birthday to Reuben!

  4. Happy Birthday to u Handsome Reuben .... ! May you be healthy & happy always....

  5. Happy Birthday to Reuben!! Remembered last year we just guessing the name, now he is ONE!! time flies..

  6. Happy Birthday to Reuben. Feels so calm and soothing to look at his face.


  7. Wendy, sure Reuben loves food, cos' he has seen his mummy preparing delicious food ever since he is in your tummy....Happy Birthday.. 'Teow Cheh' in Hokkien.

  8. May the Lord make His face to shine on him. Bless Him!

    Priscilla Poh

  9. What a Beautiful Post!! My highest salute to you Wendy for taking care of 3 kids, plus cook and blog, and everything else in between... =D

    Happy Birthday Rueben! You'll be charming the socks off ladies before you even know it.. ;D

    I cannot wait to see what Mommy makes for your birthday... especially the Bday cake!

  10. your boy look so smart and handsome...Happy 1st Birthday to him...Let aunty Hody sing you a song...Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to little Reuben,Happy birthday to you.....hahaha....Wish him grown up happy,healthy and smart....

  11. Happy 1st birthday to cutie Reuben~

    I'm looking forwards to see more of this handsome lad :)

  12. Wow...time flies and Reuben is 1 year old now ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REUBEN ! You will break hearts when you grow up..LOL! but mom is a tyrant wor :) Will the gals run away ar ? :p

    Have a wonderful day with Reuben, Wendy...time flies !

  13. He is such a cutie, Wendy. ;)

    Happy birthday, Reuben! May God bless you with the best of life, and keeps you safe, happy and healthy all the time.

  14. Very cute children u have ;)

  15. Ur boy is so handsome and cute.

    Happy 1st birthday to Reuben!

  16. he look very smart..."lek chai"!! Happy Birthday

  17. Happy birthday to Reuben! he is such a cutie!!

  18. Happy Birthday Handsome Boy!!! :)

  19. Hi,Wendy, what a lovely story to share with us! Happy birthday to your boy boy! He looks so cute in the photos! My gf(who shares the same birthday, same age with me) got married very young & after having 3 boys(the eldest is 14yrs old & the youngest is like 3 yrs old), she is still tempting to try a 4th one becoz she is crazy for a girl after seeing my daughter's photos on the Fb!

  20. Yes I remember very well that he was born today! Time pass real fast isn't it and he is one today. May Reuben grow to be a healthy and a filial person.

  21. Happy Birthday Reuben, so cute, so handsome...:)

  22. hey happy birthday ... huggs and love to Reuben...

  23. Wow, a nice post about your dear son! Look so cute too! Happy 1st birthday Rueben!! I'm so sure your mummy will make a super duper yummy cake for u. ^_^

  24. Time fly like rocket, so fast your leng chai son already turned 1. Happy Birthday to Reuben!

  25. Time flies, already turn 1.
    My girl is going to be 10M next week...;-)

  26. Happy Birthday Reuben! Bet he'll learn how to cook too!

  27. happy birthday to your little prince! so got red eggs or not for him?

  28. He looks so cute..Happy B'day Reuben..And as you said boys and girls are poles apart and I am still getting used to this fact....Anyways, have a great B'day Reuben :)

  29. Happy Birthday to cute Reuben! May he be blessed with good health, happiness and good things!
    He is adorable!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Happy Birthday Reuben! He is so cute!

  32. oh Wendy, he is such a adorable baby. Happy Birthday Reuben..

  33. Thank you all.
    Reuben is greatly blessed with all these well wishes!

  34. Happy birthday Reuben! Feels like a year is so fast nowadays.... he has grown up to a big 1 handsome boy! More to discover about boys... they are very different spesies compared to girls... I have 3 boys and they are all different but still boys are boys... very different than my girl!

  35. Your son is very cute, not too thin at all...Happy birthday to Rueben...I agreed that sons are difficult creatures, I should know I have 3!

  36. Happy Birthday to Reuben. He is a happy handsome boy.

  37. Happy birthday, Rueben!

  38. Happy Bday little boy.
    Message to the sperm donor.....being a real father means having to participate in bringing up the child esp. when he is cranky, or crying in the middle of the nite.
    I have to put my name as Anon. as I do not have URL etc. My name is Chris.

  39. HomeKreation,
    Yeah, and u named ur sons, Heroes, and ur daughter princess, LOL. That shows.

    Haha, expert. Me still learning how to mother a son.

    Yuen Chua,
    thank you KoKoh ;)

    Ng Shao Wei,

    U're not anon, u're Chris.
    Thanks for your concern.
    You can refer to my husband as my husband and he's not a sperm donor. He's my legal husband.
    He's working and I'm not.
    It's perfectly ok for me to take care of baby in the night while he has a good night's rest so that he has the energy to work the next day.
    He cannot stand any of the kids crying(not in a bad way) and will want to offer the best solution to make the kid happy. His heart aches to hear kids crying.

  40. Happy birthday to Reuben! He's such a cute little boy!

  41. Ohhhh... wat a sweet post! Happy birthday Reuben!

  42. Happy birthday to your handsome prince!!

  43. Happy 1st Birthday Rueben. Today is my grand nephew's birthday too.(9th years old)

  44. Happy birthday to Reuben! Love your occasional post about your children

  45. Happy Birtday Rueben!! Wendy, you so lucky to have 3 lovable children...

  46. Happy 1st Birthday to Reuben! Wendy, time flies, your boy is one and mine is 8 mth old Liao, I so look forward to celebrate my boy 1st birthday heeheehee....

  47. lol "kim soon" i thought it is a korean name.

    HAHA your son is funny, or more like the way u portrayed is so funny, "a screaming boy trying to escape from his chair all the time". One might mistaken that he was kidnapped lol.

    Lastly, Happy Birthday Reuben. Be a good boy :)

  48. Such a handsome young man!! Yea the Hokkiens are all about male grandson ha ha..

  49. I swear I left a comment to wish Reuben happy birthday or am I imaging this? I could be, the Lucy in me. Anyway belated happy birthday to your handsome dude. Hugs and kisses.

  50. Quay Po,
    Aunty lucy la u, u were no.1.
    Haha, thanks

  51. Gorgeous post! Thank you so much for sharing! rEading his antics makes me think of when my lil monster was that age! ha ha ha!
    I think I agree - I am in no hurry to add to our family after my son - but I am getting older :p

    Hope your lovely golden boy had a lovely birthday!

  52. Oh I am late, happy birthday Reuben!

  53. This is Chris again. Sorry, completely forgot to follow up. #1...NEVER put yourself down as "not working" when you are a stay-at-home mum. It is the toughest gig but most rewarding. I took a year off for my kids, even then hubby woke up to change the diaper, then bring the kid to the bed so I could breast feed. Yes, he had to go to work too but he is one of those lucky ppl who can just fall back to sleep, and he was fine with helping. When he came home, there was no resting in front of the TV or waiting for dinner. He had to participate! He was also the one to give them a bath at nite while I had abt 30 mins of downtime. I am acutely aware of "sperm-donors" out there, my brother-in-law for example, who could not/ would not hold the baby if the wife left the room. She had to be there all the time. He also would not give the wife a break when he came home...he expected dinner on the table!Needless to say they got divorced before my niece turned 3. So, now he has the "father weekends"; that basically meant he dropped the kid off at his mum's on Sat, returns on Sun. Best story was that the old lady had cataract surgery on Wed, he still brings the kid over for the w/e! Although I have to give him credit that he did not make her cook the meals like she always did, he bought some take out! I also have a colleague who finally at age 42 gave birth to a son. She had lost 3 before. Her husb had always refused to have babies, and he was not going to help. Kid is now 2.5 years old and dad is actually rallying around. He at least makes all the meals, does all the outside chores etc. The kid looks exactly like him, quite funny. He has actually minding his own son occasionally and will take him to the park etc. Now, we have another friend whose husb is as useful as "tits-on-a-bull"! Quite an expression, isn't it? Commonly used here. She wanted to have kids so badly and he was not keen. First one, a baby girl...he had little input. Then she got pregnant again, and he was not pleased. So, he "punished" her by leaving for week to go fishing with his buddies!! She looks after both kids, she is the breadwinner, she does the housework, mows the lawn, looks after the garden, and shovels the snow! Anyways, a grp of us are planning a BBQ this w/e and invited both the wife and sperm donor. A few of us were planning to "ambush" him...he is 6' 2" but we aren't intimidated. However, he has declined to join in and the poor wife thinks it will be too much for her to come with the 2 kids to such a big gathering of abt 30 ppl. Sad, isn't it?

  54. Chris,
    I published this comment. Some may find this uplifting if it relates to them.

    I am not putting myself down when I said I am not working. What I meant was, I wasn't going out to work in an office, or the a commercial sector. I am perfectly at ease to say I am happily not working.

    My husband brings the kids to school fetches them home, buys me lunch. I am no longer breastfeeding now, and when I was, the house was in a mess and he never complains. He offers to buy food back so that I need not cook, but it's the kids who suffer, eating outside food all the time. I have the elder 2 to care for. I still could find the time to cook when the boy is sleeping, and I myself prefer to cook than to eat out.

    My husband has offered to get me a maid, but it was I who refused. He never orders me to clean up, it's all at my own will and own sweet time.

    Somehow I believe, when I married my husband, I already knew who he is before this, I knew he doesn't do housework, I knew he doesn't do a lot of things, I KNEW what I was getting myself into. And I knew he's not going to change after marriage. So, what's to complain when it was I who chose to marry him with all these known "weaknesses".
    I also know he doesn't interfere with what I do at home, how much time I spend on Facebook, on my blog, in the kitchen, how I spend my money, what I buy or waste.

    My husband works 6 days a week, comes home at 7pm, being the wife, I should give him a nice warm meal to reward him for his hard work. I should give him a cosy home that he feels happy to be back in after a tiring day. The time he spends at work, I spend the same amount of time in the house, doing my own stuff and chores, with no question at all from him.

    U're the lucky one who has a hands on husband, but I already knew way before hand I married a pampered kid who has never lifted any finger at home. I don't expect him to change but that doesn't mean, I don't hope. But it's that.... I married the man I know.

    I hope your friends knew their husbands in and out before making that major decision. Expecting a man to change after marriage is like asking the moon to turn blue.


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