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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cherry Tomatoes, a surprise from the soil - Random Sunday

My hubby took this pic under the instruction of Lydia,
"Papa, take the picture like this, my hand only!"
I throw a lot of things into my garden.
Things I never thought would grow, did grow.
Like my strawberries! They are growing well, but not flowering, I wonder why?

I had a pack of squished flat cherry tomatoes that got forgotten in my crisper.
I threw them into my garden divider to that they will rot and turn to compost.
As usual, the memory rots together with the discarded

One day... I saw something in my divider..It was actually started growing the same time as the mysterious plant. I touched the plant, it has a smell, I think it's edible.. haha, again. I just let it grow.. no idea what it was.

Then.... one fine day, it flowered. I still don't know what it is. My MIL who had been doing some gardening in US, saw the flowers and said, hey, you have a tomato plant in your garden?
I went "What?" , tomatoes? I totally had no idea how it got there.
My MIL told me, she had a few tomato plants back in Arkansas, which is why she knew.

the first bunch!

grows taller and more flowers!

Lydia the Explorer checking the tomatoes.... she's very excited about them
 When it fruited....... and the fruit turned red when it was still eeny meeny, only did we confirmed it's a cherry tomato plant. Not only one, but 3 plants with 2 different varieties.
Only then did I remember about the squished cherry tomatoes I once threw in.

more fruits growing.........

finally... ripening

yellow round ones

From what I learnt in Pomiculture, tomatoes needed a low temperature to turn red, I never expected mine to look so red. Actually I never imagined I could have tomatoes in my garden. LOL. Moreover red tomatoes,  Hahaha.....

We harvested quite a sum of cherry tomatoes over time, and only 1 person consumes it. It's the picker herself. She loves tomatoes and we let her have it all. She will pick them whenever she sees it turn red and keep it in her tomato box.

I'm hoping more will sprout since we discarded a few more, kkekekekeke.

she's so happy after picking her babies

Lydia wasn't satisfied with this pic, she said, Papa, don't take my face! My hand only!

I just found out I have another surprise growing from discarded bits! I think it needs another 6 months to show you what it is. Have to wait for it to fruit!


  1. "Fruits of labour". Beautiful cherry tomatoes. I think next time you can give more advise on gardening on this blog as well; so I can learn to grown fruits too....

  2. Mel,
    Haha, actually no labour at all, it grew on its own. The only labour was to water and pick, kekeke.
    No advice la, I just throw into the soil only, hahaha!

  3. You know Wendy, somehow plants grow better when you just ignore them. When I purposely want to plant something and fuss over it, the result is not consistent. And somehow, those that grow from the compost by itself do extremely well.

  4. are so lucky....I've tried many times but it does not grow tomatoes...

  5. It is a joy to have vege or fruits growing in yr own garden. My second batch of tomatoes are growing again..hopefully it will bear as many fruits as it did with the first batch.

  6. ..... and having green fingers too !! Wow !

  7. I love those shots of yur daughter holding the tomatoes - beautiful!

  8. You really got a green hand..keke whatever u planted all turn so well. If for me sei loh sei fai dit haha

  9. Wow...such a lovely surprise to spring on you just like that! Hope it bears lots of tomatoes for Lydia to pick and eat!

  10. Yea...that is really a surprise...your land worth money lo...can plant tomato plant and harvesting them....:)

  11. Phong Hong,
    I don't have a compost heap, but my food waste is all over the garden :p

    Hmmm.. I also dunno why.

    what's Baking,
    I wish u lots of tomatoes too yeah. Mine is half dead now, LOL

    Mai Lin Too,
    LOL, I really dunno why and how.. hahaha

    My hubby took those ;)

    maybe my house got morning mist...maybe that's why

    Lite Home Bake,
    It was sooo exciting seeing the first fruits, seriously exciting ;)

    U want to buy my house?

  12. Wendy,
    Is food waste referring to those vegetables or peels which are not cooked yet?

  13. I am so envious! I tried planting plants and water them diligently and yet they died on me! You just need to discard rotten fruits and they grew into a fruitly plant! I love those cherry tomatoes too, taste so good on pizza and salad!

  14. Sem,
    Mine is raw. Rarely have cooked food waste, except bones. Sometimes after boiling herbal tea, I also discard them in the garden

    LOL, I really dunno why.

  15. wah, so nice and they are in nice red! how nice if we can throw some money in the garden and it starts to grow hor?

  16. lena,
    Can, my garden can be ur deposit account.

  17. Wah! throw and then it grows? Me no such luck. I touch them and they die. hehe. Your cherry tomatoes look so lovely. Next time when I feel I am dying, throw me okay? hehehe

  18. Quay Po,
    I promise I'll be gentle

  19. Same as Quay Po. Plants can only live for a month max under my care then it will dry up and wither away - no matter what I do with them :(
    But I love the cherry tomatoes..must be sweet.

  20. Here in UK tomatoes grow quite easily - but I find they need to be started early in year so the fruits have a chance to ripen. I thought it was warmth and sun that helped them do that as some people grow tomatoes in a "greenhouse".

    I hope this means you will try more gardening :D

  21. Wah, your cherry tomatoes look exactly what I bought at Jusco leh. So fresh. Can plant in a pot? So far what I planted all tak jadi.
    Does your compost give out any mouldy smell n worms crawling around? I takut; I usually throw all the vege peels in the trash. Should learn from you .. green project at home.

  22. Plum Leaf,
    With this garden that I have, I am already gardening, but mostly edible plants.

    I dunno leh about pots, this one also came out by accident.
    My garden has lots of milipedes and they are good! Love them! They help digest the food waste and what they expel is fertilizer ;)

  23. wendy, where's ur house? u plant in pot or ground ah?

  24. Genie,
    I am in Perak.
    It's in my garden divider, a concrete structure raised 1 ft from the ground.

  25. Enjoy reading yr blog :)

  26. Did you throw the whole ripen tomato or cut open, with seeds spilling out?
    Were they buried in the soil or left out in the open?

  27. Lilly,
    Whole cos they were half rotten,left on the soil just like that only

  28. Nice photos. How long did it take to grow and fruit? Thanks

  29. Warren,
    sorry I have no idea as they sprouted out of surprise I didn't even take note of them.


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