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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Almond Butter - Going Nuts #2

I never thought I could do this at home!
I thought I needed a Blendtec (see it blend an Iphone here)
But no, my trusty Panasonic could do it too,
Maybe not really as smooth, but I can accept that.

My MIL loves almond butter. It is easily available in US whenever she's there, but not here. This trip back, she told me about this and being the good DIL, of course I will try to make some for her , Ahem.. *coughs*

I first tried making this at my hubby's aunt's in PJ. She has a Blendtec. Takes quite some effort too, scraping and blend, scrape and blend.

amount in jar is from 140gm of almonds

Few weeks later, we planned on a trip to KL again. I had in mind to make more almond butter on this trip.
Then just hours before my next trip out to visit her, I roasted some almonds and tried making my own. In case it fails, I can bring the rest of the roasted nuts to her house and finish off the blending. LOL.

Here's what I did.

I roasted some almonds at 150C (fan) until they start to smell good. Not too much, the nuts will continue to brown more after removing from oven. How long depends on how much you roasted, the more nuts the longer it will take.

Then I did this...

When I found that I could do this with my trusty cheapo mill attachment, I was soooo happy.
I packed up the balance of almonds, kept them air tight, until I return from my trip, and make more almond butter.

The next day after I got back, I gleefully milled my almonds.
But then I found out..... cold roasted nuts need more oil. I was milling warm nuts on my 1st attempt and used only 1/2 Tbsp of oil, compared to 1 Tbsp for cold nuts. No wonder the day when I made almond butter at the aunt's we used 1 Tbsp of oil for every cup of nuts or maybe even more.

Don't add honey to the almond butter. I thought since MIL loves sweet spreads, I tried adding honey while milling the almond. DON'T!!! The almond butter will turn dry, very dry. I added more oil, but it's no use.
My MIL tried consuming the dry almond butter, but it's to no avail, unless she eats them by the spoonsful. It's totally not spreadable. In the end, I made cookies with the spoiled almond butter.

Beautiful almond butter that is for beautiful bread. LOL.

Like all nut butters, the oil will go up the surface and the heavier nuts will sink.
Stir it and you will have a more even spread.

Beautiful almond butter for my beautiful daughter


  1. Noted...i will try this when i have free,sure is a good taste...

  2. Oh, this must be real delicious....something more nutty taste with flavour like the peanut peanut! I think I should do this too, never thought of almond butter myself too! Thanks!

  3. Hi Wendy, only roasted almonds, salt and vegetable oil? no sugar? no butter? I hope to make too, please advise. thank you.


  4. good....can replace peanut butter..more healthy..

  5. so easy....can make walnut butter?

  6. wow.. first time i heard of almond butter.. this sure looks interesting. I surely learn a lot from u.=)=)

  7. Thanks for sharing. I wonder whether can use the same method for black sesame.

  8. Yum! This is my favourite as well!

  9. I have never had almond butter. I'm sure its very good because roasted almonds are yum. How long can you keep this before it spoils ?

  10. Haha I did the same mistake years ago on adding honey to blended almond! Yes it's literally lumpy! Anyway, I love nut spreads but peanut butter is still my top favorite. ;))

  11. 这个也能做~~~

  12. Great idea! Insuppose if want a sweet taste, just spread it with honey lor. No more store bought peanut butter after this eh!

  13. Mmmm, creammy and nutty taste....sure good!

  14. 蓝色小厨 ,
    I hope u like this.

    It's not common here, so many of us never see this before. But very common in US.

    It is as per the post. You can google for more almond butter recipes as reference.

    yaya, healthier than peanuts

    Pei San,
    Can gua, u try la.

    Jaques Yew,
    We learn from each other on the internet ;)

    I'm not sure, if u have tried let me know it it works

    :) How can one not like this right?

    Phong Hong,
    If kept room temp, I think 1-2 weeks before it turns rancid.
    Fridge .. quite long. Mine is about 3 months old, still ok.

    thanks for dropping by

    honey bee sweets,
    Hi 5, same as you, peanut butter has more ummph!
    Haha, it's quite a costly mistake, almonds not cheap eh, honey too!

    鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 ,
    Learn from MR google ma :)

    Yup, keep the honey separate.
    Haha, I don't consume peanut butter on a regular basis, but frankly, I still prefer peanut butter over this, more shiok.

    Healthier, but I prefer sinful.

  15. i have a jar of cashew butter, bought it during my aust trip..okay..i wouldnt say i love that very much but nice to hv different kinds of spread on my breads. actually quite a good idea to make cookies, sounds good!

  16. Hi Wendy,
    My sister loves almond butter! I will be trying your recipe soon. Thanks for sharing!

    Chen Chen

  17. Oh I've never tried almond butter before, and it sounds like it's easy to make. I might try it one day - thanks for sharing the recipe, Wendy! And the tip about adding honey =)

  18. Almond butter? I never had this before as we can't get it over the counter here, right?

    The texture is smooth and looks yummy! Makes me craving for a piece of plain bread, haha!

  19. lena,
    Or make cake lor.. kekeke.

    Chen chen,
    I hope she likes it

    Dumpling love,
    It's actually pretty easy

    Not available here, sadly.

  20. My brother LOVES almond. I want to make this for him:D Thanks for the recipe.

  21. Cool! I didn't realise we can make almond butter this way. I like this! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  22. Recommended by Dr Oz as one of the super food and it taste good too.
    I will follow your blog,from one Wendy to the other,I am Wendy Lee.Great looking blog.Take care.

  23. Hi Wendy,
    Since honey dries it up, can I add some icing sugar as I like my spread a bit sweet.
    Thanks for yr advice.

  24. Zoe,
    I am not sure, but you can try


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