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Monday, June 21, 2010

Stone Fruit Tea Cake

No no… this cake is not hard like stone. Stone fruits are fruits that contain one hard seed in the middle and peaches, cherries, nectarines, plum, apricots are stone fruits. Mangoes and avocadoes, although seem to have only one seed in the middle are not stone fruits.

I had some blueberries from my MIL’s Japanese cotton cheesecake, and I don’t want to make muffins, nor pancakes. I am not thinking of crumbles because I do not have enough of it and buying another punnet is expensive, very expensive. Yeah, I’m a miser. RM15 for 1 cup of blueberries. I can have 3 lunches with RM15.

So I searched and searched online.. and this  looked interesting. Puddles of batter strewn over the cake, with fruits peeking from underneath. Unlike a crumble, unlike a cobbler, unlike a fruit pastry cake.. this looks interesting.

You can use any stone fruit that you like, but make sure that it’s not too ripe. One site I read, said she used peaches that were too ripe, and it caused the cake base to be damp. So, I guess canned peaches are out of the league, since those are ultra moist and wet. And another site also said no to strawberries as they are too juicy. I didn’t see any fresh peaches or apricots when I went shopping yesterday, so I reconstituted some dried apricots with orange juice. Changed the vanilla to orange zest.

The cake looked lovely when baked, and true enough, the plums added a pink purplish tone to the cake, the skin bled and make it look real nice. The reconstituted apricots were really sweet, literally. I think if fresh ones were used, the whole cake won’t be so sweet. Overall, I love this cake, and I’ll make this again when I see fresh peaches or apricots around, and I won’t be flavouring the dough with orange, but with vanilla, just like the original recipe states. I used orange this time because I reconstituted the apricots with orange juice, if you want to use vanilla, please just use water to reconstitute the dried apricots. I don’t mean that orange isn’t nice here, it’s nice, but I’d want to try the original version the next time.

Stone Fruits Tea Cake Recipe
1 Tbsp butter (for greasing pan)
150gm all purpose flour
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
100gm sugar (can be reduced to 80gm, I used dried apricots as filling and I found it the whole cake a bit sweeter than I’d prefer it)
80gm butter
1 + ½ egg
1 Tbsp orange zest
1 Tbsp brown sugar
75gm dried apricots (about 12) soaked overnight in 75ml orange juice
1 black plum, diced
70gm blueberries

1. Whisk the flour, baking powder, and salt together in a bowl. With a mixer, cream the sugar and butter together on medium-high speed for 3 to 5 minutes, until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time, scraping down the sides of the bowl after each addition, then stir in the orange zest..
2. Add the flour in 2 or three shifts, mixing just until a smooth dough forms. It will be pretty soft still. Dollop it out onto two pieces of plastic wrap, making one mound of dough slightly larger than the other. Wrap the dough blobs in the plastic and form them into flat discs. Place on a baking sheet and stick them in the freezer for 30 minutes. While waiting, prepare and cut your fruits.
3. Preheat the oven to 160/180C. Butter a shallow, 8-inch baking dish or tart pan Take the slightly bigger parcel of dough and press it down onto the bottom of the pan. Scatter the fruit over the dough. Break the second disc of dough into tsp size balls and scatter them over the fruit. It will look charming no matter how even the blobs are, so don't worry too much about getting them perfect.
4. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes (I baked for 35), or until lightly golden and firm. Cool for 30 minutes before serving.

Wrapped in plastic wrap, this tea cake will keep at room temperature for up to 3 days. You can also freeze the unbaked dough; if wrapped well, it will keep for up to 3 months. You can freeze a whole, unbaked cake with fruit, wrapped well for 1 month.

Adapted from these two sites:
And here’s a gluten free version:


  1. Wendy, this cake looks nice especially looking at the inner of cake with so much fruits, I am drooling...

  2. Hmm...mmm... this is the kind of cake I like the most...very fruity smell! I can at least eat 3 slices in one shot! haha... Horrible huh! Psss... I just found out that I have put on 2kg this year! Gosh, I really need to do something about it....otherwise will have no control on my diet! haha.... Have a great day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  3. Looks very fuity and nice! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very nicely baked cake. The fillings with blueberries, plum ands apricots really tasty one which are my favorite fruits. Thanks for sharing, will make this for my guests.

  5. Jess,
    Hahaha, don't drool over my cake, make one and drool over it. :)

  6. Kristy,
    Once one puts the feet into the blogging world, passively or actively, one will just bake and bake, cook and cook, cos with all the recipes one encounters, the curiosity never ends ;)

  7. KitchenCorner,
    Yeah, this cake will look fabulous for entertaining.
    Maybe you can try to use fresh peaches and fresh apricots, and stick to the ori recipe calling for vanilla, if you prefer vanilla, that is.
    I've tried that, but not yet posted and I actually like it very much, actually both taste good, but the one with vanilla is less intoxicating. Hahahaha.

  8. I like how it looks. :) Would love to have a piece for my afternoon tea.

  9. This is an interesting piece of cake which I would like to have for my afternoon tea. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Little Inbox and Happy Flour,
    Thanks and let's have some tea :)

  11. Thanks for sharing, must try this yummy cake one day.

  12. This cake looks fantastic. And what lovely pictures! I so want a slice of this right now - for breakfast! Cake for breakfast is healthy... right?

  13. Looks perfectly baked! Very much like a German coffee cake...with melt-in-mouth topping.

  14. Wow, looks interesting & imagine having a piece with a cup of tea sitting in a patio high up a hill in an evening....hehe

  15. I remember making something similar last year at this time -- with peaches. Oh my, it's such a fabulous cake. So buttery, and so tender. You have me wanting to make it again now.

  16. Sonia,
    I know you love cakes with fruits :)

  17. Katie,
    Haha, anything can be for breakfast. I'm not that particular. I can even have ice cream for breakfast :)

  18. Angie,
    Err.. the topping layer is the same as the bottom layer, and it is not melt in the mouth, but cake like.

  19. HomeKreation,
    Wah.... I want to be in the hills too... Camerons??

  20. Carolyn,
    Yeah, tis the season for stone fruits.
    Do make this again as indeed it is very buttery and flavourful.

  21. This really is quite lovely. I found your blog by chance and planned only to say hello and then move on. My eyes, however, caught your earlier posts and I ended up spending far more time here than I planned. It was time well-spent. I love your recipes and the tone of your blog. I'll be back often. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  22. This cake sounds delicious! I love how all the different fruits make the inside of the cake so prettily multicoloured :)

  23. I love adding fruits to my cakes especially the leftovers. Stone fruits are on season now and we have plenty of it. I am bookmarking this to try out soon.

  24. this one look easy to make!
    but i dont like eat so sweet item liao... takut mati koko

  25. What a lovely little cake. It looks so moist and flavorful!

  26. Mary,
    Oh, great to hear that. Hope to see you around more often :)

  27. Lucy,
    Yeah, I like it multicoloured too, that's why I didn't just use 1 type of fruit, but a small selection. Life's better with more colours :)

  28. ICook4Fun,
    Oh please do. The first cake I did was finished the same day and the 2nd one which I will post later was soft and moist the next day and it's really nice.

  29. CHVoon,
    why suddenly so takut mati?

  30. Spicy Perspective,
    Yup, it's moist and tasted lovely with all the fruits in it.

  31. Nice! I think this is special...with blueberries's the word?...soo English?? Should taste heavenly with a cuppa tea or coffee.

  32. The medley of colours in this bake is lovely and beautiful!

  33. Mel,
    Hahaha, and you got to do it with pinkie up!!!

  34. I am glad you liked the cake. I think it was fabulous and will try your variation with blueberries and plums. Yum! :)

  35. Wow! This is an interesting way to make cake- I've never read anything quite like this before.... I love the finished product though- how the top isn't smooth like a normal cake- and it sounds delicious too! Especially with all those fruits inside! I'll have to try this one day!

  36. saveur,
    Oh great, I'm sure it'll turn out as great as your version with peaches!!

  37. Von,
    Yeah, it was the top that seduced me to make this too.
    Do let me know if you ever make this, one day :)

  38. Hi, I came over from ICook4Fun. Very pretty and yummy cake. Wanna try it soon and drool over my own bake! Thanks for sharing.

  39. Yummy Koh,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Oh please try the cake and drool, yeah, drool lots :)

  40. Thank you for the inspiration...I loved the addition of the blueberries. We really enjoyed this cake. It looked so pretty and tasted wonderful.

  41. hi wendy,
    how is your house moving doing?? how i miss your idea on recipe that u made.. reading your post is like attending your cooking class. with your recipe, i feel confident because all are well explain (i never attend any cooking class).
    by the way, i finally have the courage on trying this stone cake of yours and i made some adjustment on using mangoes and increase the weight on butter 95g, flour 170g, and 2 eggs.. but the top batter didn't spread when bake.. i'm wondering why..can you help me??
    hope to read your post soon~

  42. Janetan,
    I'm still waiting for the final fittings to be 100% completed, somehow got hanged in the middle by my contractors. Sigh. But am slowly moving few boxes of stuff over each day. And a lot of running around to buy things, to accept deliveries and talking to different contractors.

    Did you overmix the batter? Just mix the flour until just combined. How was the batter after you mixed it? Firm like cookie dough or very very soft, so soft that it is almost like a thick cake batter?

    Your cake will not be a stone fruit tea cake, instead it's a mango tea cake, as mangoes are not stone fruits :)

  43. Dear Wendy

    I have baked the orange chiffon cake following your steps by steps.

    The cake was nice but could you please advise why is the cake so dry? is there anything wrong on my step?

    thank you.

  44. Anonymous,
    Orange Chiffon cake, DRY?
    Very frankly, I've never heard of chiffon cakes being dry, because there are liquids added in. I've only heard about chiffon cakes being too moist after a while.

    The chiffon cake taste dry immediately after cooling? A day after? How was the cake cooled? Shoved into freezer ?

  45. Hi Wendy, i really like your cook, make me so hungry haha.
    May i know what kind of pan is better to use to bake cake. Non-stick type, aluminium cake tin, glass or clay type (the white color) , i will use electric oven. Thank you.

  46. Ann,
    For me, I prefer quality aluminium pans. They don't rust and are easy to handle.
    Non stick pans that are sold in Malaysia are of low quality and will still need greasing. Furthermore it will easily rust as inside is made of steel. Unless you buy those that cost a bomb, say about RM100 for each pan, then, you will get a good non stick pan.
    I use ceramic and glass baking dishes for meats, puddings and some other bakes that don't require a brown bottom. And please take note that if you bake cakes in ceramic/glass ware, they bake slower.

  47. Hi Wendy,
    I believe this's different from the fruit pastry cake. May I use frozen berries if i am making fruit pastry cake? Do I need to thaw them or dust the berries with flour?

  48. Lyn,
    You can use berries if you want it becomes berry tea cake. Use them frozen.
    Stone fruits are peaches, plums, apricots, cherries.. that sort.


  49. oh I like that it looks so tasty this so lovely cake i ever see here on internet.
    i love eating that's why im too fat now :)
    but most of the time what i eat are any kind of chocolates
    like milk chocolate ,French macarons, and macarons london and so on.
    well anyway that cake recipe above is interesting i wanna try that.


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