Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comparison of Commercial Crop and Organic Soybeans

I wonder, if there is a difference between these two. So I bought some and did some simple testing

I soaked the same amount in weight for these beans and made soy milk the next morning. Gave it some simple taste test with my 4 senses, touch, vision, smell, taste and of course I can't hear soy beans.


Soy crops from different farms from different countries differ,
 so this is not a generalization,
but just a comparison with the 2 types of beans that I have

Visually, commercial ones are smaller and organic one are bigger. The rest of the differences are in the table below.

So, in the end, will I use commercial crop soy or organic?

A mixture maybe.... Or maybe there's another organic soy out there that fares better than this from Mongolia.
I do believe there is another better organic soy bean out there, just that I can't get it, yet. 

Oh ya, this organic bean right, is the cheapest on Jusco's shelves. Hehehehe. Maybe I should just get the more expensive ones.

And commercial crops, some are imported from China, and I do not know how they taste like, since I've never bought some and did some simple testing on them.


  1. haha i like how u described it as stale saliva!! but really? YUCK!

  2. Thanks for sharing and ur detail analysis. I bought some soyabean recently to make soya milk, my first time actually and I paid sgd4/kg I tot it's very cheap already. I think next time must ask mum yo help me to buy from msia.

  3. Just wonder if I can taste the different.

  4. Have u tried blind taste testing with ur family or friends ?

  5. WOW! You really got the passion to compare the two differences. The price is so much different!

  6. Sushi Girl,
    I smell stale salive daily, especially on Lyanne in the morning.

  7. Cook.Bake.Love,
    Haha, Some things are cheap there some are cheap here. Fruits are definately cheaper in Spore, even when coverted.

  8. Swee San,
    Nah, I just made tofufah with them after that, so, didn't let them taste it separately.
    BTW, I don't have people around me who have tastebuds that are able to distinct such difference. To them,... hahaha, everything is the same. But actually hoh, the difference in taste and milk texture is really obvious.

  9. Kitchen Corner,
    I'm a cat. :)
    Darn curious about anything edible around me.

  10. Ha...I'll tell you the outcome of my "experiment"(together with my MIL)... I make this very often ever since I bought the Blender I showed you in my blog, almost every week. Last month my MIL passed-by an organic shop and bought about 300gm of the organic soybeans when there were 1kg of the regular ones laying in my fridge. The beans were more brownish in colour, not as big as yours, smaller than the commercial ones in fact.
    After trying , we found the organic ones more fragrant with soy smell--even after cooking...and we only need almost half of the organic soybeans to get the same amount of soy milk compared to the commercial type. But the commercial ones can produce more milky soy milk.
    As for the meal texture, I don't know la, coz my blender blends everything into powder form. But one differnce is the organic ones has less meal than the commercial ones leh...less muscles-work, I suppose. I find the smoothness more or less the same too. In the end, I think a mixture of both is the best, or maybe I'll just use the organic need squeeze so much,hehe...

  11. I would go organic anytime because they are really better and I could tell the difference though a lot of men and kids would find it unnecessary but I want the best to go into our bodies if possible. It's pricey but it's worth it, definitely!

  12. Mel,
    Oh great thanks for the feedback.

    That's why I said, there might be other strains of organic soy out there that might give better results. I just bought the cheapest Organic soy from Jusco's shelves.

    What country does yours come from? Can check the label?
    Oh... I should try to find that type of soy bean then.

  13. Quinn,
    If possible I'd choose organic anytime, but this bean that I've got is really not that good in taste and milk texture, so I am choosing to mix, that is unless I can get a good organic bean that is fabulous in taste and milk texture.

  14. Tough decision to make. Organic stuffs are more expensive and they don't keep well BUT they are healthier. But then how do we know if they don't use chemical fertiliser!

  15. busygran,
    Yup, true. We can never know how organic they are.
    Some might be planted w/o chemical fertilisers or pesticides, but the origin of the seeds used are a question too. What good is organic if the seeds are genetically modified?

  16. They don't look much different...from the final product, soya drink...I even like the commercial one more.

  17. Angie,
    The organic one looked less milky than the commercial crop.
    Sometimes we can be really torn between health and taste :)

  18. how you make it? have you cook it more than 100 degree for minutes else the enzim contain inside will cause our body cannot absorb the protein of soybean

  19. Voon,
    Don't worry la, boil liao la.
    Raw soy milk is a slow poison, I won't want to poison my family, plus if soy milk is not properly cooked, not nice to drink one, got a very raw bean smell.

  20. Erm...the soybeans my MIL bought were loose beans woh, weigh then charge how much you want--no packaging la. Nvm, I'm going there again to buy more soybeans, I'll ask the shopkeeper where the beans were originated, then i tell you.(most probably this or next weekend)

    Actually hoh, I was wondering what did you mean by stale I know... (Really? smellt of that?)

  21. WEndy, in answer to ur question I used teapot brand caondensed milk..i got it frm jusco...the rest are all sweetened cream. what I used was condensed least that was what it said on teh label la. unless i am blind..haha...I was quite surprised when I saw real condensed milk on the shelf, so I grabbed it!I was already ready to experiment with the sweetened cream if I cld nt find condensed milk.

    btw I cant publish teh comments this morning. I dont know whats happening . I think my computer is acting up. thats why im replying here. :)

    Since m here, dont know about the soy beans but I find organic veggies are always sweeter n tastier. esp u can tell with carrots.

  22. Mel,
    Oh Thanks, love ya so much :)

  23. Zurin,
    thanks for the reply, but as I said, my organic beans don't taste that good, and it could be due to my beans. I got cheap organic beans :)
    My friend, who commented above you, gt some really good organic beans, and I'd love to get my hands on some of those :)

    BTW, the cap teko is filled milk, not full cream milk.

  24. WEndy, I just got back frm jusco..yea ur right i I was blind and it is filled milk! but hey Im not complaining..haha igot my DDL and it was perfecto! sometimes miracles do happen eh. LOOL

  25. to reduce the smell, put some garam inside :)

    why i know so detail hehehee i write the process to make soy bean drink system.

  26. Voon,
    After cooking no more smell la.
    It's only the raw bean shell smell la.
    We don't eat the raw beans.

    Anyway, thanks for the suggestion and I indeed have no love for salty soy milk, and I've tasted salty ones before and I totally totally threw away the whole pack.

  27. Hey, just got my soy beans from the organic shop...RM1.20 per 100gm leh...damn expensive but i bought 500gm (RM6...sigh...!)... shopkeeper said they are from Japan.

    Then I got home and MIL told me she bought soy beans too, commercial ones...2kg(oh dear!) for the same $$$ that is RM6....hahaha... 2 and a half kg at home now!!!!! :P

  28. Mel,
    OIC. from Jap. I think I have to look around for this the next time I go to organic shops.

    Then what are you waiting for? Make tofu la with all those soy beans


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