Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swedish Meatballs with Pasta

Last Christmas, family friends, The Cha Family, gave us this pack of oh-so-cute bear shaped pasta.
I only managed to cook it lately with swedish meatballs. I used the gravy pack from Ikea and served it with Ikea's meatballs, bear pasta and some blanched brocolli.

Everybody loved it.
Thanks Wai Hoo, Winny, Loius and Lucille


 This is Lydia and Lyanne's portion. They loved it a lot. Lydia don't eat brocolli florets but loves the stems.

Mike and my portion :)


  1. My type of comfort must find "teddy bear" pasta fun to eat.

  2. Love the pasta shape. So cute! Sure your kids love it, right?

  3. Angie,
    The bear pasta was very nice, the structure of the pasta made it very nice to chew, like got some type of bounce.

  4. Little Inbox,
    Yeah, they loved it a lot. The bears actually weren't visible after cooking, but they knew it was teddy bear pasta cos they saw them in raw form before that.

  5. decoration of bear make the food look more better.

    sayang is i am not pasta supporter!

    fee bihun or rice is my favourite!

  6. The pasta look so cute! Where they bought it from? Sounds so scrumptious with meatballs. yumm...
    Night night,

  7. Voon,
    make this for Vanessa. Maybe she like it leh.

  8. This must be fun for the kids! Any idea on where to get these cute pasta?

  9. Oh.. your pasta shape looks so cute! This creamy sauce pasta really delicious one!

  10. Mel and Kristy,
    They got it from Marks and Spencer. They didn't tell me, but the brand was stated on the pack, and no where else sells M&S stuff, but only at their own retail outlets.

  11. Kitchen Corner,
    The sauce was just from packets, those that Ikea sells to go with their meatballs.

  12. The pasta is SO ADORABLE! Never seen bear-shaped pasta before!!!

  13. We must have Swedish meatball each time we visit Ikea if not the trip there will not be complete :) :)

  14. Pigspigscorner, Bee and Pei-Lin,
    Haha, thanks!!
    Meatballs from Ikea, Bear pasta from Marks and Spencer.

  15. Gertrude,
    Wow.... It shows that you really like it a lot!!
    Then will this be a must try????

  16. The bear pasta looks really cute. I'm going to get one packet soon. I also love the Swedish meatballs from Ikea.

  17. wowwwww u r so generous with the meatballs hahahha

  18. It is not that we like it a lot but we visit Ikea maybe once or twice a year so it is a must have :)


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