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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black Soy Bean Milk

I have long suspected that black beans are in fact black soy beans. Then I saw on a TVB travel show that went to a Japanese soy farm to have some tofu, only did it confirm that what I have in my kitchen are really black soy beans. And lately I saw some organic black beans in Jusco, labled as black soy beans. Yup, what we usually call as black beans are indeed black soy beans.

I have almost 500gm of that in my pantry. My mother bought me a lot of black soy beans for my confinement (Lyanne’s), but my confinement lady didn’t use it all up. So, here’s a good reason to use up all those black black pearls.

100gm black soy beans (You can use regular soy beans with the same method)
500ml water +500ml water

1. Soak black soy beans overnight. Discard soaking water.
2. Put all the beans into a blender with 500ml water. Blend until very fine, for about 2 minutes.
3. Pour blended beans into a muslin bag and press to extract milk. You can use something heavy to press down the bag (elevated on the back of a plate in a tray) if you find it hard to extract the milk by just your hands.
4. Repeat blending process with another 500ml water, and extract milk.

*** You can Choose to combine 1st and 2nd extract together. But I prefer not to. Because I’m going to use the 1st extract to make tofu and the 2nd to drink. If u just want to drink it all, u can mix it together)

5. Put extracted milk into a pot/saucepan and put in a pandan leaf(stripped and tied into a knot). On medium heat(if making a lot, use high heat, but I’m only doing 500ml), bring it to a boil.
Be very careful and watch the pot carefully. The milk overflows easily when it’s boiling.
6. Season with brown or regular white sugar.

* I found that the milk curdles and is not that smooth once I added the brown sugar. Maybe it's due to brown sugar's acidic nature. Try regular white sugar for a smooth milk.


  1. usually i like to remove the black skin, it become pale green black soy bean milk.

  2. You really have the patience to do it manually. I use a soya bean maker. I have never tried black soya beans. I wonder if it tastes the same as the white one.

  3. Busygran,
    Actually it's not that tedious. I soak them the night before and do it the next day. And I don't do large batches, so it's ok.

    The taste is nuttier compared to the white one.

  4. Sonia,
    Remove the skin ah???
    Hmmm... yeah, the skin is not so good for people with uric acid problem.

  5. I'm lazy to do all this. Normally my eldest sister will make tofu and soy milk for us, hehe...but she use the white soy bean.

  6. Have only drank black soy milk from a box...have not thought of making it. My in-laws are not too keen of soy / bean stuff due to joint I guess I can only make it when I know there will be people consuming it. Thanks for sharing a rare recipe again. :)

  7. this is something i love. mum always makes me this :) and we have the skin removed

  8. Wendy! You beat me to this again! I've got a recipe for black soy milk and it had been in my favourites for ages. Should I make the ginger custard first or this one?

  9. ooo nice .... on an unrelated side, i've bought ginger and milk !!

  10. Hi Wendy I have been following your blog recenty from Abu Dhabi and am very happy with all the post that you have uploaded. Great job and please continue. At least that gives me some comfort of missing home (I am Malaysian) and the food. By the way do you have any recipe for making beer batter for deep frying?


  11. Little Inbox,
    I used to dread making soy milk, but now since I make them in smaller batches, it's not that bad.
    Maybe you can try it one day.

  12. Honey Bee,
    Remove the skin then, all of them, after soaking. Cos it's the skin that's giving joints probs.

  13. Aiwei,
    Hehehe, I just wanted to see how black the milk can go :)
    Maybe next time I'll remove the skins.

  14. Blessed Homemaker,
    Oh I've made this ages ago, but posted it now.
    Hahaha, please make the ginger curd first and blog about it, so that you will be eligible for the giveaway.

  15. SweeSan,
    does that mean I'll see your curds soon???

    Oh, so far few have sent in and I'm hoping that more will take up the challenge. Some failed cos they used supermarket milk and so far 2 did it, with fair results also with packaged milk.

  16. Shirley,
    I'm glad that you like my blog. I'll continue don't worry. No plans to stop any soon.

    I'm sorry that I don't have any recipe for beer batter cos I rarely deep fry my meats/seafood.
    Plus I'm too kiamsap to buy a bottle of beer to do it. hahahaha.

  17. 500ml only enough to drink meh? Usually I make 1.5L--2L...can finish in 1 day, rarely have leftover for the next day. I've never tried this black bean variety yet...thanks to you, I think I'll make this one of these days.

    Btw, your 100gm to 500ml water ratio...i don't know how to compare with mine(just curious, anyway)... mine's 1 cup beans(soaked) to 3 cups water. I like concentrated soy milk... :P

  18. Mel,
    I didn't do this solely for drinking.
    It was just an experiment.

    The 500ml was more than enough for sampling :)
    Too concentrated and it'll be so so filling leh.
    One glass of it can be like 1 glass of milk

  19. I never knew black beans are actually black soy beans. Thanks Wendy for the info. Infact we just had some black beans in our pork in black vinegar the other day. I am interested to try this out and see how it taste like.

  20. Icook4Fun,
    Yeah, I dunno this as well, last time. The Cantonese call the soy as "wong dau" and this as "hak dau" and there was no other descriptive word in between the colour and the bean, so it did not give us any information about their relation :)
    But in TV they call this "Tai Wong Dau" and "Tai Hak Dau"

  21. I don't usually have much luck in draws but what the heck, I just bought a big pc of old ginger today! Hahaha!

  22. Wow since your last confinement, that has been long time ago. The beans can keep for such a long time? I had small beatles attacking my dry food in the pantry if I keep them too long. So I tend to keep them in the fridge instead but can't keep things too long either otherwise my fridge will be overloaded.

  23. Hi Wendy. An interesting post... I wonder whether I can cook in spinach gravy that you posted earlier.

  24. Actually there is a difference between black beans and black soy beans. They are not the same. I thought so, too, but I happen to have black beans, and black soy beans in my pantry now, and they are definitely not the same bean.

  25. Mama Mojo,
    Thanks for the info. Here in my country, whenever black beans are mentioned, they actually mean black soy beans cos we can't get the other type of black beans

  26. See "The Difference Between Asian and Latin Black Beans" at
    Latin black beans are far more common in Australia and USA.than dry black soybeans
    Unfortunately almost all the info on the web about making soy milk from black bean does not clarify which bean to use, so a lot of people have been using Latin Black Beans.

  27. May I know where to buy black soy beans in Singapore? Thank you!

  28. Jess,
    Sorry, I am not too sure as I am not from Singapore
    Try Chinese grocery stores or organic shops.

  29. Hi this is not correct.
    Black beans without further qualifications are black turtlemeans.
    Black soybeans are a completely different species found almost exclusively in China.

  30. locus coerulus,
    Hi, here in my country, the black beans (as called here) were a literal translation from Chinese, 黑豆. And so I found out that it's literally black soy beans. Same goes to yam which are always called wrongly in the US, of which some call them as sweet potatoes there.

  31. There r two colours when u remove the black skin. One is light green and the other beige. So which type is the one suitable for soya milk


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