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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Homemade Pineapple Jam

When I was a teen, right after my SPM (which is something like middle school examination, or O’levels), I made and sold pineapple tarts to earn some pocket money instead of slaving away at local supermarkets.

That time, I didn’t even think of selling my tarts, but then word got out after a few tasted my tarts and came asking whether I want to make these for sale. I gave it some thought and said, ok. My tarts were sold for 100pcs/RM12 (don’t worry, still made good profit from it). My tarts were open faced, weren’t big, but still, dirt cheap. I know, but that was like 15 years ago. Haha, now u can guess my age, right? But even that, there were some who said my tarts were expensive(mostly women in their 40’s trying to press a teen for price). But some said, how could I ever charge a cookie that needs 3 layers of job that cheap(tart, jam, lattice deco). And those who said that were men, men in the renovation and construction line, customers of my family’s coffee shop. Because when they quote their customers for reno works, it depends on how complicated the job is, and when they look at my cookie, even though they can’t cook nor bake, they’d scream “complication”!!

I made my jam from scratch, I don’t buy. I tried buying once, 5 years back, and my family told me never to buy pineapple jam. NEVER AGAIN. The store(BWY) bought jam smelled of pineapple essence. Not something that we can accept because we are so used to real jam. Well, can’t blame the manufacturers. The fibre used in the jam, might be remnants from the pineapple juicing and canning industry where it is almost tasteless by then, so the extra flavouring is inevitable. There is one cookie stall in Klang Valley’s shopping centres, Shazz Delight who used to make quite nice pineapple tarts, but once they changed their filling to stuff that reeks of pineapple essence, that was it. I no longer purchased another box from them. Before that, I was a regular customer. Call me picky. Yes I am.

Cooking 16 pineapples at one time was my record. I didn’t peel every fruit. Actually I never did until recent years when I no longer stayed at my hometown. I paid 50 sen extra to the fruit seller to have them peeled. Well, for professionals, it’s easy peasy. They’d get the job done in just a fraction of the time. That time one pineapple was sold for RM1.20, and 50 sen for peeling, seemed like 45% extra profit from the fruit. The 50 sen seemed little in amount, but substantial by percentage. I didn’t mind it at all. Even if they want to charge me RM1 to peel each fruit, I’d pay too, but of course, I just kept quiet. Hahahahaha!! And I didn’t cook all the jam, 16 fruits in one big wok. I’d cook 4 first, let the jam reduce, then add more, adding as it reduces. Needs good bicep work to get the jam stirred.

Now if you ask me, what varieties of pineapples work best?

I’d say Morris. Morris is the most common pineapple around. Fruit vendors may not call it Morris, but maybe call it, the “usual pineapple”. Please bear in mind that, here, they don’t even call green apples as “granny smiths” but just green apple. So, don’t think that they might know what you are talking about if you ever ask them about Morris. Fruit vendors here are mostly proficient only in Durian varieties, haha!

Why Morris?
1. It’s big and cheap (this year I bought each fruit for RM2)
2. It’s very fibrous
3. It’s tart (sourish), doesn’t taste sweet

Pineapple jam is all about fibre. How much jam you’d get depends on how much fibre the fruit has. I’d never go for a sweet eating pineapple like Josapine(not Josephine ok, no such pineapple exists) to make this jam. Because sweet eating pineapples are more juicy and has less fibre. I don't think you'd use fuji apple to make your apple cake, but use green tart baking apples instead, right?  I won’t go for ripe Morris too. Ripe ones are juicier and of course, less of the crucial stuff. The more under ripe they are, the more I love them. Simply because you can add more sugar. Crazy woman, why use more sugar, isn’t less much better???? Sugar is a preservative. If you want your jam to last, make sure you use lots of sugar. Tart pineapples allow you to use lots of sugar without tasting overly sweet. My cookies were known to last for months, and not a mould or fungus in sight! My friend kept a box of my tarts in her cupboard for almost 4 months and forgot about it. And it was still fine after the 4 months. And I’ve seen some pineapple tarts getting mouldy by the 15th day of CNY. Yucks!!!! So I won’t be trading sugar with fungus. No Way.

If you want to ask me,

Can I reduce the sugar?
If you can be sure your tarts are eaten within 1 week, u may. I won’t take risks. Anyway, mine is still LESS sweet and sticky than store bought ones.

Can I omit the cinnamon?
Cinnamon is a natural antimicrobial spice. It helps in food preservation. Omit if you want, but I won’t.

Can I drain the juice before cooking so that it cooks faster?
You may if you prefer jam with less flavour. The juice has tons of flavour in it. I’d never do that.

So, here's what you need to make pineapple jam, my version.

2 large Morris pineapples* (about 1.6kg each fruit before peeling, after peeling it’s about 900gm each)
2 cups sugar (400gm)
1 smallish cinnamon stick

Basically it's 20% sugar.
Weigh your cleaned pineapple and calculate the sugar needed.
If you go by volume, then for every 4 cups of pineapple puree, use 1 cup of sugar.

*Take note that hypermarket's Morris's are smaller than those at the wet market

1. Peel the pineapples. Method found in this post
2. Cut pineapples into chunks. DO NOT DISCARD THE CORE. That part has the most of the precious fibre.
3. Put half the pineapple chunks into a blender, add 1/3 cup of water and blitz away.** Pour 80% of the blended stuff into a pan or wok (please, no pot, you need a large evaporation surface)
4. With the remaining blended pineapple in the blender, repeat blending process with the rest of the pineapples, always leaving some blended stuff in the blender if you need to blend more chunks and you won't need more water.

**If you worry about the core not being fine enough, separate the core from the soft flesh and blend the core until it's very fine. There's a lot of fibre there.

5. Cook pineapple paste with cinnamon stick on medium heat until it's very pasty, like thick oatmeal. I don't stir it all the time, see notes below.
6. Add in sugar, it'll turn watery again. Turn to lower medium heat, and cook until it is very pasty. Stir once a while only, but keep an eye on it. See notes below.

7. Increase the heat to high. Don't stir and let the base take on some colour. It will caramelize the jam. Stir once a while to check on the colour. Stop when it almost reaches your prefered colour. Take note that some pans will continue to caramelize even when the heat is off.

Important Notes:
1. Add sugar in after the pineapple paste has lost more than 80% of its water. It reduces the risk of burnt jam and the most importantly, it splatters horribly when there is a lot of water with the large amount of sugar.
2. Do not stir often when you reduce the pineapple paste. Once you stir, it starts splattering again, even with no sugar. When it doesn't contain sugar, it doesn't burn that easily. Stirring once a while is fine, just keep an eye on it. I let it cook and surf the net, checking it every 5 minutes. Splattering is no fun, it's very very hot and the burns are horrible.
3. Use a heavy based pan to do it, if you can. It reduces the risk of burning the jam, drastically. But if you use a regular wok/pan, then you need to stir it more often and you face a higher risk of getting hurt by the splattering.
4. Wear kitchen mittens when you stir to prevent the splatters from hitting ur hand and wrist. It can splatter up to my kitchen hood. No joke! So, don't lean forward to look at the jam. Your pretty face will be at risk. CNY is coming, you will want to look your best.
5. Take note that the jam will thicken further upon cooling. It's best to undercook rather than to overcook the jam. You can cool it and see the texture. If it's too wet, you can cook it again to dry it, but if it's way too dry after cooling, you can only dilute it by cooking another pineapple (with sugar) and adding the too dry paste into it. Adding water might ruin the sugar formation in the dry paste and cause it not to last long.
6. If you want to cook more than 2 pineapples, do not cook all at once. Pour in paste from one fruit into the pan/wok and let it reduce. While it reduces, prepare the next fruit and pour in when it's almost dry. This way, it reduces much faster than cooking all at once, and you save time too. Preparing while cooking, rather than prepare all and cook. Just go by the ration of one large Morris with 1 cup sugar and it'll work fine.
7. If you have a kitchen hood, turn it on. Even though it's not smelly or oily, the exhaust will help with the evaporation. You want it to be quicker, right?

This was all that I got from 2 large pineapples.
A lot of work, but definately worth it.
Lydia even requested the jam to go with bread.


  1. wow! this is an experience gaining post! thanks Wendy! i have learn something new again =)

  2. Thank you for sharing such precious knowledge. You're a gem! I've learnt so much just from your blog. All your tips and detailed explanations are really helpful for an amateur like me :) I hope one day to find the time to make the jam from scratch. But for now, I'll have to settle for Phoon Huat jam... perhaps adding a pinch of cinnamon will help enhance the flavour!!
    Thanks again, Wendy.

  3. Oh, I have a question...
    Can this jam be made way in advance and frozen? Have you tried doing this before?

  4. Jess Kitchen,
    U're most welcomed.

    I've kept this in just the fridge (not even the freezer) for over 6 months once, it was in perfect condition.
    If this jam can be used to make cookies that lasted 4 months at room temp, don't worry about it lasting even 1 year in the fridge.

    1. I kept for 1 year in the coldest part of my fridge. It was still very good. =D

  5. Hi Wendy, been reading your blog for quite some time, and this post comes right on time. I just bought 2 pineapples yesterday, planning to make pineapple tart for the very first time. This really helps a lot.


  6. Nice! It feels like I am attending a cooking class everytime I come to your blog Wendy! Thanks so much for all the information I need to make pineapple jam myself. I will make sure I leave one good day to do this next year! This yr? Cannot... No time liao...:P *excuses! hahaha!*

  7. the way cinnamon and sometimes cloves smell at festive season makes me a child again....:)

  8. opss...can't wait to see the pineapple tarts! :))

  9. Great post wendy. Im sure this pineapple jam tastes great!!..

  10. This must be the most detailed version of making homemade pineapple jam! Although I won't be making any yet (still scared), I have learnt a lot from this post. Thanks for sharing all your experiences!

  11. Great to know all these detailed information. I'm always reducing sugar contents in my bake whenever possible. I do agree with you that the high sugar level preserve the jam better :D

  12. Thanks for sharing your cooking tips, it's very much appreciated. Are u from KK? May I ask where did u get pineapples for RM2 each? I got a couple pineapples last weekend at the Lido Market and they cost me RM6+ each! Heck I feel cheated!

  13. hi-5! i've never used store bought pineapple jam. lots of hardwork for that little container of pineapple jam but all worth it right (: GREAT JOB wendy (:

  14. Jenli,
    Hope your jam turns out well.

    still got 2 weeks la.

    Tomorrow, ok.

    Thanks, it taste great to me, keke.

    Small small baker,
    Nothing much to be scared of frankly.
    Just don't stir it too often to reduce splattering.

    I reduce sugar in my bakes too, especially with recipes from US. But I don't recommend reducing for this jam, if you intend it to keep.

    KK in Perak, but NOT Kota Kinabalu.
    There's no Lido market here, kekeke.

    kekeke, yeah, truly worth the effort.

  15. wow, a very detail explaination.
    Did you know, taiwanese added winter melon in their pineapple jam. That's why their pineapple tarts do not have the full flavour of pineapple. Actually, I would like to add a little bit of salt into the pineapple jam. You know, when we eat pineapple, it goes well with salt.

  16. skfong,
    Hmm.. maybe I'm the odd one out. I never like my fruits tinted with salt.
    Whenever I order lime juice, apple juice, or pineapple juice, I'd tell the person to never put in salt. If they do, I'd return the whole glass of juice. Same goes to any of coconut milk laden desserts, not a tinge of salt for me.

  17. One think about making pineapple tarts that often puts me off is making the much work! Pineapples back home look so fresh and delicious but not the ones that I get here. They are expensive, too.

  18. MaryMoh,
    I think the same goes to stone fruits. We love how they all look overseas, but expensive and wrinkled over here.
    The jam is worth the effort, tedious it may be, but much better than store bought.

  19. Yes, homemade pineapple jam is always better but...lazy la..haha

  20. Wendy, this is so timely! I am thinking of making pineapple tarts myself this year (first time). I know the jam can easily be bought now but I do want to try it from scratch. Bookmarked for immediate action! (when I get back this weekend)

  21. I always use Morris pineapple too, but made rojak with it.

    Wah, good leh, can start Jam tarts business liao!

  22. pigpigscorner,
    Hehe, if you crave for it, die die also must do la.

    Oh, can't wait to see your tarts

    Ohhh, saw ur rojak the other day.
    Aiyor that was so long ago, now bohlat oredi la.
    Only biz one year only.

  23. I too cooked my own pineapple jam when I was in Malaysia. My family too complaint that store bought jam is not good. I think our family taste buds were spoilt buy us ha ha.. Over here we can't get this type of pineapple. All we have is Dole brand and they were way too ripe to make jam. All I get is juice and not much pulp so I did strain some of it out. Thanks Wendy for sharing all the tips with us. Too bad I just cooked my jam a few days ago so I will keep the tips for next year :)

  24. Gert,
    Those store bought ones taste and smell funny ler.
    Dole ones are nice to eat, right?
    I think same goes, here we can't choose our peach varieties or apple varieties. We only get what the importers bring in.

  25. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here, the steps provided are very clear and easy to understand.. Like your post so much ^^

  26. I also don't like the store bought pineapple jam, they are always too sweet for my liking. I think this year I'm not going to bake pineapple tart because making pineapple jam is too much work for me. Yours really look great :)

  27. Oh Wendy! You're always so good. I've tried to cook pineapple once but not as good as yours. Thanks for sharing :))

  28. It's about CNY. Everybody needs some good pineapple jam for the cookies. I still have some left in the freezer..hehe...totally forgot about it...

  29. almost can guess your age, wendy mui mui. Very informative and very helpful. Q1. roughly how long does the whole cooking process takes till it becomes very pasty(step5 to step6)? Q2. Can order from you??

  30. WyYv,
    Glad you enjoyed reading it

    That's why I don't make it yearly. Die oh!

    Be patient. It's not that hard

    Not too long til CNY, better make some cookies.

    yalar, me still very young, kekeke.
    Not too long, less than 1 hour.
    Order cookies or jam?
    I am selling neither, haha!

  31. i must say that reading this post is a lil' intimidating, no wishy washy but straight to the point...i like it! you are so confident in your pineapple jam that makes it lil bit scary for me. the splattering part that you kept repeating almost put me off. anyway, this jam can't be worst than cooking red bean paste or lotus paste right...those really need bicep work! n_n

  32. Really interesting post! I've never heard of those pineapple varieties! & I only heard of pineapple tarts after I started blog-surfing too!
    I must admit I first made pineapple jam with canned pineapple - it was ok. Following year I made jam from fresh pineapple I grated myself - wow! So fragrant and full of flavour - but I mmay have used Del Monte Gold - the sweet pineapple! This year? Hmmmm....not sure if I will find time!

  33. Your blog has inspired me to buy my long outstanding oven which I have often telling myself if I should buy it. Due to I am not good at cooking at all and you made it looks so easy. By reading your blog day after day, I finally bought an oven last December and even baked my 1st chocolate cake for my daughter on her 11th birthday. I was so nervous. But it was worth the effort. She is so happy. I have to thank you a lot. I am attempting to try out your CNY cookies, pineapple jam & siew yook. My favourite !! Thanks !!!

  34. Lisa.L,
    There is no need for me hide the truth.
    The truth is, it does splatter, and when you know what happens, it's best that you prepare and anticipate for it. You can try it to see if it's similiar with cooking bean paste.

    Plum Leaf,
    The varieties found here and there are different, as they are cultivated in different weathers and temperates. We don't have Del Monte Gold here, see. Neither do we have Dole.

    purple cane,
    Wah......... I'm so influential ah.
    Thankyou so much for the generous compliment.
    Glad the choc cake worked out fine. It's really heart warming when your loved ones enjoy what you make for them. I hope that everything turns out well for you. Be patient and persevere if things may not be all that well, but always remember practice makes perfect.

  35. Hi!
    I tried to post comments on your kitchen tips section. But somehow cannot see it. I wanted to tell you that I really love reading your blog. I'm going to try the wok hei tip tonight to fry with spinach. Thanks for this wonderful blog :-) - Teresa

  36. Teresa,
    Thank you.
    I purposely disactivated the comment function in that post.
    You could post in the relevant post, but anyway will be fine too.
    I hope you find you fried spinach to taste better.

  37. Thks for sharing step by step..I've been using ready made one from bakery shop, so far ok for me. I will bookmark this recipe will try to do it next time.

  38. Thanks for the detailed write-up! Am planning to make pineapple jam again this year after a year's break. So if my pineapples are of different sizes, I just need to make sure the final grated pineapples i get is abt 1800g? Does that include the juice? Hope I can get Morris pineapple but you what is that called here in Singapore? :P

  39. Jes,
    I tried it once, and it was enough. I cannot tahan the sweetness and taste.

    Yeah, about that weight. It's the weight of the whole peeled fruit and I NEVER drain the juice. Sorry, I do not live in Singapore and do not know what they call it there, but Morris is the proper name for this variety. Just look out for the greenish pineapple, it should be the cheapest one around.

  40. Hi!
    Is your name Wendy? I tried the 'wok hei' and it works! I'm going to fry all my veggies this way. It's so nice and smoky taste. I was surprised that it took rather long for the salt to start popping.
    As for pineapple tarts, I'm going to start baking mine too. And I agree, instant paste just cannot make it. I also try once and that's it. I'm going to cook about 20 pineapples. It's going to be busy next week!

  41. i'm cooking the paste right now. i'm so nervous !!

  42. YEAH i just finished cooking my 1st ever pineapple jam. i was so nervous i might make a mistake that i have the laptop on with your post in the kitchen. keeping my eyes on the pan and checking your post back n forth, running around like a chicken without a head...phew! i followed exactly what you said and i succeeded and yes i'm boasting around here...yeah. i love the taste, the sweetness is just right and the tartness is still there. oh my jam look just like your pic no kidding here...honestly this is millions times better than the store bought . my mom gave a thumb up and she so looking forward for the pineapple tart now, oh pressure here!
    Wendy, i should drive to KK and give a you a thank you KISS (ok i'll do it virtually MUAAAHHH!) hehe. this is easier than red bean paste and yes i'll like to apologise for my cockiness in my last comment...sorry Wendy! i'm hook now and thinking bout making more of it! waahhhh i'm excited! i'll update you bout the pastry! n_n

  43. Teresa,
    Yeah, I'm Wendy.
    Your're using heavy based wok? That will take much longer to heat up.
    So glad you found the wok hei. Not hard to get resto style veggies at home. :p
    20 pineapples!! Wah, that's a lot. I guess you have a lot to give away

  44. Lisa.L,
    Is there a cock on my blog? Gosh, I don't think there was a hen running around, why would the cock be here. Kekekeke.
    Every cook (not cock) will praise their own broth. Be proud of your achievements and I'm so so so so glad that you tried it and suceeded and loved it. Kiss accepted and hey, can send me pics of your tarts later? Would super love to see them

  45. Dear Wendy,

    I'm really glad to stumble into your posts about pineapple tarts and pineapple jam. Love all the pictures and gosh, you are really detailed. I've just made my first attempt 2 days ago and I just wished that I've read your post first.

    Anyway, when I made my pineapple jam, the recipe calls for 2 pineapples with 250g of sugar. I thought it was too sweet so I didn't add all the sugar. I probably used less than 200g. Still my husband and I find that it was still too sweet. Keeping my fingers crossed regarding the mould like you mentioned.

    And when I looked at your recipe, it's 400g to 2 pineapples! Wouldn't it be really really sweet? My husband already say I need to cut down more on the sugar...

  46. Sheryl,
    1st Question:
    How big are your pineapples? Mine are huge, at least 10 inches long(not counting stem) before peeling.

    2nd Question:
    What is the type of pineapples you used? Are they ripe or under ripe? Mine are tart, under ripe pineapples. When the jam is done, it still retains some tartness, a nice balance to the sweetness.

    If your pineapples are smaller and riper, they definately don't need that much sugar. But then I purposely used under ripe ones so that I can use lots of sugar to make the tarts keep for months. Nothing is worse than to have mouldy tarts.
    When you eat the jam on its own, it's of course sweet, but when paired with a bland pastry, it will be fine.

  47. Hi Wendy, just wanted to "Thank you" for your wonderful tips and step by step pics. I'm making my jam now as I'm typing here. I started at a 1/4 to 10pm ... now it's past 12am!!! I used 5 pineapples ... sooo greedy!!!kekekeke!!!

  48. Hi there...first time here...been going throu ur space and ur Elvis fav pound cake is awesome and the german cake which u baked for the b'day girl is irresistible....I am huge pineapple addict and I often make jams and check out my space do visit again.....loved browsing ur space and will be back.

  49. Tricia,
    Wow, 5 pineapples take quite some time to cook.
    Frankly, cooking 2+3 is less pain staking as the reduction is faster. Hope you'll like the jam.

    Thank you but the German Choc cake was for my husband. Haha.
    Ur pineapple jam looks scrumptious with bread.

  50. Hurrah! I've made a start! I was inspired by your blog to make pineapple cookies this year (hadn't intend on making ANYTHING - looking after a baby is time-consuming enough!).
    Just made my jam (1 green coloured 'Gold' Pineapple) and forgot it thickens on cooling. Hope it isn't too dry but I think my jam in past has been too sloppy. I like the idea of blitzing the pineapple MUCH easier than grating which I did last year!
    I love pineapple and the smell was - heavenly!
    Thanks! :0)

  51. Tried googling for many pineapple paste recipes but never felt they were good enough for me to give it a go. Stumbled upon your blog and felt so inspired that I made it immediately. It's cooling on the rack now. Thanks for the very detailed recipe writing. I like your style haha.

  52. Plumleaf,
    I understand that, and I always try to cook/bake when my girls are having their afternoon nap, or before they wake up in the morning. When they are in a good mood, I turn on Barney and I can gladly enjoy my moment in the kitchen.
    I think the jam recipes that calls for grating and discarding the core are really really old recipes, before the advancement of blenders. Now, with the blender, you can't differentiate the core and the flesh once everything is turned into pulp.
    Homemade ones definately wins hands down.

    Thanks, hope you like it. Sometimes I can be pretty long winded and talk too much.
    "Profession sickness" in Chinese. Hahaha.

  53. That's a lot of work, but worth the try!
    I got a question,Can I put less sugar but use a sweeter pineapple? Will it changes anything?

  54. Carine,
    I've explained whether sugar can be reduced and why a tart pineapple should be used in the post.
    If you choose to use a sweet pineapple and less sugar, make sure you consume to cookie inless than 2 weeks.

  55. Hi Wendy, I made this jam during cny and it turns out great, except that I found mine rather soft and wet that made wrapping of the dough over it difficult. I tried to cook longer on the wok but it seems to be the same hence I just turn it off, thinking that it may dried out the next day.

    Could u pls advise what could have gone wrong?

  56. Aimei,
    It will dry out more if you cook it longer. It definately will. If it's too wet and you are scared to cook it again(just in case it burns), roll the jam into balls and lay them out in the fridge, do not overlap them and do not cover them. The fridge will dry them out slowly. Maybe chill them for few days, and do not cover them.

  57. Hi Wendy, ok so which means it's normal to be wet but just need to be a little more patient and cook longer? I did roll into balls and thought it would be dried out but it didn't. Maybe cos I overlap it instead of laying it out.

    The taste was still good but it was really too soft to wrap.. Haha. Thus a bit of jam stain on the outside. But must say your method really make the whole cooking process much easier. Thanks for your quick reply! :)

  58. Aimei,
    Oh you are quick!!
    It will be wet if it's not dry enough, haha!
    It won't be as dry as store bought ones, but it should be very rollable. If it stick to ur hands while rolling, then it's too wet. It should easily form a ball. The ball of jam should be firm but not hard. Soft jam balls will distort your tarts when baked because it will soften and loose shape when reheated during baking and the moisture in the jam will puff up the tart alot. It will 100% dry out of you cook it longer.

  59. Hello Wendy

    Thanks so much for sharing your skills in cooking & baking! I never stopped visiting your blog! I did the pineapple paste today following your method. Wow! I never knew that it was so easy to do. Thanks again.

    xiangros, SG

  60. HI Wendy
    Thanks so much for the detailed information and the step by step pictures. U put a lot of effort into this, and it's so kind of u to share! :) Will try this recipe soon -- everyone in my family loves pineapple tarts :)

  61. Hi hi how long is the cooking process? I'm going to try today. Wish me luck
    Noticed you don't add cloves to the pineapple. Any reason?

  62. baby,
    cloves or no cloves, it's a matter of personal preference
    How long? depends on your fire, whether u use pot or wok or even the size of it, then the volume you did and so many factors.

  63. Hi Wendy, I'm just too excited to tell you I've just made the jam. No hassle at all - not much of stirring and no splattering all over. 2 pineapples at RM6 according to your advice to have them peeled. Yielded the same amount like yours.

    Your recipe is a success! More than that, the tips are invaluable. Thanks for sharing.

    Yow Lin

  64. Yow Lin,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    U're preparing for CNY already? Or for Christmas?
    Do I get to eat them, hahaha!

  65. Wendy,
    Not really for a specific occasion. Just managed to find some time to try some recipes.
    Will try the tart recipe but not very confident le. Will let you know after the attempt.
    For CNY, I'll use your nian gao spring roll style. Made nian gai in spring roll before but it leaked when heated. The taro paste is new to me. Perhaps, that would prevent leaking.
    Yow Lin

  66. Yow Lin,
    oh yes, the taro paste will "absorb" any leakage. Salty (taro) sweet(nian gao) is nice, try it :)
    I will do that again this year too, if I get some from neighbours.

  67. I just made this for the first time. I only used one pineapple (since it was an experiment)m and I substituted the juice of an orange for the water, and added a little crystallized ginger. Otherwise I followed your directions exactly. I used a saute pan (low sides, large surface area), and had little problem with spattering, not nearly what I expected from the blog entry. My thermometer had it at just right at 217 degrees.

    BTW, there is NOTHING difficult about this--a little time consuming, but that is mostly time spent walking from computer to kitchen to check--not active preparation. No one should be intimidated.

    It looks and tastes lovely--once it's completely cooled, I intend to use it in puff pastry pastelitos. Those are traditionally done with guava, but I've used quince before, and I think this will be even better.

    Thanks for your great blog.

  68. Hi wendy, thanks for this post. It is great and detailed. Have been searching the web for pineapple tart recipe. Will be my maiden attempt and hope will be successful. Can I ask for the pan to cook the pineapple, does it matter if it's non-stick pan? will the pineapple stick to the pan?

  69. Melody,
    Mine is non stick, but heavy based.
    The important part is heavy based so that the heating will be even and burning problems is greatly reduced.

  70. Hi Wendy

    Great tips. Had Been making Tarts for the past few years with store purchase paste. Until last yr I had the confident to make my own paste. But it turn out wet bcos I use honey pineapples. It was truly a disaster. Your blog made me gained back my confidence and wil use Ur recipe. Thanks for Ur detailed step by step and Tips.

  71. By the way, wana ask u how to keep the jam if I dont make the tarts on the same day. Will be making the jam 2 days before make the tarts.

  72. sunflower,
    How wet ur jam is depends on how long you cook your jam. I think honey pineapples will only give you a sweeter jam, not a wetter one.
    This jam can keep for a very long time. 2 days at room temperature is definitely not a problem as my cookies made with this jam can be kept for months at room temperature.

  73. Hi Wendy

    Just made the paste. All I can say is superb! Finally got a worth to keep recipe. My only problem is 2 pineapples aren't enough! Need to do more else cannot meet demand. :) I would like to thank u for all the detailed instructions. I'm so happy to make a good paste at last.

  74. sunflower,
    glad it was superb! LOL.
    Make yummy tarts with it, yeah.

  75. Hi,
    Can I use a food processor instead of blender??

  76. Anonymous,
    Just any tool that can do the job of pureeing will be fine. A food processor will be even better because you won't need to add any water to start the process.

  77. Im making the paste now...for step 5 when you say "like thick oatmeal" does that mean that i should reduce the paste until there isnt that much juice left??

  78. Anonymous,
    Yes, Just like picture 8.

  79. thanks for the great input, i made the pineapple jam today for the first time, i used low hear all the while as i had the time to kill. It turnd out fine, but still a bit sour, as the fruit was sour. I added 12 teaspoons of brown sugar while cooking, so it is kinda sweet and sour...thanks again. Nash Bhullar.

  80. great recipe, i tried it for the first time today, the pineapple jam turned out great, as far as color, and consistency is concerned, but still a bit sour despite adding about 12 teaspoons of brown sugar. thanks again, Nash Bhullar

  81. Bought 6 large ripe sarawak pineapples this morning on my 1st attempt making the jam. Wish i had stumbled on your blog earlier. Now I rather just eat the fruit :-P loo

  82. Thanks so much for yr detailed instructions. I also loved to bake pinapples tarts but failed many attempts when cooking the jams. Well will try again. Thanks again

  83. In your recipe, can I substitute butter with canola oil and what is the quantity of oil required?

  84. Anonymous (pls leave a name),
    There is no butter involved in the jam

  85. Im a malaysian in UK so cny cookies have to be handmade ourselves and I just needed to stay thanks fr such an amazing blog. legend!
    pls add more desserts and sweet bits!

  86. michael lim,
    Thanks for the support :)

  87. Hi Wendy, I'm gonna attempt this for CNY. Just wanted to know, can I substitute cinnamon stick with cinnamon powder instead? If so, how much? Thanks!

  88. Odelia,
    Cinnamon powder will taint the jam brown instead of remaining golden. If u're ok with it being brownish, try 1/4 tsp. It's only for enhancement, the cinnamon shouldn't taste prominent.

  89. Hi I would like to know why the top portion of the pineapple always burn when I bake the tart?

  90. Melanie,
    I think if you used store bought pineapple jam (especially those from BWY) they are drier and contains a lot more sugar. That makes it easier to burn. Put them on a lower rack in the oven, that'll help.

  91. Hi Wendy, should i store the jam in the fridge if i m not using it on tht particular day?

  92. Ker Ryn Lim,
    I do prefer using cold jam if I'm going to roll them into balls :)
    Chill them for sure!

  93. Having a pineapple tarts making party this weekend with your recipe. Hope it will be successful. :)

    1 silly qn, what will happen to the cinnamon stick? Will it disappear into the paste? Also, when adding in the 3rd pineapple with 1 cup of sugar, do I still have to add cinnamon stick?

    Look forward to your reply and thanks in advance.


  94. thinkingmama,
    If you look at the first picture of my jam,you can see the cinnamon stick is still there like a piece of wood :)
    No need to add additional cinnamon stick.

  95. Hi there,
    just wanted to ask for how long do i need to cook the paste. I got the consistancy i wanted but the colour just wouldnt get to the shade that i wanted. I was afraid that if i cooked it any longer it would dry out too much so i stopped, but now my jam looks kinda pale, not what im used to. Will the jam get that nice darker golden colour as the tarts bake? I will be baking the open-faced type.
    Thanks in advance! The jam tastes really gd on its own though! =)

  96. Tracey,
    Read step 7 again. That's how I got the colour. You can still do that.
    The jam will darken slightly upon baking :)

  97. Wendy thanks a lot for sharing tips to make pineapple jam. I just complete n it turn out like one :) thanks again

  98. Hi Wendy, can I substitute ground cinnamon instead of stick?

  99. Anonymous (12.18am, please leave a name)
    Glad to hear that

    Anonymous (11.08am, please leave a name)
    It might turn the jam brown, if u're ok with that

  100. Can't wait to try this (just in time for CNY). Thanks for the detailed recipe and steps. I don't think I can get Morris pineapples here in Australia, but I will try whatever is in season at the moment. I'll blog and post the link later too. Thanks again!

  101. Hi Wendy, I'm Michelle (anonymous 11.08am)

  102. akitchencat,
    Just use the tartest pineapple u can find :)

  103. Thanks for this wonderful post! I'm going to try it as soon as i find Morris pineapples. :D Happy New Year!

  104. hi wendy, i have been reading your blog for quite some time and had tried out some of your recipes successfully.thanks for the sharing. i had tried your pineapple jam too, taste very good but i find the paste not as firm as the store bought one (i cooked till very thick paste and colour turn golden) may i have your adivice?? tks. from milian

  105. Hi Wendy,

    Your pineapple jam looks so yummy & golden in colour. I will be cooking the pineapple jam this weekend. Could i keep the jam in the fridge for a month or should i keep in freezer till i need to use them? Do i have to reheat them before using?
    Thanks in advance.

    Yvonne ;)

  106. Yvonne,
    it keeps well in the fridge (no need freezer) for months. Use it cold from the fridge.

  107. Hi Wendy,

    Just wondering, is it necessary to cut the small grooves in the pineapples since they are going to be cut into small pieces to be blended? Thanks!

    - shu

  108. Hi Wendy, I wonder if you could help me..... my pineapple jam is too sweet even after baking, what should I do ? Than You.

  109. shu,
    We cut grooves to discard the eyes and reducing wastage. It's not for decorative purposes.
    There are lots of flesh in between the eyes and if one slashes them away, lots of flesh gets wasted.

  110. Asbejna,
    There is nothing you can do now. Unless you want to dig everything out and tone down the filling with lemon juice and redo the tarts.
    Were the pineapples you used big green unripe Morris pineapples?
    If the right type is used, it won't be too sweet.

  111. hi Wendy, thanks for the extra information and tips you provided that other blogs omit. By the way, I want strong pineapple taste instead of sugary taste, so do I still use unripe pineapples? It doesn't matter that it yields a smaller amount of filling... I just want to acheive stronger pineapple taste.

  112. hello ;) Can I use one of your photos as illustration for our module for jam making school project? Thank you :)

  113. Sam,
    If your school allows you to not use your own pictures as your module, it's ok for you to use them.

  114. Hello, thank you for the informative blog post. I do not have a blender but I have a juicer can I use juicer to make the pineapple jam? :)

  115. kate,
    If you use a juicer, then remember to collect the pulp. Mix together the pulp and juice and cook.
    You can grate if you want, but it's more tedious.

  116. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for all the details information. May I know can you kindly advise me which type of sugar are you using? Normal size white sugar, castor sugar, coarse sugar or brown sugar? Thank you.

  117. Felicia,
    From picture no9, it shows it's white. Any white sugar will do. Castor, fine granulated or granulated, is the same, except for size. If you are going to melt it, any size won't matter. Just don't use icing sugar.

  118. Hi Wendy! Is it possible to use canned pinapples instead? And may i know why icing sugar cannot be used? Thanks in advance!!

  119. Joslyn,
    Canned pineapples are already sweetened, they lack flavour (unless you don't mind), core removed, hence less fibre means less jam and icing sugar has cornstarch in it.

  120. What a great post! And funny too! I haven't had much luck making pineapple jam over here in California -- maybe the pineapple we have are too sweet. We have Dole pineapples. After 2 hours of cooking they reduce to... nothing. I wonder if you have any advice on what to do.

  121. Thanks for the informative post! I didn't see the comments on cinnamon powder, so I used it anyway. It turned out pretty alright! There's just a slight brownish tinge to the golden. I grated the pineapple from scratch, and it was really tedious.

    Can't wait to try out the pineapple tart when it's done. Basically, I've been to a lot of places to find a pineapple tart that matches up to my regular baker's homemade ones last time, but I am always hard pressed to find one. Only one or two occasionally makes the mark. Hope this one will match up to it!

  122. Thanks for sharing.this coming new year i can cook pineapple filling on my own

  123. Hi Wendy thank you for sharing great tips. I cook 10 pineapples with 5oog sugar. Usually I cook 3 or 4 hrs until sticky n dry. My open face pineapple tarts, jam part will turn mouldy after one week plus. I always make sure the pineapple jam completely cool n keep in fridge. Can u advise me how to prevent the jam from mouldy. Thank u

  124. Unknown person with no name,
    10 pineapples... if u refer to my post above, you will need 2kg of sugar.
    That is if you used the same type of pineapple as I did, the same size as I did.
    900gm of peeled fruit needs 200gm sugar.

    The main reason your pineapple jam turn mouldy is like I said in the post (if you read it), is definitely due to lack of sugar.

  125. Hi , would like to ask if I can use brown sugar for the jam?

  126. arwen,
    If you like a brown looking pineapple jam, you can.

  127. Hi Wendy,

    I tried your recipe. Is nice! but I have a question. As my jam is cooling down, I saw some water, so I put back to cook it again to make sure no more water. However, when the jam cools down my jam becomes hard and difficult to roll into a ball for pineapple tarts. Is it because I cook the jam for too long? Thanks for helping me.

  128. Keri,
    Too hard to roll is definitely cooked until too dry.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thank you for this recipe again! It’s my 2nd year using this ! :)
      This year, my jam turn out with “ liquid at the bottom” after storing a couple of days .
      Not sure why this is so but can you advise if I should recook it or store it in the fridge ? I am only baking the tarts a few days later . If I fridge it, will the paste turn hard?


  129. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for the fantastic and detailed post :
    One question -
    How do you store this after cooled down?
    can I know how many days in to store this jam at room temperature ?

    I am making this jam couple days in advance before making the tarts and have no idea how to store them.


  130. Stephanie,
    Pineapple jam made with this recipe can be kept at room temperature for a few days, unbaked, depending on how dry it is as well.
    But cold jam makes rolling much easier. So, I advise you to keep in the fridge.

  131. Hi Wendy
    Only today I came through your blog.
    Was trying to figure out why one batch of my pineapple tarts went mouldy after 3 weeks.
    Some friends wanted less sugar.That could have been the cause.
    Very informative blog.
    Thanks again

  132. Hi Wendy,

    Happy New Year. When ever I'm cooking the jam before it can get to the thick paste stage my jam is already very dark. How do I prevent my jam from being so dark? Is not burnt though. Thank you.


  133. Melissa,
    Did you use brown sugar?
    Just keep watch to prevent caramelization.
    Or, if it's still too dark for you, for another attempt, cook it on the stove until it's almost dry. Transfer to a wide tray. Spread it out and bake in the oven at 130C until you get it as dry as you want it. Microwaving will also work.

  134. Wendy, wonder can I starts making into tarts right after the jam cooling down the same day?

  135. Stephanie,
    Oh, that happens when the jam is way too moist. Just recook it.
    The paste will be harder if you chill it, but it won't get rid of that liquid. If it has that liquid, it is still ok for open face tarts (I personally prefer it this way for open face), but not for enclosed tarts.

  136. Just baked this yesterday. Oh so yummy! I gotta improve in wrapping. I only yielded 80 pcs as i used too much dough for the first 10+ pcs. This recipe is keeper!

  137. Can much rock sugar to replace normal sugar? EL

  138. EL,
    Yes you may. Calories and GI is the same anyway. It's just that it doesn't taste as sweet.

  139. thank you for your wonderful and informative receipe. Made this today and it tastes superb!!

  140. Thank you for this post. It's 10 years ago, and people are still asking question :)

    I bought a packet of pineapple jam from the store, it's too hard and tasteless, I wonder if i can pour in a can of pineapple juice to 'remake' it?

  141. Sorry, didn't read the instruction below before I posted a comment. I'd like to know if I can add in a can of pineapple juice to my store-bought jam to enhance the flavour (it's tasteless) and the texture (it's too hard).

  142. Dear WendyinKK,

    Now already year 2021 and the latest i entered into your blog here. Love to your experience and share with us about homemade Pineapple Jam. I am trying to make Nyonya Pineapple Tart for first time. your Pineapple Jam recipe help keep longer that what I am looking for, but one thing jam that I would like to add Gula Melaka, Star Anis and Rock Sugar. Any idea what is ratio and measure of Gula Melaka, Star Anis, Rock Sugar, fine sugar, Cinnamon (5 sticks) ? I will take 5 pineapples. Please advise. Thank you Wendy.


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