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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tomato Curry Chicken

A dish that my mom told me verbally how to cook.

When I was in my teens, someone told my mom about a curry that is without coconut milk but uses tomatoes. She told me to come up with what she told me. Being the obedient child that I am (hahaha!!), I gladly obliged. And the outcome was a wonderful dish to go with rice.

Tomato Curry Chicken
Recipe Source : Verbal instructions from Wendyywy's mom

1.5kg chicken (1 bird)
250gm tomato (2 large ones)
1 tsp salt
250gm carrots
150gm onions
3 cloves garlic
2 red chillies
2 Tbsp meat curry powder
1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
Salt to taste
1 tsp cornstarch mix with ¼ cup water

1. Chop chicken into small pieces and marinate with 1 tsp salt for 30 minutes.
2. Meanwhile, peel and cut carrots into longish chunks, quarter tomatoes, cut onions into wedges and loosen the onions, slice chillies thickly, and peel and smash the garlic.
3. Heat wok until very hot, put in onions. Toss until the onions are fragrant, then put in 1 tsp oil and toss until it looks browned and very slightly charred. Dish up and set aside
4. Put in 1 Tbsp oil and put in carrots and let them brown for a while then the tomatoes. When everything is slightly browned and fragrant, toss up and set aside.
5. In the same wok, put in 2 Tbsp cooking oil and put in smashed garlic and chilli. Fry until garlic is fragrant, then put in chicken and cook until it starts to brown and get dry. Put in curry powder and fry until fragrant and you can start to see more oil seeping out from the skin.
6. Put in the Worcestershire sauce, carrots and tomatoes, put in enough water to cover. Bring to a boil, cover and let it simmer for 15 minutes or until chicken is more tender.
7. Remove lid and put in onions. Reduce gravy to preferred amount.
8. Taste and season with salt if not salty enough. Sugar will not be necessary.
9. Thicken gravy with cornstarch mixture to preferred consistency. Bring back to a boil and dish up.


  1. Jenn@ChasingFoodDreamsJanuary 14, 2011 at 11:49 AM

    oo.. healthy without the lemak! This is good as my family all got cholestrol problems. So this is more spicy and sour curry then?

  2. This something new! I guess it's a lighter flare compared to the coconut version. :) I love tomatoes, so it's definitely a nice option, thanks!

  3. Am interested in the final taste too.

    By the way, I don't like the taste of Worcestershire sauce? Can I omit or would you be able to recommend any substitute?

  4. Jenn,
    Not really sour, but the tomato taste enhances the curry

    Definately lighter

    Well, the worcestershire sauce is not outstanding here, it just enhances the flavour of the tomatoes and onions. I don't know of any sauce that can be used to subtitute, but without it, it sure doesn't taste as good as with it.

  5. This looks wonderfully delicious! I can eat extra rice with this tomato curry chicken :)

  6. I saw some chicken recipe today.. yours definitely irresistible one ! ^_^

  7. er.... u cook a lot nice food, when to open party? invite me to come and eat :P

  8. A lovely dish to go with rice but I think I would still add coconut milk. I just love the coconut flavour :D

  9. I love curry with tomatoes, especially the combination of spicy and sour flavour. Thanks for the recipe, wanna try this!

  10. Eh, 1st time I see this version...very special.
    I like your CNY recommendations at the side, useful!

  11. is this a malay version of curry? the curry powder also reminds me of something to tell you..there's a stall in kg simee market which sells all ready homemade curry/assam/tomyum/taucheong paste ? not in ready packets, they will just take depending how much you want..very convenient.

  12. Anncoo,
    Thanks, eat more rice then :p

    Indonesian in Turkey,
    Thanks for the compliment.

    Got party ah, u didn't see Lyanne's party meh?

    Feel free to add if you like, but the specialty of this dish is to go without and the strong tomato taste enhancing all the spices.

    Hope you love this

    Thanks, so does that mean, you might be cooking those that I reccomend?? kekeke. But I dun think ur MIL will read this, kekekeke.

    No idea of it's ethnic origin. I've actually seen this in Mamak stalls as well. I've eaten a lot of Malay curries when one works around Malays, I've got to say, their curries are usually less spicy and less rich, with thinned down coconut milk. The least prefered of all curries in Malaysia for me.
    BTW, haha, I dun go to wet market, not even here in KK, what more go Kg Simee, die oh wake up so early, hahahahaha!!

  13. i see i see, but i have not opportunity to eat mah.... can see but cannot eat - no point. :(

  14. Voon,
    I see, I see. So many pretty girls out there, can see but cannot eat, how?

  15. Nobody gets the chance to cook whenever my BIL n his family come back from Spore, not even MIL. My BIL would say that he just wanna eat all the nice Klang food which he misses--bakuteh, dimsum, charkuehtiaw and bakuteh 10X.... So it's outside/restaurant food for us all 3 meals everyday, CNY or no CNY. But I would like to try your pacific clams and also the red cabbage recipe later lah. But hor, gotta go buy apple n also Worcestershire Sauce 1st. Eh, what else can i use the Wor.sauce for har? Wasteful if I buy for only making this dish.

  16. Meldy,
    Haha, I do remember u telling me that last time.
    The worcestershire sauce can be used to marinate chicken wings, pork loin slices, and add to sweet sour dishes to add aroma.
    If you have black vinegar at home, can use that to replace apple cider vinegar la, taste almost like balsamic vinegar anyway, hahaha. But apple cider can be used for drinking la, so no waste also. The worcestershire sauce are available in small bottles, I take a long time to use it up too, and use it only in a few dishes, but some dishes can't do without it.


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