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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coconut Currant Butter Cookies

I love Danish cookies. Do you?

Which is your favourite? The pretzel shaped one? The rectangular? The ribbon like ‘C’ or the plain round cookie?
Mine is the one with coconut and currants. The coconut is pretty light, but I knew it was there. It’s in the list of ingredients, but you won’t taste it in other shapes.

So, today I tried to make something similar, hahaha. I melted the butter (so that the cookie will fall flat and spread), and I whacked the eggs to create aeration since the butter is melted (Don’t want to use too much baking powder). Weird method, right? But I think I’ll skip the cornstarch next time, as it tasted too fine or I’ll just use all purpose flour.

This is the actual size of the cookie

But overall, quite nice, not there, but quite near. That one has a better crunch rather than tasting “fine”, texture wise. But you can give it a try, nothing wrong. Those that comes in the blue tin is sweet, and these cookie's sweetness is about that, sweet but not too sweet. The currants give the cookie a nice fruity tang and it complements the sweetness. But then again, the sugar is needed to make the cookie go flat and spread.

If you prefer your cookie to have better stature, rather than falling flat, just use creaming method, Do not melt the butter and whack the eggs.

Coconut currant cookies
Recipe Source: Wendyywy

125gm butter
125m cake flour
25gm corn starch
25gm dessicated coconut
40gm icing sugar
½ tsp baking powder
40gm currants
1 egg
60gm sugar

Fall flat method (LOL : )
1. Preheat oven to 160(fan)/180C
2. Melt butter and let it cool down.
3. Mix cake flour, corn starch, coconut, icing sugar, and baking powder together. Then mix in currants.
4. Beat egg with sugar on high speed for 5 minutes.
5. Mix flour mixture with melted butter.
6. Pour in 1/3 of beaten egg into (5) and combine well.
7. Pour in another 1/3 and combine and lastly repeat with balance of eggs.
8. With 2 small spoon, take 1 tsp of the dough and form balls and put onto baking tray.
9. Bake for 14 minutes or until golden.
10. Cool on wire rack and keep air tight.

The typical cookie pose

Somehow I feel sick of taking cookie pictures, so I threw my temper at them and made them tumble over
*evil look*

That's it! No more cookie posts from me for an indefinate period of time.
"6 days of Cookies" is officially over!


  1. My favourite is the C shape ones. This looks great. I'm drooling over your pineapple tarts too.

  2. now how can i resist this! one of my fav cookies! i love the picture of the tumbled cookies! lol you no submitting any of your bakes to aspiring bakers?

  3. woohooo Wendy, same same here...coconut and currants my fav too! i only eat once a year so i'm always the 1st to open n i'll wallop my fav cookies then that's it. so sad it's a once a year cookie affair! did you come up with the recipe yourself? the method can be lil bit confusing but manageable.
    so sad this'll the last cookie posts, didn't realised today is the D-6. anyway, it's been a wonderful 6 days, seriously. how i tell my mom that i'm so amazed by you that this year CNY cookies in da-house will be sorely based on Wendy's Cookie Affair! oh not forgetting the fruit cake...thanks Wendy (bowing 90 degrees here)!

    ps: sorry for my ever lengthy post...i could have write you a love letter! hehe

  4. dinewithleny,
    When I was a kid, that was my fav too. But as I grew older, things changed.

    Jess Kitchen,
    Submitting, no time to do the email yet

    Yeah, I concocted the recipe myself.
    Wow, u truly bring me up to the sky leh, ur mom even knows abt me ah?


  5. thank for sharing, i must try it^^ wish u have a wonderful weekend^^

  6. I am like you, I like the coconut and currants. Fantastic photography!

  7. wendy..1 please..errr i mean 1 tub! hehehe :))

  8. Thanks for sharing this recious recipe!! I love all kinds of Danish butter cookies. I will definitle try this out. Thank you thank you!!!

  9. I like the 'evil' cookie pose! They look great, crunchy and did I detect a whiff of buttery flavour?

  10. I used to love the Danish cookies that comes in a blue tin. This will be the one that I attack first among the rest because of the currants and coconut :)

  11. I love Danish cookies too. I used to select few types to eat first. :)
    Nice to see your cokies posts. I really don't have time to bake cookies now a days. :(

  12. Janice,
    I hope it turns out well.

    Quay Po Cooks,
    Thanks, it's fantastic editing ;p

    Haha, last one left only. Cookie monsters in da house oredi sapu bersih all.

    Honey Boy,
    It's not exactly there... still need some fine tuning

    Haha. Addictively buttery :)

    Little Inbox,
    Yeah, I read about your new responsibilities at work, must be hard adjusting to new roles at work. Take good care, don't worry, lots of good cookies for sale in Penang, I'm sure.

  13. it has been a really long time i last ate those danish cookies, the pretzel shape i remember and also this..the rest cannot remember. talking abt photography, tell me about it..i'm just getting impatient doing this thing is the sunlight, another thing for a person like me with no photography skills at all, cant figure out which angle to take and what's more, have to do it quick otherwise the flies will start to come, haha!!

  14. I love Danish butter cookies, too! And I love all those shapes in the cookie tin. I ain't fussy eater.

    I didn't know of coconut's presence till I scrutinized the nutrition label on the tin. =P

    Done with your cookie posting? =P

    Now, time to makan your cookies gua ...

  15. lena,
    So hoong bou meh? I tot flies like seafood only, cookies and cakes also interested ka? Aiyoyo.
    Yalor, I'm actually not skilled in photography skills too, just use the camera as point and shoot.
    Talk about sunlight, lately the sun is super harsh and if I bring my stuff into the shades, they all look bluish. Must edit the colour if not, will look weird.

    Yeah, same goes. Can't know the coconut's there, but sense there's something different abt that cookie.
    All eaten except for the yet to be baked 2nd round of pineapple tarts

  16. thanks for visiting my blog and commenting :)
    and the pineapple tarts from the post before this one looks amazing!!!! :)

    num num
    need to try them

    Betty Bake

  17. I love Danish butter cookies and I tried something similar also some time ago. I love those with currants and this looks even perfect with coconut. Hope to try this soon!

  18. Gee, after baking 4 types of cookies in a roll, I'm beginning to love cookies! Quite an irony! Coconut currant butter cookies does sounds good to me! I have all the ingredients, maybe I'll continue my cookies baking spree! LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  19. These are by far my favourites! and I'm wholly glad they typically use true currants, not corinth raisins, as I'm allergic to all grapes and raisins.


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