Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Entry Page for Sponge Pancake Giveaway

How to enter:
1. Prepare sponge pancakes with creativity (but please abide by the rules). You can submit more than one entry. One variation per entry.
2. Blog about it, and send in the link via comments section here, or
3. If you don't own a blog, take pics, do a simple write up in Microsoft Word, especially on the recipe and email me at wendyinkk[@]yahoo.[com] (remove the brackets when you type the email address), I'll help you post them here in this post.
4. Open to readers with Malaysian or Singaporean address. If you are overseas, and will be back here for a trip, can enter with any suitable local address.

Rules, Just make sure
1. Your pancake is a version that I've never attempted before
2. Your pancake is not cut more than once (except for photography purposes to show the inside)
3. It is cooked over the stove, no baking, no steaming
4. Recipe goes by the ratio of 1 egg: 1 Tbsp sugar : 1 Tbsp flour, with additional ingredients for flavouring allowed

1. One Candy and Deep Frying thermometer for Most Creative entry (I'll be judging)
2. One Cake Leveler for a lucky entry (draw lots)

Closing date: 2 Dec 2010, 12pm GMT+8

Lucky Draw Numbering (ordered by date of submission)

1. HKChoo of Jottings of Life
2. Jasmine
3. Robert
4. Kathleen Kiew
5. DG
6. Jess Kitchen
7. Rasya
8. Jess Kitchen
9. Robert
10. Wen's Delight
11. Sonia
12. Sonia
13. Bann Dih
14. Nileey
15. Lena
16. Lena
17. Sem
18. Swee San
19. Robert (KIV)
20. Jess

First emailed in Entry by Kathleen Kiew

Hi Wendy,

I was supposed to make this sponge pancake couple of days ago but was held off due to 1) incomplete preparation (ingredients) and 2) children got sick (!!). So after everything is back to normal, I decided it is time to give this sponge pancake a try with bacon and cheese.

Didn’t find it difficult to make as the steps illustrated by you on your blog were clear and concise (super love your blog). Having said that, my first attempt on the pancake was a failure. The reason for that was, I used my AMC pan to fry the pancake, and it probably was too hot and the batter stuck to the pan with gusto and the whole thing turned into some kind of mushy eggy scrambled lookalike.

Anyway, I then heat up my non-stick frying pan.. and it was a breeze from then on. I made 4 portions on my first attempt (4 eggs : 4 tbsp flour : 4 tbsp sugar). Got a large family to feed 

The pancake was really good. My aunts find it very eggy but I kind of like it that way. Light, fluffy and eggy. I can probably fry the bacon a little bit such that it adds more flavor n texture to the whole thing.

Here’s my pancake and thank you for your recipe.

2nd Emailed in Entry by Rasya
Hi Wendy my name is Rasya, i would like to participate ur Sponge Pancake Giveaways entry, i already try ur Sponge Pancake and it taste good...at first, i’m afraid that it would not turn good but after i make the batter i know it will turn out very2 good and it taste delicious even my 1year old son really like it too....thanks Wendy for sharing this ;D Here are my version OREO Sponge Pancake hope u like it too ;D

This are the ingredients i use ;D simple as ABC...wallaaaa

2 eggs
2 tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp all purpose flour (I used 1.5 tbsp flour + ½ tbsp finely crush oreo- i use 4 pcs oreo without cream and put in food processor, just use ½ tbsp )
A bit of butter for frying
Chocolate rice and ice cream (i use chocolate wall brands ice cream if u have vanilla also can yummmmy)

1. Separate the eggs and beat egg whites until frothy and add in sugar and beat until medium stiff peaks (egg whites has a very droopy hook and doesn't slide off the bowl).
2. Put in egg yolks and mix.
3. Sift in flour (just use a coffee strainer) and fold into the eggs.
4. Heat a 9 inch pan on medium and put in 1/2 tsp butter. Swirl it around to coat and pour the excess into batter.
5. Lightly fold the batter to incorporate.
6. Turn heat to medium low (very small fire on outer ring or just use low) and pour in all the batter.
7.Cover with lid and cook until sides look golden, and center of pancake is almost cooked. Sprinkle chocolate rice toppings as desired. Cook for a while until the choc rice slightly melted.
8. Flip into half or flip onto plate and serve with ice cream, sprinkle oreo crush n choc rice.

This are my version OREO SPONGE PANCAKE adapted from Sponge Pancake Wendy. Can simply eat like this...so fluffy and crunchy when u bite at choc rice.

Or u can serve it with ice cream and sprinkle it with oreo and more choc rice..kids will love it...trust me =D

Eat it while still warm, the pancake soft and fluffy, choc rice and extra crush oreo make it lil’bit cruncy and serve with melted ice cream is sooooo delicious...super2 yummy =)
Look at my son...hu3

3rd Emailed in Entry From Bann Dih

I am from Brunei and my husband is from KL. But we based in Brunei. I will use our KL address
I was attracted by your first pancake recipe with scallion. So decide to join the competition.

This is my entry to your sponge cake competition. I didn’t have blog yet.
I have transformed your pancake to a savory pan cake as I love to have savory food for breakfast. Your recipe is so easy to make to prepare. But I have problem for the first pancake I cooked as the batter is too fluffy and it is so difficult to distribute evenly on the pan and I got a burnt pancake instead. But it smell good though
I serve the pancake with mayo tuna with fresh tomatoes, cucumber and onion.

3 Tbsp flour
3 Tbsp sugar
3 eggs

Mayo tuna
1 can of canned tuna flakes
2 tablespoon of mayonnaise
1 tablespoon of salad cream
Pinch of salt and Pepper

1. Drained the tuna and mixed it with other ingredients.
2. Serve the tuna mayo with pancake and fresh tomatoes and cucumber.

4th Emailed in Entry by Sem
Hi, Wendy, I am Sem from KL, I do not have a blog currently and would like to take part for the fun of trying the recipe.

I have followed your recipe and and make into three mini size pancake, one layer sandwiched with home made strawberry jam filling ( I have made a batch last week and it is time to use it up) and another layer with sliced banana and top with two scoop of ice cream.

1 egg-separate the yolk and flour
1 tablespoon of plain flour
1 tablespoon of castor sugar
1 tsp of oil (not in your recipe but I added to add moistness to the sponge pancake)

1) Separate the egg white and manually whisked till soft peak( lazy to use electric mixer as one egg white is too little to whip up by electric mixer)
2) Combined the oil, egg yolk and sifted flour till smooth.
3) Fold in the beaten egg white to the egg yolk mixture.
4) Heat up the frying pan (I used those mini size for frying one scrambled egg type) without brushing any oil, pour in the batter and cook till the bottom is golden brown , flip over and cook for one second. Remove.

Note: this recipe give me three small pancake.

I layered the bottom layer of pancake with home made strawberry jam fillings, and the middle layer with sliced bananas, and top with two scoop of ice cream. My kids finished it up in no time, a way to get the kids to eat some fruits, I guess.

Would like to try out some other variation if got time tonight after work.

Thank you for organizing this event as I really enjoyed the process of trying out the recipe and having fun of playing with the recipe as well.



  1. Trying my luck


    Not perfect though..

  2. I did it... http://kokken69.blogspot.com/2010/11/pandanus-hotcakes-with-coconut-custard.html

  3. Shirley,
    It was a nice and creative attempt. But it broke rule no 4. 4 eggs to 1 cup of flour is definately not the right ratio and is a totally different recipe. Sorry, I can't accept the entry.

  4. This is my entry. Um, I dont have a blog, so I share it on my google doc so that other people can view too.

  5. Hi Wendyinkk,

    This is my entry: http://dailyfoodadventure.blogspot.com/2010/11/sponge-pancake-with-toasted-coconut-and.html


  6. Hi Wendy,
    My pancakes do not have nice shape, then I use cookie cutter to cut small round, is this okay?
    Is this contradict to rule no. 2? Thanks.

  7. DG,
    Yes, it broke rule No.2.
    Maybe you can try frying it in smaller portions.
    How it look doesn't really matter, but it's the creativity that counts for the thermometer.

  8. Okay .... Wendy :)
    I tried again this morning and quite happy with the result.

    Here is my entry http://testedandtasted.blogspot.com/2010/11/chocolate-sponge-pancake.html

    Thank you.

  9. Wendy i finally did the spongecake!


  10. Hi wendy, i already submit my entry to your email my version is OREO Sponge Pancake =)


  11. wendy my 2nd entry


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hi Wendy,

    Only just read that you could submit more than one entry. Here's my second entry: http://dailyfoodadventure.blogspot.com/2010/11/entry-2-sponge-pancake-with-mango.html


  14. Hi Wendy,

    Here's my entry:


  15. Hi Wendy,

    Here are my 2 entry-http://nasilemaklover.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-entry-to-wendys-sponge-pancake.html

    1st entry- green tea sponge pancake with red bean paste
    2nd entry- Ham and Mozzalella cheese sponge pancake

  16. Hi Wendy, here's my entry.



  17. Hi Wendy,

    This isn't another entry but I have taken some better pictures of my 1st sponge pancake (the kaya one), since I didn't really show the inside of the first one.

    Here's the link: http://dailyfoodadventure.blogspot.com/2010/11/better-pictures-kaya-sponge-pancake.html


  18. Robert,
    Thanks for the better pictures, but they are counted in as the the same entry as the first.
    Thanks for participating.

  19. hi wendy, submitting my 2 entries for the sponge pancake giveaway.


  20. Another entry here Wendy: http://dailyfoodadventure.blogspot.com/2010/12/rolled-sponge-pancake-with-creamy.html

    Since tomorrow's the end date, does that still mean I can enter another one tomorrow?


  21. Robert,
    Yes, as long as u submit tomorrow before 12noon GMT+8 or before I say "closed".
    Count the hours so that you will not be late.

  22. Robert,
    Sorry, but as I went through your latest recipe, the ratio of sugar broke rule no.4.

  23. Hai!! it's me :)

    My (almost) sloppy joe pancakes ;) http://thesweetspot.com.my/?p=1968

  24. Not too late I hope: http://dailyfoodadventure.blogspot.com/2010/12/chocolate-sponge-pancake-with-creme.html


  25. Hi Wendy, I am submitting my entry http://bakericious.blogspot.com/2010/12/sponge-pancake-awards.html

  26. Contest entry is closed!!
    Thank you all for participating

  27. Hi Wendy, I know the contest submission is closed, but just wanna share with you another version :)


  28. Ronni,
    It's been 4 weeks, why did you miss it??

    Oh, too bad. They do look very pretty and it's a nice thought to make them into h'orderves.
    It's very creative, but haha, few hours too late.


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