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Monday, November 8, 2010

Cocopandan Cake

Adapted from TiffinBiru

I saw this cake long ago, but not from TiffinBiru. I forgot where I saw it before, but I remember the name being cocopandan cake, and it uses desicated coconut for the cake.

I had some fresh grated coconut, not exactly fresh, but frozen from the fresh coconut. I couldn’t finish the coconut, and I forgot what I used it for before this and it was kept frozen until the day before I made this. I planned for this cake cos I need to wait for the pandan juice to separate.So, when I see the juice is almost ready, I brought the frozen coconut from the freezer down to the fridge to thaw overnight. The next day, the juice is ready and the coconut thawed, I’m ready to make this.

I reduced the liquid used cos I used moist grated coconut and I increased the volume of the coconut used, cos this is not dry. You see when anything dry is reconstituted with liquid, it expands, so, I used more in volume for fresh coconut. If you want to use dessicated coconut, please use half cup of it and increase both pandan juice and evaporated milk to 125ml EACH.

If you cannot find fresh pandan juice, and would want to use pandan paste/flavouring, please do not use evaporated milk but substitute the combined amount (125+125) of evaporated milk and pandan juice with fresh milk (250ml).

Any butter cake I do, that uses the egg white separation method, always gives me a"holey" cake, but, it's softer than cakes made with creaming method.

Cocopandan Cake

200gm self raising flour, sifted
100gm fresh grated coconut (about 1 cup)
75ml concentrated pandan juice
75ml full cream evaporated milk (Ideal brand)
125gm butter
100gm sugar
2 egg yolks

2 egg whites
½ tsp cream of tartar
50gm sugar

1. Preheat oven at 160/180C. Prepare 2 loaf pans (3X6) or one 7 inch square pan or 1 8 inch round pan. Line the base.
2. Combine pandan juice and evaporated milk, set aside.
3. Beat (B) until stiff enough to defy gravity when overturned, but still has droopy peaks. Set aside.
4. With the same beaters, beat butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. Put in egg yolks one after the other, beating well and scrape the bowl after each addition.
5. Put in ½ of (2) and beat until well combined, it’ll only take a while. Put in half of the sifted flour and mix.
6. Put in balance of (2) and mix. Put in balance of flour and mix.
7. Put in grated coconut and mix.
8. Put 1/3 of beaten egg whites into batter and FOLD.
9. Put in another 1/3 and FOLD.
10. FOLD in final batch of egg whites.
11. Pour batter evenly onto prepared pans and bake for 40 minutes (loaf pans) or 50-60mins for single pans, or until skewer inserted comes out clean.

My 2 loaf pans gave me a 3 inch cake (the middle dome), so if you like higher cakes, just make one huge loaf.

I’m a coconut and pandan lover, and guess what? I super “not hate” this cake :)
I love this cake more than my Pandan Butter Cake which was adapted from Aunty Yochana.
But I think I'll definately put in more grated coconut the next time I make this, so that it'll be like what Tiffinbiru describes it as, a "coconut candy-like" cake. It's hard to get a bite on the coconut bits, or maybe I should've stuck to the dessicated coconut thingy.

Anyway, this cake's a true keeper. I'll make this the next time I'm craving for something pandan and coconutty.


  1. When u whisk the egg whites, go fast at first, once you get the volume, reduce the speed to minimize the air bubbles of the meringue. That way, you get smaller 'holes' or maybe none :)

  2. Wow, another great pandan recipe from you. Looks like I better blend some more pandan to decant for the concentrated juice for this...75ml is a little more then usual. But I bet it's gooooood.

  3. i like coconut & pandan flavour very much. I believe this cake is very good taste.

  4. Having my coffee now but couldn't get to taste the cake. :(

  5. I am quite sure I have made this before... pandan and coconut- one of my favourite combination.

  6. Wendy, I love pandan butter cake from aunty yochana and I know you like it too. Since now you are shouting for this recipe, I will definitely need to try this out after my trip.

  7. its must be delicous! i love pandan and coconut combi and your pictures are making me drool!

  8. The cake looks so good. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Swee San,
    Thanks for the tip. Actually hoh, most of my butter cakes are holey, hahaha!!! Maybe I should bang them.

    Just use whatever the settles at the bottom, and maybe substitute the remaining amount with more evaporated milk. Could work just as well.

    Oh yes, very delicious

    Belly Good,
    Make some :p

    My fav too ;)

    I like the extra coconut texture in this cake. Frankly lor, taste softer than yochana's version.

    Jess Kitchen,
    Hahaha, I haven't seen anyone(from SEA) who doesn't love this combi.

    It doesn't only look good, but taste heavenly.

  10. Another beautifully baked pandan cake from you. I love all the green colour of your cakes, they looks amazing bright :)

  11. coconut+pandan=cocopandan, a perfect combination.

  12. Oh! I love this coconut pandan butter cake. It must have smell as lovely as it taste.

  13. Mmm...Cocopandan cake looks sooo good!

  14. Looks great! I might try making this for my Mum's b-day in a few weeks if I get some pandan.

  15. I like sponge cake like the one u baked, it must be very fragrant and spongy:)

  16. I love the name of this cake!!! I've never tried making butter cake with the egg separation method- I always forget!! This cake looks really light- I could easily believe it to be a sponge cake!! It looks really really yummy too!

  17. I love pandan and anything coconutty! Your cake makes me want to reach out to the pictures and.....

  18. DG,
    It takes some patience to get the greeness.
    Maybe you can try my method of separating the green colour from the blended pandan juice.

    Yes, that's the reason for the name

    Happy Flour,
    Oh absolutely ;)


    I hope your mom will love this :)

    Err.. no woh. It's a butter cake, but feels light

    Do try this, as it is very light

    And??? Want to eat from my pics again ah? LOL

  19. Jennifurla,
    Natural coloring from the screwpine :)

  20. This cake looks so gorgeous. But, unfortuntately don't have access to pandan leaves. I saw beautifully coloured pandan desserts in Singapore.

  21. Pandan and Cococut sound like a winning combo - the cake looks extremely yummy!

  22. I love the color of your cake. Pandan green...~~~ And the crack on top looks so appetizing!!!

  23. I like the combination of coconut and pandan, sounds quite new to me. Will keep this recipe and hope can try this as soon as possible!

  24. Anushruti,
    YOu can try using pandan paste. It maybe artificial, but sometimes, it's better than nothing.


    Oh yes, just like chocolate and vanilla, it can't live without each other.


    The fresh coconut gives the cake a nice feel.
    Do try it if you like them both.

  25. Wendy,
    I am a lazy person, always prefer simple way or shortcut to bake. Maybe one day I will try your method when I have in good mood to taste & compare the result. Thanks anyway :)

  26. DG,
    Haha, who wouldn't be?
    Sure, hope to hear from u.

  27. Pandan is my favorite flavor. I use it on sticky rice a lot. I am going to try your recipe 'cause it has coconut too. Very delicious it's going to be!

  28. michelangelo in the kitchen,
    Hope u like it :)

  29. Wendy,

    i baked this cake yesterday n the outcome was dry n crumbly. i think i misread and confused with the ingredients?!

    i used 1/2 cup dessicated coconut and 2 tsp of pandan paste n 125 ml milk. the batter was kinda dry by the time i add in desiccated coconut. it was hard to fold in egg whites as well. i was so afraid i might fold in too much.

    if i were to use desiccated coconut n pandan paste, how much should i weigh-in the liquid?

    anyway, the taste was great even though i used pandan paste n dessicated coconut. the sweetness is just right. like you said, it's a 'true keeper' n i plan make it again n pls advise on my failure.


  30. LL,
    U used too little liquid. I mentioned, if you want to use dessicated coconut, use pandan juice and evaporated milk, 125ml EACH. means, 125ml pandan juice and 125ml milk.

    Since you are using pandan paste, combine both the liquid amounts of evap milk and pandan juice and replace with milk, means 250ml milk.

    I'll ammend my post to make things clearer. Thanks for commenting. Hope it works for you the 2nd time around.

  31. Wow..delicious. My kids would love this. Love your site!! I was trying on to comment about the Tofu. Where can I buy the GLD?

  32. Passion Delight,
    Sorry I have no idea on where to get GDL in US.
    Here, it's is easily found at bakery ingredients shop.

  33. Hi Wendy

    Under line (5) for Cocopandan recipe, you mentioned "put in 1/2 of (1) and ......"

    but I con't see (1) anywhere? Which items come under (1)?

    Kindly clarify urgently as I am going to try out this recipe this week.

    Many thanks and rgds
    Priscilla Poh

  34. Priscilla,
    Thankyou for pointing out my typo.
    It should be (2), which is the evaporated milk plus pandan juice.
    When I wrote the instructions, I forgot to write the preheating oven part, and when I did put the preheating step as No.1, I forgot to change the rest accordingly.
    I hope the cake turns out well. Have you made the pandan juice?

  35. Hi Wendy
    I am wondering my failed cocopandan on last Sat 19 Feb 11 which bottom of my cake turned out to be waterly, could it be due to the wrong step in the mixing. You see, I followed your instruction at line 5 which is put in 1/2 of combined pandan juice and milk to the egg yolk mixture, I immediately had curdled batter.
    I read somewhere that whenever creaming method for cake is called for, which in this case for this cake, dry ingredients should be added first, i.e., half of the flour first, then the juice and milk followed by the balance flour and the balance of liquid so that mixture will not curdle.

    Anyway, it's just my doubt. You are the best person to advise me as you had baked this cake very successfully.

    Await your kind advice urgently as I will bake this cake again this coming Sat 26 Feb 11.

    Thanks and best regards
    Priscilla Poh

  36. Priscilla,
    U can beat the pandan juice mixture a while before adding in the flour. It shouldn't be a problem. Watery underneath the cake, it's definately underbaked. Because once you add in the flour, all liquids will be combined with the flour, non will separate and settle on the base of the cake.

  37. Good Day Wendy
    I baked the cocopandan again and this time very successful. All my family members gave the thumbs-up. Only setback is top of cake sunk and flat after bake. I think success was due partly to good quality butter used this time. I used SCS butter.
    This recipe is a keeper and I shall bake again.
    I love most of the recipes featured in your blog.
    Another thing to share is I bought a package of durian paste during CNY intended to use as filling in place of pineapple filling for pineapple tarts. However, durian paste is really a no-no filling for pineapple tarts. So what to do, regrets ....
    However, your nian gao yam popiah gave me a idea. I used the durian paste instead of nian gao (as I did not have nian gao) for the yam popiah and turned out very tasty too. My sister's family and friends loved the popiah very much.

    Thank you Wendy.

    Priscilla Poh

  38. Priscilla,
    Gald to hear that it turned out well this time.
    I just use Tatura butter, which is 20% cheaper than SCS and it's ok for me. I don't think the brand of butter has any effect on the structure. It may have effect on the taste or maybe the texture, but definately not the structure. It has more to do with your technique and the baking temperature.

    Thanks for sharing about durian paste with me, but Pei-Lin frm dodol mochi, has success with homemade durian paste tarts. But I haven't tasted any from her yet. But then again, it's a matter of taste. I'm glad you used the durian paste and made it into something you liked.

  39. Hi Wendy

    Tried your Coco-pandan cake yesterday and I must say it was delicious and I just love the aroma. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

  40. Veronica,
    Pandan and coconut can never go wrong :)
    Glad you enjoyed the cake

  41. Please help! Attempt #1: I made your recipe using the separated light green homemade pandan paste (after 6 days separation in the fridge). It came out pale yellow not green. How did you get such a nice coloring?

    Should I shake up the paste and use the darker chlorophyll part?

    Attempt #2: I also made Sonia's Pandan Butter Cake

    I used the top half of the Pandan paste and it still was not as green! What happened?

    Where could I use the coconut milk that some people suggested?

    Attempt #3, I used ARTIFICIAL Pandan Paste from the bottle and while it gave a fragrant aroma, it was still not as green. Only light pale green! What am I doing wrong?

    Any suggestions anyone?

  42. My Thy,
    It is the darker chlorophyll part that you should use, as said in the tutorial itself. It's the pigment that you should be going for.
    The instruction says "Pour away the upper layer of water"
    The pale green water above does not contain much pigment. But you can use that to make sweet dessert soups because it still contains flavour and not colour.

  43. Wendy,

    Just wan to know... if using pandan paste.. as stated why cant use evaporarted milk ?

  44. Doris,
    If you want ur texture to be like in the picture, then don't.
    Up to you, no harm, just that the texture will be different due to more milk solids being present in the cake.

  45. Wendy, I tried out this cake, delicious, thanks for sharing.

  46. HI Wendy

    I am going to try out this cake. So will it taster better with fresh grated coconut or dessicated coconut? Thanks

    from Hui Li

  47. Hui Li,
    I've baked this once only, can't compare, sorry

  48. Hi Wendy

    I have baked this cake it taste great! Must it raise up a lot or just a little? Mine cake didnt raise up alot like yours. any idea what happen?

  49. Lim Hui Li,
    How you fold the egg whites in affects the height and how well you whisk the egg whites also will determine it's height.
    Mine is a 1L capacity pan, how big is urs? If ur pan is bigger, then surely the cake will be shorter

  50. Hi Wendy, I baked this cake this morning. I used 100g of fresh grated coconut and 1 tsp of pandan paste, 250ml of milk to replace the total of liquid that u advised to LL.

    The cake turns out to be a dense, moist but crumbly texture. May I know what caused the cake to be crumbly? Do you think I can use coconut milk to replace the milk next time I bake this cake again? Thanks!

  51. Iris,
    I advised LL 250ml of combined liquids because LL is using dessicated coconut.
    Fresh coconut is 150ml liquid as per the recipe.
    Your cake has too much liquid and hence, turned fragile.

  52. Hi Wendy. Is this cake suppose to be fluffy or crumbly? Mine not fluffy. When eating the crumb will fall. Sigh. . . Always failed in butter cake.

  53. Nicole,
    It's fluffy and tender. But I won't say very crumbly. All cakes will have some form of crumbs falling one la. Especially soft fluffy ones, :)
    Usually I don't cut my cake while they are hot.
    I let them totally cool down.

  54. Hi Wendy,
    You cakes are simply amazing.
    PLEASE may I know how much dessicated coconut must I use with 250ml of fresh milk (using
    pandan paste). Can you please advise what is the diffrence in texture between using evaporated milk and fresh milk. Will the cake be heavier if I use evaporated milk>

  55. Susan,
    Half a cup of dessicated coconut as said in one of the paragraphs.
    Evaporated milk will make the cake richer, and possibly, slightly shorter with a tighter crumb. Less moist too as there are more milk solids in evap milk. But u can use it, no prob, but tentatively the result will be different, not bad, but different.

  56. Hi Wendy

    Love to try this recipe! Can already smell the pandan & coconut in my mind :))

    I do not have any self-raising flour on hand, how much of plain flour/baking powder/salt should I use to replace the 200g self-raising flour?

    Hope you can advise as soon as you can.

    Thank you so much!


  57. Cassie,
    Probably I'll go with 170gm plain flour, 30gm cornstarch, 1.5tsp baking powder plus 1/4 tsp salt.

  58. Ok, thank you for your help Wendy!


  59. Hi, I am a little bit confused with the "75ml concentrated pandan juice", do you mean by the first round of pandan juice, or the sunken part with pandan juice to achieve 75ml? Thanks in advance! ~Nana

  60. Nana,
    the sunken part
    The more concentrated it is, the darker the colour.
    Just that only

  61. hi Wendy
    Can i omit the coconut totally and replace the evaporated milk with coconut milk instead?

  62. Aphrodisiacal,
    I think you can, replace the coconut with 50gm ground almond , and use 100ml coconut milk instead


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