Sunday, May 9, 2010

Maybe u'd like to know me better....

I'm Wendy, YWY are my Chinese initials.  As on 1/3/12 I changed my moniker to WendyinKK, just the same as my blog's address to avoid confusion. Born and raised in Kampar, Perak, Malaysia. Went to KL to further my studies, worked in the corporate world before I took up teaching. First posting was to rural oil palm estate in Selancar, Pahang. After 2 years looking at oil palms, I got married to Mike  and moved back to KL, taught in PESS for 18 months before I came back to Mike's hometown, Kuala Kangsar when he decided to raise a family away from the big city, hence the name  Wendy in KK.

Currently I am on child care leave until 2014. Why so long??? I wanted to care for my kids as no one is available to get paid doing this.

I love teaching.. and I also love to play in the kitchen. Guess I was influenced since young by Grandaunt. Daily, I'd stand by the stoves(from a safe distance) and watch her cook. Masak-masak(play cooking) never bores me out, until now.

I learnt cooking mostly by experience. Mom taught me the very basics, but she refrains from cooking anything with more ingredients than her fingers can count or that requires more than one wok wash per dish. Mom can really whack up a good pot of stew and soup (1 pot stuff). If the annual 2 cooking/baking classes in lower secondary were considered cooking/baking classes, then they were all I ever attended, plus some cooking sessions in church

Internet and blogs are my main gurus. There are so much information out there to read and to see. Tried and true recipes, experiences, success stories or disasters. They all provide good knowledge. I learn from there. I only started baking seriously after I started my blog,  I mean, besides those occasional school-taught butter cakes. Only started decorating cakes less than 2 years ago, although I had been in the kitchen eversince I was 11. It only takes some courage to experiment and maybe a few failures, but it will work out in time.

The kitchen is the place I spend most of my time in, besides the bedroom, and it's a never ending journey into the culinary world. Still have much to learn along the way.... Walk with me :)

I took from the internet, so therefore it's only right that I give something back to the www. To share what I've learnt so that u may learn too.

Initially, I planned to blog about how I cook for 2, hence the name, Table for 2 or more...... as a reference to newly wed couples or small households, but as time went by, I wasn't just doing simple dishes for 2, but baking and doing non dinner stuff.

I have always loved sharing my cooking experiences. I may not be an expert, but I'll try to share with what I know.

My friends have always loved my cooking and surprisingly simple recipes. Many of them wondered how I cook for 2. They often ask me how to cook this and that. So, if I have a blog, I cut short the verbal explanation and say "Go to my blog."

I often forget what I've done for this dish or that bake, so, this is my cooking journal too. Something that I can refer to, when I want to replicate what I've done before.

I know some people that say that people blog for self gratification. Hmmm.. Am I one of those?
Search my heart....If one day, no one reads my blog anymore, will I still write?
I will, cos I'm not doing this to earn people's praise, I'm doing this for myself, to record my culinary journey. That's the main reason. You won't know when one day u wake up and totally forgot everything. I've got pictures of my family, my kids, but my passion...I don't want that part of me to be lost.

It's not that I do not need any readers[you :)], I do. I appreciate my readers. It's through the interaction that I learn and I grow in my passion. But I will not let the presence or absence of others to influence my main objective for this blog. I will greatly appreciate feedbacks if u've tried my recipes. If they work out well, then good!!! If they don't, tell me, and I'll try troubleshooting for u. I won't know if u don't tell me. Filling in the comments section is FOC :)

I can be contacted via email at wendyinkk @ yahoo dot com
Or you can keep updated via my blog's Facebook page.


  1. Thanks for sharing this little note about yourself :)

    Good thing you started this blog, and I must say you can cook and bake very well. I didn't attend any compulsary Home Econs class during my lower secondary (I was a technical student) and I learn mainly through forums and food blogs.

    Your family is so fortunate to have a talented chef :)

  2. Love the new look of your blog!

  3. BH: Haha, my hubby is complaining about his waistline. Yeah, the blogosphere is the best culinary school in the world.

    Anne: Welcome back from ur long holiday!!

  4. Now I know you better, quickly share your delicious recipe..I looking forward it.

  5. Sonia,
    Will share more now that my I'm not focusing much on my virtual restaurant in FB. :)

  6. Wendy...Kampar is my birth place too. Hubby is also called Mike( short for Michael ) and his birth town is also Kuala Kangsar! Maybe your hubby also studied in UK?
    But I have all boys, no daughters...:(
    I'm sure you studied in ACS, Kampar?
    Will be trying some of your recipes soon.:)

  7. Hi Wendy. Tx for the v v detailed tutorial on how to make ngaku chips....I was looking for this for quite a, me & my helper know what to do! PS* Ngaku costs SGD2.60 a kilo at Giant hypermart in Singapore -- 2x that in M'sia. Fancy that! We'll definitely try making our own.


  8. Jennifer,
    I hope u'll make lots of yummy ngaku chips.
    Would love to know the outcome.

    Do drop by more often

  9. I stumbled upon your blog by accident (me no IT geek). Keep up the good job, I love your blog.

  10. Hi there, how nice to bump into someone from the same hometown! hehe...So, is your parents still staying in Kampar or not? However, nice meeting you and wishing you & your family Happy Chinese New YEar & gong xi fatt chai!
    Best regards,
    p/s your blog is stunning! ^_^

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  12. Hi, just stumbled into your site. Found you have many beautiful pictures and interesting recipes. Will be back for more...thanks for sharing.


  13. Anncoo,
    Thanks for the compliments.
    Hope to see you again.

  14. Came by via chvoon's blog. Will visit back soon.

  15. Hi Wendy, found you through Sonia's blog.

    I like your food postings very much, am now officially a follower :D

    (Where I blog :)

  16. Mnhl,
    Sure, hope to see you more often

    Thanks for following my blog.
    U have a nice blog, nice photos :)

  17. oh.. now i know liao...

    actually, i am not Mr lazy la... i am mr pelupa la... i forget liao .... sudah tua mah....

  18. hi wendy,

    I've added u into my blogroll. hope you don't mind. ;)

  19. mNhL,
    Thanks a lot, I definately do not mind.

  20. Hi, Wendy in KK (1st thought it was Kota Kinabalu.. haha). I stumbled upon your site while looking for how to make pandan paste.

    Me too blog as a remembrance, my own diary. I started to blog on my kids, what they've done/said.

    Just started baking. I like baking more than cooking. I'm like your mum in cooking wise. :)


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