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Monday, May 24, 2010

Egg Tarts again :)

Yeah, I'm making them again. But this time, I made them into egg tart pans!!! A first for me.

Another first for me... I started submitting to food sites like Foodgawker and my 3rd Pak Thong Koh was accepted.
And Tastespotting also accepted this post :)

Ok, before I talk more about these, I want to apologize for not posting what I said I will in the previous post, Pak Thong Koh Version 3, save that for tomorrow. I made these yesterday and want to show you what I did while still hot from the oven :)

Actually this is not the second time I made these (I mean since I started blogging), I do make these every often, just that I never blog about them because they were always for orders. This time, I made some for own consumption as well, in tart pans :)

I used to shrug at the idea of using these tart pans because of the fear of the tarts not coming out of them so I always use disposable aluminium tart pans instead. And I dread at the idea of greasing all the tarts pans. Imagine trying to grease every nook and cranny of the tart pan. Tart pans are not smooth and they are all fluted. It's really a chore and all the butter used in greasing!!! Gosh, please no.

There are 2 types of tart pans available for sale here. They look similiar but the price is different. One type is aluminium and the other type, I suspect is tinned steel. Aluminium pans cost double of tinned steel ones. Old recipes always call for greasing the tart pan, and maybe during those times, only tinned steel pans are available. And aluminium pans, good news... need not be greased. Just use them clean. And indeed they came off clean from the pan. I am a believer now... yes, I am.

How to dislodge the tart from the pan??? Overturn the tart on your palm and with another hand, prick the side of the tart with a toothpick and gently pull the toothpick down. The tart will just off off the pan!!!! Easy peasy.

I'm so glad they all came out pretty.

And if you wonder why does some of your tarts come off nicely and some got stuck to the pan??? Surely it's not the pan's fault if some of it can come off easily. The main reason for getting stuck is that the tart leaked. The crust is not well pressed into the pan and leaks can easily occur.
To avoid leakage, always roll out the dough, cut with a round cutter and transfer that cut out to your pan. Then gently press it into shape. Remember to smooth it out by rubbing the dough as if you are applying lotion or ointment. And I do find that if you roll and cut the dough, the crust is more uniform and it's a lot lot faster than pressing a ball of dough into shape. Once, my cousin, my sister in law and I made 250 crust in just 4 hours, inclusive of baking. If it's not because of this method, we will be working for a very much longer time.

Well, do you like your egg tarts dressed or bare?
I like it bare. Then I can look at those fluted sides, so pretty.
But to serve, it's always best with a paper liner, so that others can use the liner as a "bowl' to catch crumbs.
My tarts are really flaky, always eat with caution of falling crumbs :)

Would you want a bite???
Then please make some... recipe is here
That is my old recipe, and what I'm using here is slightly modified to make things easier for me to finish up 1 block of butter. It is not much different. Taste just as great.

And these are for my customer. Minimum order 24 pcs :)


  1. these tarts are beautiful! i admire you and your cousin and sister in law for making so many tarts in 4 hours. wow. :)

  2. Have you eaten 'kwai fa chun' egg tart? My dad bought that everytime when I'm back to visit. I like their pastry skin very much. I've made a few experimental on the skin but not so satistying. Hopefully, I can get the right one soon! Yours look realy mouthwatering lol! Have a nice day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  3. Hi wendy,

    Your egg tarts look absolutely mouth watering... LOL

    Can you pls comment on the taste of the fillings? Some tarts I bought are very eggy in taste. How about yours?



  4. Esther,
    Haha, it's 3 pairs of hands working together, so it's not that difficult.

  5. Kristy,
    Hmmm.. I have never eaten that before. Where did you dad get them? In Kampar ah???

  6. Woahh!!! You've very nicely baked egg tarts! I would like to try out the recipe of tart filling. It looks exactly what I had from my hometown. Thanks for sharing, I've bookmarked it :)

  7. Kathleen,
    About the taste, this is my customer's comment.
    "I never eat egg tarts, but one bite into yours make me want to eat more. There's no eggy taste at all. I will only get them from you, and no one else."

  8. You take beautiful pictures and the egg tarts are so good looking! Well done Wendy!

  9. Kitchen Corner,
    Oh please let me know when you have made this.

  10. Look at you!! Getting published on foodgawker! These tarts look amazing. I want some!! Thank for sharing the recipe.

    I would prefer the naked ones, too.

  11. Wow, i like flaky egg tarts crusts a lot...i checked your recipe, what brand of butter do you use?---I don't think i'm able to bake them but just curious to know the difference of pure butter and those Farmcows or Buttercup(Btw, i don't like margerine too, but butter---not those soft a bit of caster sugar on a slice of bread tastes real good---not healthy thou...)

  12. Memoria,
    Great to see you here again.
    It's been so long since you wrote a comment here :)

    Thanks!!! I can't believe it too (FG), plus the picture was watermarked :)

  13. I love these HK egg tarts....Simply gorgeous!

  14. Mel,
    I use either Tatura (an Australian brand) or Anchor mostly.

    Farmcows/Buttercup are dairy spreads. Dairy spread is a substitute for butter which is made from a blend of milkfat, cultured buttermilk, milk solids-not-fat, and edible oil or fat. So, they are not real butter. If they are butter, they will brand themselves as butter. Real butter are made with milk. Real butter taste awesome.

    About margarine and butter. I will at all times vouch for butter in terms of health. Butter is natural. Margarine is not. Margarine is hydrogenized oil and it contains trans fat and is carcinogenic (when overheated to a certain temp) and it's the source of obesity and heart diseases. You can read more about trans fat here

  15. looks delicious!! so do your other posts! will definitely be trying out some of your recipes. will link you when i do. :)

  16. they look so beautiful! Yes, I want a bite, pleeeaasseee......

  17. Those egg tarts look so beautiful.
    I prefer酥皮蛋塔 more than normal egg tart. Have you try TongKee egg tart before? That’s my favourite.

  18. sk fong,
    I like those puff pastry egg tarts too, but I find them too wasteful to make, as only a cut out part is used, and the dough can't be remoulded to use again as it will lose all the layers.

    I've eaten Tong Kee ones before, and they are lovely. I bought them near Bangkok bank, nearby there la. I don't think I will ever, endeavour on a puff pastry egg tart. Buying is much much easier.

  19. those tarts are irresistible!

  20. i am in agony...........hahahaha

  21. Manglish,
    I hope you're not writhing :)

  22. The tarts look so perfect! Can I order too?

  23. This is bakery standard! Looks perfect in look and texture. I wish I can have one...would make my day :D

  24. These are beautiful!!!! I made some egg tarts last week for the first time, oh my goodness, what has taken me so long? They are fabulous.

  25. These are my ultimate weakness when I go out for dim sum. Oh sure, I love a good shrimp dumpling. But egg custard tarts? My heart be still. ;)

  26. Your egg tarts are beautiful! They look like the bakery store ones. I've made them before, but mine never come out so pretty. I'll have to try your recipe.

  27. Hi Wendy, your egg tarts look so soft and like mouth melting kind, I feel like giving a bite even though I dun fancy egg tart :)

  28. Anncoo,
    Hahaha, these are so fragile I don't know how to courier them to you.

  29. Mary, Carolyn, Julia,
    Thanks. I guess it only needs practice :)

  30. Kirbie,
    Please do try the recipe.
    If you really couldn't handle the soft dough, lightly sprinkle extra flour onto it before you roll it. Not too much flour, though.

  31. Jess,
    Mostly people dun eat egg tarts due to the eggy taste of the fillings.
    Do give this recipe a try as it doesn't smell eggy at all.

  32. These look SOOO professional! Congratulations on your new baking business! :)

  33. Shirley,
    Hhaha, now I know you don't really read through my posts :)
    I've been taking orders for more than a year.
    I've talked about my orders in a few posts.
    Anyway, thanks. But really it's nothing much, just neighbours who wants some homemade stuff. I don't even make more than RM100/month.

  34. After seeing your pics, I feel shy to post my entry now :P

  35. Blessed Homemaker,
    Oh plese don't. I'd love to see yours.
    Your stuff got homemade feel, made with love.
    That's all that counts.
    I've made this countless times, so, please don't compare yours to mine. When I first made these, they looked very uneven too.

  36. aiyah,I try to read every one of your posts, I really do.. but sometimes, cannot help it - especially nowadays, you post so fast, can't read fast enough...:D
    Actually, I tried to supply some cookies to a market stall for sale one Christmas but got scolded by the vendor because I could only supply one batch - after which I was too busy to make more... :P - quite fun though.

  37. Shirley,
    Haha, true enough, I'm posting much much faster than what I used to because I have too much back posts. What is posted now actually stuff from months ago. I've arranged my post to be posted once every 2 days and the schedule is until september!!!! The cracker I told you about will be somewhere in July. Imagine how many I have!!! If I don't post once every 2 days but twice a week, I think my schedule will last me til nov or dec. And I'm churning out new stuff almost daily... darn!!! I'm really making too much stuff.

  38. you allow mnhl to bite right..

    where is mine? i want to bite too pleease

  39. Voon,
    Aiya, the tarts are here, please bite, bite...

  40. lovely tarts...thanks for the recipe. i'll be sure to try this out soon!

  41. Hanna,
    You're welcomed.
    Please let me know the outcome.

  42. Hi,Wendy,
    do I need to prick the base before baking just like any other tart recipe? Will the egg fillings leak through the holes?
    Must try your recipe, looks so good.

  43. Sem,
    If you prick it, it'll definately make the tart leak.
    And that's the last thing you ever want it to happen.

    Usually tart crusts are prebaked, when if they are pricked, they have less tendency of puffing up, cos prebaking does not involve the filling.
    This egg tart is baked with fiilings and it's enough to suppress the crust down. Never ever prick the crust for egg tarts, no matter whose recipe you're trying, as the filling is liquid and it'll definately seep out and make the crust stick to the pan.

  44. Hi, Wendy, thanks for your reply,now i understand why my egg tarts stuck to the moulds!Another question is (sorry if i ask too many question here ), do you use normal ruler to measure the dough to 4mm thickness and how do we ensure that the dough is all even with the same thickness?

  45. Sem,
    Eyeball 4mm.If you're not sure, then use a ruler to measure. If you're using those fluted moulds, you need it to be thicker than 4mm. But disposable tart tins, 4mm will be sufficient.

    So far, I'm pretty precise in eyeballing thickness, just need some practise and I've been doing these tarts so many times, I've lost count.

  46. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for a great recipe, i have a blast baking the egg tart, is a success on my first try after lots of trial on getting the dough into the tart tin fast enough before the dough teared up.
    The crust is really soft and melt in your mouth version. :)

    I can't wait to try out more of your recipes. :)

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


  47. Lily,
    Glad you loved this tart. LOL, you don't need to race against time to do this. If ever it tears, just place the teared dough back on, and rub it like putting ointment. The surface will smoothen out.
    It shouldn't melt while you do it. It just takes practice to handle this dough, soft it may be, but the results are well worth it. People who have tried helping me in my kitchen always failed in their first few tarts, until they learn to really be gentle with it, as the Cantonese says, use "Yum" energy, and not "Ngang" energy.
    Merry Christmas to you too.

  48. where do you get the aluminum pans?

  49. Anonymous,
    Any bakery supplies shop or crockery shop that sells pots and pans.
    The most expensive that I've seen is RM1.20 each.
    Even Jusco will have it, but there are 2 types, one made of tinned iron and another of aluminium. How to differentiate? Just get the more expensive one. That's aluminium.

  50. Where to buy the tart tins? can I order?

  51. Anonymous,
    Before you like to order any, are you going to pick them up yourself? Do you know where I stay in Malaysia?
    Non disposable egg tart tins are available at crockery shops or bakery supplies shop.
    Disposable ones are available are bakery supplies shop.

  52. like ur egg tart..never tried this..usually i did cheese tart coz my hubby prefer cheese to egg..but looking at yours has tempted me to try..

    i follow ")

  53. Tried the recipe just now and the tarts turned out perfectly, needed 10 more minutes of baking...i'm so happy, my whole family love it...thank you so much for sharing. God bless you.

  54. Patricia,
    Great to hear that.
    Sometimes baking times depends on ovens and size of tarts :)

  55. Hi Wendy,

    I'm a student and I would like to buy your tarts in bulk as I plan to sell it in my university during the Bazaar Day. May I know if you do it?

    My email is and hp no. 0166349659.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

  56. Top Digital Products,
    Sorry I don't take any orders nowadays.

  57. Hi Wendy,

    Today, I just tried your recipe as my eldest son loves egg tarts.
    They turned out fabulous!
    For the filling, instead of 250ml milk, I substituted with 50% of evaporated milk and 50% full cream milk, and they tasted good.

    Just wonder if you do know how to do the Portuguese Egg tart, with a slightly burnt dark brown filling :)))

    Thanks very much for sharing your recipes.

    PY Lee

  58. PY Lee,
    thanks for the feedback and sorry I have never attempted Portuguese Egg Tarts

  59. Dear Wendy,

    How do you make your egg custard set so nicely? I used your recipe and followed it to a T (love the pastry btw) but my custard bubbled, inflated while baking and some had brown spots on it. I used a 180C fan oven. Could it be the oven is too hot ? Appreciate your advise. Thanks!

  60. Domino,
    I used 180c with fan too.
    Maybe your oven is hotter.
    If it bubbles and deflate, it has overbaked.
    If you see a sign of it starting to inflate, then stop baking right away.

  61. Hi Wendy,
    I've made these tarts. They are really delicious. Mine don't look like what they should be, but I like them that way. Thank you for sharing the recipe. :)

  62. faeez,
    thanks for trying out the recipe and the feedback.
    How do they look like?

  63. Hi Wendy, like to try your egg tarts recipe, if using egg tarts tin it's still need to put into ref for overnight? Pls advise

  64. Jas,
    Yes. Actually it's just chill until it's very cold. I split the work into 2 days as I am busy most of the time. So, it's not neccesary to be overnight.

  65. Hello Wendy,

    I've tried your recipe and it is my first attempt. Amazingly, it turned out a success and i really love the taste. Thank you very much for being honest with the recipe by showing step by step clear and concise explanation. Next i'd love to try pineapple tart...look at from the ingredients..i can imagine it would be super delicious....

  66. Anonymous,
    Thanks for your feedback and all the best with the pineaaple tarts :)

  67. Good Day Wendy

    I am thinking of making egg tarts using ur recipe. But due to unpredictable timetable schedule, cud u kindly advise me if I cud make the pastry and store it in the freezer for say more than 2 weeks before using it to make the egg tarts.

    And if possible to freeze dough for the period I mentioned, do u think it will be better that I freeze the whole lump of dough not molded or molded the tart shells and then freeze them?

    Appreciate ur expert advice.

    Priscilla Poh

  68. Priscilla,
    If you keep them in a lump, imagine the time you need to thaw them before, forming then only bake.
    If they are already moulded, you can just remove them from the freezer and use them immediately.
    You can keep them frozen for a long time, as long as you keep them covered. I kept mine for about 2 months before.
    For me, usually I do the tart shells in one afternoon and bake them some other day.

  69. Thank you so much Wendy.

    Will do the dough tomorrow and freeze it. Will bake tarts as and when my family members wish to eat.

    Thanks also for the tip on watching out for sign of filling starting to inflate to stop baking tarts.

    Will let you have feedback on the tarts in later.

    Priscilla Poh


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