Monday, January 18, 2016

EasyNest Giveaway Results!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the confusion, the trouble for the inconvenience that happened during the giveaway.

I got to know that many people had issues submitting to the giveaway and I am deeply sorry for that.
Thanks to Mee Mee for telling me how to solve this issue and for the future giveaways, I know what I should do.

The answer to the question was RM350.00 or RM350.
The answer 350 will not be accepted as it's not a price.
Now, since I'm given 2 boxes of birds nest by Kaicohealth as gifts for my readers.... and since now there are two lists of entries, I can only give one gift to each list.

Sorry again.

Now for list no 1:

The winner is
List1 : incomplete entry----disqualified

Due to an incomplete entry..... I will have to draw another winner.

And the next is...... .but her answer is in dollars. Sorry yeah...

So..... I drew another number.
And the Winner is Chew Su Yee
Su Yee, please contact me either on FB or my email by 22/1/2016 so that we can get the bird's nest sent out before CNY

The Winner for List no1: Chew Su Yee

And for the second entry form, the one where you entered with your Facebook account.
Liking Kaico health will help you earn 2 entries.

And the winner is Douglas Lee!
Douglas, please contact me either on FB or my email by 22/1/2016 so that we can get the bird's nest sent out before CNY

List 2 winner: Douglas Lee

And if you want to have another shot at winning a box of EasyNest (5pcs), 

Visit KaicoHealth on Facebook and join their giveaway contest. 
This contest ends on 24/1/2016... there are still a few more days!

Good luck and good health with KaicoHealth

Click on the picture to redeem promo code for any purchase from KaicoHealth

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