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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Strawberry Cream Castle Cake

Two years back, my 4yo niece Arianna requested for a Castle Cake.

A castle cake!! Woohoo!! I've been wanting to make one for the longest of time, but both my girls never agreed to have one. I just don't understand why they won't want a castle cake. And my other nieces too, they didn't want one too.

It was quite a big project for me. I had to plan the execution properly. I didn't want to use fondant, or use plastic parts on it, and tried my best not to use food colouring to make this cake. The colouring on sprinkles were inevitable.

Here is the frosting. I used strawberry coulis. Recipe will be out in a few days' time.

And here's how I made the towers using ice cream cones. A serrated knife will work best. Use sawing motion and be very gentle.

The castle cones are made by painting pointy ice cream cones with melted white chocolate, and sprinkle it with sprinkles. I use a chopstick to keep it in place as it dries.

The castle had two storeys. Recipe for the sponge cake is from Sweet Vanilla Cake. I used 1/2 tsp vanilla essence instead of vanilla seeds. To make a cake this size, I made the recipe twice and baked  3 pieces of 8X2inch round vanilla sponge, and the top was a 6 inch chiffon, made with the same batter

Doors and windows are Julie's Butter Waffles

I transported the cake without the pointy cones. And kept the cones in an air tight container. When I arrived at the party scene, I just put the cones on, without any additional 'glue' or cream to hold it in place.

My niece was so happy about it and she told everyone she met about the cake I made for her.
I'm, definitely her favourite Ku-cheh 姑姐 ! Lol.

We ate the base and kept the top for the next day. Everybody loved the taste of this cake.
Full recipe will be coming up soon.

Recipe for the cream is hereRecipe for the cake is here

This year's assignment: Strawberry Chocolate Castle. LOL, Let's see what I can do.

Happy Birthday Arianna!


  1. I suppose Arianna was absolutely delighted with her cake.

    It looks incredible!

    (And I'm sure it tastes great but I do not want to think about that because I'm trying to slim down and then...) :-)

  2. Mauricio,
    Oh yes, she really loved it a lot.
    She's asking for another castle cake this year!

  3. looks beautiful! i am going to try and copycat this for my nieces 4th birthday party! can I have the recipie to the frosting you used?


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