Saturday, June 14, 2008

Steamed Pandan Cup Cakes

My Braun Multimix of 12 years said good bye to me recently... so, making cakes that needs lots of whipping up has to be put off until I get a new good mixer..

I made this based on my previous post of Steamed Cheese Cake.

Steamed Pandan Cup Cake Recipe

Dry ingredients

(A) 200gm cake flour
¼ tsp salt
4 tsp baking powder

80gm sugar

Wet Ingredients
100ml pandan juice (from 3 blades of pandan leaves)
100ml coconut milk
2 eggs
20gm melted butter

1. Sift A.
2. Mix sugar with (A)
3. Beat eggs and combine all wet ingredients.
4. Combine wet and dry ingredients well.
5. Spoon into paper lined cups until 2/3 full.
6. Steam on high heat for 15 minutes.

10 cup cakes


  1. I have a simple version of steamed cake recipe here. Normally I use rice cooker to steam.
    130g sugar
    5 eggs
    1tsp ovalette
    100ml thick coconut milk
    200g flour + 2 tsp baking powder (sifted)
    Line a round cake pan with grease proof paper
    1. Whisk egges, sugar and ovalette until thick and creamy
    2. Slowly add in coconut milk
    3. Stir in flour and steam for 30 min in high heat

  2. HI Wendy, Tried this recipe today. Am dissapointed as the cake didn't turn out right. Yours look so fluffy and smooth on the top. Mine turned out rather "tough"and rough on the surface... What happen......

  3. Tough.. hmm.. did u overmix it? The batter should be mixed until all dry ingredients turns wet and smooth.

    Rough surface... Like how, waves? or like craters?

  4. Hi Wendy.. the surface is more to wave..
    The taste is good .... will try again... I did mix the dry ingredients turns wet and smooth. Should the egg be beaten till frothy??

  5. If it's like waves, there could be a few reasons, u opened the steamer cover way too quick, as in cold air quickly replaced the hot air. Or it could be the steamer cover wasn't tight enough. Make sure u use a measuring spoon and level the baking powder before u put it in. And I did not beat the eggs until frothy, just beaten enough to combine whites and yolks. Frothy eggs could be one of the reasons too, as too much air was incorporated. The baking powder is enough to make the steamed cake rise.

    The method to mix this is the same as making muffins. ;)

  6. That day i went to shop for some flour and was confused by the many types there...and the lady couldnt explain well, just told me: U just follow my recipe i bot some super fine flour and some double action baking powder. Can u tell me what's the difference between: cake flour, superfine flour(lady said its for very fine texture sponge cakes),all-purpose flour, self-raising flour, and normal flour?
    If I substitute my super fine flour for the cake flour in this recipe, do I put in the same amount, or i should lessen it? Thanks!
    (Geez, I feel like a kitchen idiot asking all these)

  7. Mel,
    Cake flour is the same as superfine flour.

    All purpose flour is the more specific name for normal flour, Eg: Cap Sauh, Cap Anchor, Tesco house brands, Baker's Mix, Cap Lily...

    Self Raising flour is Superfine flour with baking powder added. I prefer not to use this, so that I can manipulate the amount of baking powder used.

  8. Hi, I'm just back from Jusco...i saw that under the same brand(Nona), they have cake flour,top flour, superfine flour and others... and they look exactly the same to me...sigh...really a lot for me to learn...

  9. Hi Wendy, can I use the normal wheat flour instead of cake flour? Thank you :)

  10. Ili,
    Can. Use those with 9.0% protein. For eg: Baker's choice or Cap Sauh.

  11. U know, brand of key blue flour this which is one all purpose or cake flour or superfine? I runsing pasal flour. Pls tell me

  12. Cindy Goh,
    if you go to shops that sells baking items, all flours can be bought there.
    If you go to supermarket, selection is very narrow.
    The easiest to get is Nona brand. They have cake flour and superfine, of which is the same thing, but wonder why they name it differently.

  13. Ingredient 200 gm cake flour, if what I lazy go buy cake flour. Can uses all purpose flour or flour with steam Pandan cupcake ok?

  14. Cindy Goh,
    Can, the result is only slightly denser.
    Choose a 9% protein all purpose like Cap Sauh or Baker's Choice. Blue key is 9.5%


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