Monday, February 9, 2009

2 Cakes and 2 Birthdays

I'm grabbing every opportunity to make birthday cakes to practise cake decorating.
Hannah's birthday was yesterday, and I made her a cake with strawberry filling, her favourite.
During Lydia's 1st birthday, she kept on telling me how good the cake was, so I made the same cake for her birthday, with different decoration, definately.

I made some mistakes, should've made the words using the same colours for the same letter. Due to space restraints, the words looked like scattered candies, rather than words, except for the capital H.

The kids couldn't wait to have the candies...

After Hannah's birthday party, it's my mom's turn.
Actually, her birthday's 2 weeks back, but I was in confinement, so the candle blowing was postponed to today. Mom didn't want "publicity", so she didn't want to bring her cake to KFC and blow it together with Hannah. We did it after the party, just among family members.

Neapolitan Yogurt Cheesecake, a personal creation.

The cake 's side was a bit crumbled... logistics fault. He he!


  1. I've seen most of your cakes, eg. piano cake, face cake etc... They looked so pro and if you didnt note that you made them I'd have thought that you brought them. You're so talented, keep up the good work!!! 好西利!

    超崇拜的说 ^^


  2. can u pls share the recipe for rectangular cake if its ok with u which u drizzled chocolate on it ...
    is it 9x13 cake pan pls let me know at the earliest as i plan to do it for my sons birthday thanks again for ur wonderful recipes

  3. Sammy,
    The sponge of the cake is the same as Strawberry Mirror Cake 1. Sponge cakes are versatile, you can decorate it anyway you want.
    I baked it thinly, about 1 inch tall, filled and stacked. the recipe is not meant to be baked thick, so you might reconsider baking it in a 9X13. How big you want it, you have to bake it in 1 inch tall sheets, cut and stack.


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