Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sweet Bread & Buns

I've been trying to make sweet buns with sweet and savoury fillings lately.

I knead by hand.... and it takes me more than 30 sweating minutes to knead 500 gm flour.
I don't have the guts to use my hand held mixer to knead the bread... I'm scared it'll explode while I'm holding to it. It's tough work!
Anyone out there wanting to give me an early Christmas gift???

I adapted the recipe from Aunty Yochana's butter buns, and I added more sugar, yeast and slightly more butter to her dough recipe. These buns are made without softeners and improvers, therefore do not expect it to be super pillowy soft(retail bakery breads). But they are soft, even for 3 days. And on the funny side, they taste better the next day. Maybe it could be due to my fan oven, the surface sort of dries up a bit, and keeping it allows the moisture from within to seep up and moistens the bread.

And I found that egg white is my favourite glaze. Milk and whole eggs burns too easily, pure egg yolk is too golden for my taste. Egg white is the best!

500gm bread flour/high protein flour
100gm sugar
50gm milk powder

11gm yeast (1 sachet)
220ml water
1 big pinch of sugar
1 egg

85gm butter
1/2 tsp salt

1. Proof yeast with water and pinch of sugar until mixture turns frothy.
2. Mix bread flour, sugar and milk powder together. Make a well in the centre.
3. When (1) is ready, beat in 1 egg and pour into (2).
4. Knead dough for 10 minutes (15 by hand)Dough should be smooth by now.
5. Knead in butter and salt. It feels very oily..Continue to knead for another 10 minutes (15 by hand)or until dough is very stretchable.
6. Shape dough into a ball and cover with cling wrap, leaving a small hole by the side. Or u can place it in a pot and cover with a lid.
7. Leave to proof for 45 mins or until almost triple (I won't call it double, look at the pic), or until u can make a dent in the dough that doesn't spring back.
8. Punch down and knead for 1 minute. Divide into desired sizes and shape. Do not put toppings at this stage.
9. After shaping let proof for another hour or until more than double. Brush with egg white. Put on desired topppings.
10. Preheat oven. Bake buns at 160C for 12 minutes, or loaves at 150C for 20 minutes.(My oven)

**** Maybe ur oven needs to bake at higher temperatures. Most recipes I see call for breads to be baked at 200C or 180C. My oven burns my bread at this temperature. U have to experiment a bit here.

And here's a collection of my bread making. You can do whatever patterns or use whatever fillings u fancy.

Sweet Raisin Bun Ring
-just added moistened raisins to the dough, made into 6 80gm buns and put in a tube pan. Egg white glaze

Ham and Cheese Twist-just ham and cheese folded and twisted. egg white glaze.

Chilli Sausage Bun
-Mushroom jumbo sausages rolled into a piece of 60gm dough, cut into 4 pieces, laid out and garnished with chilli sauce and grated cheddar before baking. This was glazed with milk and whole egg. A bit too golden hoh???

Ham and Cheese Spiral Loaf-Ham and cheese laid out on a rectagular piece of dough, rolled up swiss roll style. Laid in a tube pan to proof and bake at 150C for 20 mins. Egg white glaze.

Double Cheese Buns
-Cheddar on top, cream cheese in the middle

Cheese Plaits
-Grated cheddar mixed with some egg and sugar. Spread on top of plaited 60gm buns.

Cheese Buns
-Filled with Cheddar cheese, it makes a cave inside as it bakes

Sweet Cheddar Cheese Bun
-Cheddar cave inside, cheddar and sugar topping.

Sausage roll
Roll 60gm dough into long strips and wind around thawed sausages.

I'm not going to bake anymore of these sweet buns in near future.. been baking too much of these lately, a bit sick of it oredi. Hahahahaha!


  1. Hi Wendy, you make beautiful breads and buns! I like your blog :)

  2. why lah u dun like to bake bun?
    Is it kneading or the time
    Anyway i dun owe a heavy mixer so i seldom bake bun. Plus I'm too lazy

  3. Simmone,
    I never said I dun like to bake buns.

    I made those buns so often during that period that I got "sien" oredi. Imagine making buns twice a week for almost a month. I started making bread again, and you'll see them much later in my blog.

  4. wendy!!
    i need help =(
    my bread dough won't rise! i have no idea y..
    the first time, my bread wont rise at all, like after 2 hours...i found that because my yeast is expired. then i found online that as long as i add in new yeast, then the dough will be okie..
    so, i put my dough in d fridge and the next day, i proof my new yeast..with a bit of water + sugar..and added into the dough at room temperature..

    i kneaded my bread again after the new yeast is added, for around 15 min..but the dough still wont rise? how come?? =(

  5. ice-ayrez,
    Hmmm... there was once, it took my dough 6 hours for first rising and another 4 for second rising. I also dunno why. But it wasn't this recipe. But I tried the recipe again, and the 2nd time the first proofing was 2 hours and second proofing was more than 1 hour. Same recipe but worked differently.

    Did your yeast mixture froth??? If it frothed, it is alive and shouldn't be a problem.Maybe wait longer lor. But if it never frothed, then it is dead and it should never ever be added to the flour mixture.

    If the yeast u added in earlier is expired and dead, nothing will happen to the mixture, no bubbles or whatsoever will happen. Always check for frothing before you add it into the flour.

  6. The 1st yeast is confirmed to be dead..LOL. I Frothed it again after the dough didn't rise and nothing happened.
    I added the frothed yeast this morning. Was 'playing' again n again since I didn't see it rise. T.T Till around 4pm jus now...n after like 4 hours,finally I saw some rise, jus some!! Till 11pm jus now,it rises, maybe jus 1/2 of the size.
    My mum threaten me to throw the dough away already. sobs. Now I jus folded in some chocolate chips for the 2nd rising. And still leave some of the ori bread dough aside for it to rise. Will wait and see what will happen. aihz.
    Btw, will it rise if I leave it in the fridge? No rit? Thanks!!

  7. Ice,
    If the fridge is not too cold, it will still rise, but at a slower rate.

    Maybe u buy the yeast from another place, cos the place u bought it might have mishandled the yeast, like maybe put it in a too hot spot and killed it. But as I said, if the yeast froths(creates bubbles) when proofed (with water and some sugar), then it is alive and should pose no problem.

    If you are lazy wait and take a chance with this dough, throw it away and start anew.
    Your proofed yeast mixture should froth and create bubbles as much a a fresh glass of beer in just 5-10 minutes.

  8. Hmm, I'll think about it.
    Thanks a lot. I'll try again..hehe

  9. hi! results of my bun..haha
    it kept on rising n rising the next day..=.=
    i tried to bake with it, just a small portion..
    it was not tht fluffy, but soft...maybe i didnt knead enough, tht's y my dough won't rise?
    but the baked bun had small smell in it..izit because of the yeast? since i actually had double portion in the dough...
    anyway, i didnt make the rest of it d..=)
    will try again soon, if i had the mood to..XP

  10. Ice,
    Smell? Alcoholic smell???
    These homemade breads will not be as fluffy as bakery ones, because they got a lot of "magic" added in.
    Hope to see hear about your next attempt.

  11. hi wendy,
    just wanna thank you for this great recipe and tips.. i have tried making it today but changed a bit by making fried doughnut and the outcome was wonderful... the kids love it.. and i really love your blog here so does checking on your new recipe everyday.. thanks again..

  12. jywyuen,
    Glad you loved this recipe.
    Will be glad to see you around more often :)

  13. Wah... I just google abit about cream cheese filling and I spy your site. :D
    I was looking for this cranberry mini bread with cheese filling recipe. Bought some in a Japanese bakery and found it yummy. I'm not even sure the cheese is the hard cheese or cream cheese. Lily Ng has cream cheese filling but she add sugar and milk , then microwave into a paste.
    Did you just cut a portion of the cream cheese and wrapped inside the dough? Was the cheese completely melted after the buns are done? The ones I bought...the cheese wasn't melted.
    Such a brilliant idea to use the tube pan to make the buns. The tube pan is tinggi so I'm abit uncertain when the 2nd proofing is done. So far is 80% rise for a Pullman tin before baking. Did you gauge by time?

  14. Vien,
    I gauge the 2nd proofing by looking lor. If the time I laid it in the pan was half then I looked out til it got to the rim..

    About the cheese, if cream cheese is used, the filling taste creamy and looks white.
    If cheddar is used, it's yellowish and taste more slightly more solid then prebaked form.
    I just cut the cream cheese and filled, both cheddar and cream cheese melted when fresh out from the oven, but as it cools it is not longer runny.

  15. Wendy,
    thanks for info on cream cheese. Gonna make this today. My tube pan is fairly high so I've to agak agak. Normally the bread will even rise further in my oven.

    OT...have u made tofu telor before? I used the proper mould but just couldn't get the shape.E mould is not like what HugBear used (improvised milk can?)...there are holes on the sides.

  16. can this recipe fit a normal bread pan? the rectangular shape one?


  17. Ona,
    There are a few sizes of bread pans, so I have no idea which one you are talking about.
    You can try putting the dough in. As long as it fits 1/3 of the pan, it can be safely baked in it w/o overflowing.

  18. Hi Wendy,

    This is Ling here. I made some buns using your sweet bread and bun recipe. The buns turn out to be so so good. I knead by hand too, the buns are so good its like the magic had been added to it. The only thing is that the cheese toppings that i used became very black and hard. I use cheese slices cut into thinner strips and then lay them on top.

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe.

  19. Ling,
    Thanks for the feedback!
    Magic, haha, yeah, your magic :)
    I also used cheese slices for the cheese bun

  20. hi Wendy,

    can the dough be keep in the fridge for future use? i mean today do dough making, tomorrow only bake it. if can keep in fridge, when and at what stage keeping is the best?


  21. Jess,
    sorry I have never tried keeping the dough before.

  22. Hi Wendy,

    I follow your recipe to the T. I was apprehended when the dough was on the oily side initially but it went on nicely smooth after some time.

    The dough was super soft. Unfortunately it does not have time to keep until next day as I finish off with a spread of butter.

    I have make another portion wiith mixed fruits and another portion with char siew. It was crazy.

    It was a good recipe. Definately a keeper.

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Han Annie,
    Oh yeah, it was oily, but as you knead the butter will be absorbed in and everything will be fine.
    Glad you liked this :)

  24. Hi Wendy. Can I know what milk powder u use?

  25. Nicole,
    I always use full cream milk powder, I prefer Fernleaf

  26. Hi wendy, i will try this recipe. Can i use bread machine. For making bao my machine can work for 1kg bao flour direct. So u think i can use jmy machine instead of hand to knead? Thanks.

  27. Hi wendy, my machine actually not bread machine but like mixer BOSCH brand, can i knead it direct 500gr flour? Thanks.

  28. June,
    If it can take 1kg of pau flour, 500gm bread flour is not a problem :)

  29. Hi Wendy, may i know which brand of yeast you are using for this recipe? Mine is Mauripan.

  30. Hello Wendy, I tried making the Sweet raisin bun today. Everything was perfect until the last part. When I add moistened raisins to the 'proofed' dough, I kneaded it and all the raisins became 'penyet'/ flat...the dough became wet. :( is this normal?

    Instead of putting it into the bake ring, I plan to twist it (to make raisin twist bread). Please tell me what to do right after the second proofing.

  31. Louise,
    I wet them, shake off the water and used them immediately. It was slightly mushed, but end result was ok.


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