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Monday, October 5, 2009

Joanna's Present Cake

Joanna is the youngest daughter of my eldest brother. We call her Jojo mostly.
She requested for a present cake, and I couldn't decide on the cake inside until last minute. I finally made a strawberry chiffon with strawberry ripple cheesecake filling. The party was last Saturday.

After this cake, I'll get myself forceps to use with those dragees. This cake had fingernail dents especially near "Jojo". I almost wanted to stop putting those pretty silver pearls after the capital J, but, in the end, I ended up decorating the whole name.

To apply fresh cream over a square cake is......... UUURRRGHHH!!
It's so difficult to get a nice edge. I can't chill the cake and level the sides, ulike buttercream which will harden when chilled. Fresh cream remains as it is when chilled, soft and with a high capacity to be damaged with the slightest of pressure, of which I did while putting on those dragees, my palm hit the corner and.... ta-da, the cake is chipped.
With it being a present cake, I can't put stuff by the side like almonds or chocolate shavings to do cover ups, So, I tried my very best to repair the damage.

I don't think I'll attempt another square present cake, unless it's with buttercream or cheese frosting. :)

Joanna the birthday girl

Joanna with her elder sister, Hannah

Happy cousins!!


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