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Friday, October 5, 2012

Lompat Tikam ~Jump and Stab??? - MFF Terengganu #3

This Terengannu dessert is not for the faint hearted. It's called "Jump and Stab". Yes, that's what it means in the Malay language. LOL.

I'm just pulling your leg. It's a dessert for anyone. No violence incurred during the preparation and nothing happened when I ate it, except mourn with pleasure. LOL.

Kelantan state has their own version that comes with a red glutinous rice and the coconut milk component is more liquidy like a curd sauce. So, please do not be confused.

Ok, now, if you are a pandan, coconut and palm sugar lover like me, you'll go Ummmmmmmmm with this dessert too. Almost like a panacotta, absolutely delish! Soft, smooth and the combination of my favourite flavours.

It's also super easy to make. Cook and pour... only! Oppps.... you still need to chill if you want it cold, but can be served warm, no harm having something less chilly.

Now, for MFF, it's not a must to make something different than others, the important thing is that one tries to cook some state food. Try this if you're a pandan coconut and palm sugar lover and you won't regret it.

Lompat Tikam
Source: Kak Fida @ MyResepi

White layer
15gm rice flour
200gm coconut milk
100gm water
1 small pinch salt

Green layer
40gm rice flour
400gm pandan juice
1 drop alkaline water

125gm palm sugar
250gm water
1 pandan leaf, shredded and knotted

1. Prepare 4 ramekins (150ml capacity). Wash and dry them properly.
2. Combine white layer ingredients and cook on medium heat until it thickens, turns glossy and no longer taste floury. Distribute evenly into the 4 ramekins.
3. Immediately wash the saucepan and wipe dry. (or use another pot)
4. Combine green layer ingredients and cook on medium heat until it thickens, turns glossy and no longer taste floury. Distribute evenly into the ramekins over the white layer.
5. Chill for a few hours before unmoulding to serve.
6. Prepare syrup: Combine and cook until the palm sugar melts and smells good with pandan. Strain and let it cool down. Keep chilled until time to serve.

*Take note that you can serve this as verrines, just reverse the green and white layers. Serve with the container intact.

I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest, Terengganu Month hosted by Lena of Frozen Wings


  1. So simple to whip up this good looking dessert!

  2. Oh dessert, my favourite! Beautiful presentation! Looks really delicious. My guests will be very happy if I serve this to them!

  3. Oh, oh, hopefully after serving them, they don't "lompat and tikam" me back! Lots of laugh.....

  4. Whoaaaa so suci murni the white bout dis..we hummmmm hummm together2.? Loveee this sooo much and again...i'm the girl who junjung this to our gerai bcoz my mom prepare it in big talam/dulang...hukhuk...feel like vietnamese who junjung kain atas kepala...;)

  5. Ahh...a classic TGG kueh. When I studied at the residential school in KT, one outstation classmate complained "kueh ni tawar, lah". She did not realise got syrup to go with it. Nice one, Wendy!

  6. I like anything easy:D and tasty!:D:D will try this but don't know if I could unmould it so clean like you!:P

  7. Oooolalala..I have all the ingredients at home..will try this :)
    The jelly was decorated with a little pandan ribbon, so cute..totally change the presentation. Am impressed !!

  8. Wow, lovely presentation. This is dessert for the soul!

  9. The texture looks very delicate. Really curious how soft the texture will be. Got to try make it and find out. Very nice presentation!

  10. now that is delicious and lokk luvly tooo

  11. Me a big pandan and gula melaka fan! This reminds me of kuih talam ..sounds easy to make, i will definitely try. Thanks

  12. Smooth and perfect texture..on top of Lena's Roti Paun, I shall go look for this Lompat Tikam too when I go KT next week..lovely presentation.

  13. I like all the ingrediens used in this recipe, interesting name too.

  14. Peng,
    Really very simple de!

    very good for entertaining!

    hehehe, mesti theme minggu ini membawa banyak dejavu bagi Chah, hehehe.
    Apa kata, Chah pun masak Ganu jugak, join kite for the event?

    Phong Hong,
    Yawoh, the kuih itself is totally tasteless!!!
    LOL, did your fren love the kuih later?

    Jeannie Tay,
    No worries, make it verrine style :)

    Haha, actually I put the 'ribbon' there for photography purposes, need a point of focus and it balances out the lighting, cos I'm on auto mode. It'll look weird if it's too white the lighting will be very off de.

  15. Too Mai Lin,
    Yeah, my soul was filled after eating it, truly satisfied!

    You can make it harder and cut into shapes, some do it that style :)


    Much much easier than kuih talam!

    What's Baking,
    When I traveled to TGG last time, I never noticed this kuih :p
    I had this in KK instead,hahahaha.

    If only u are on FB, yesterday I found one post about funny kuih names and shared it :)

  16. Hi Wendy! This is so silky smooth. I would enjoy the pandan flavors with the palm sugar...

  17. Thanks for receipe . It looks very good . I live in USA , I don't know about alkaline water may I use drinking water ? Only 1 drop ???? Like nothing ??? Thanks

  18. this is good man! i think most of us have a weak spot for gula melaka and coconut, so beautiful..! sounds like a kuih talam pudding hor?

  19. Mich,
    I think most of us in this region do too!

    That 1 drop is enough to make a difference.
    But if u're not using real pandan, but artificial pandan, you can use water.

    actually, almost ler...
    Most kuih in this region also lebih kurang, depends on the consistency and type of flour used, all really traditional ones are always about coconut, pandan and palm sugar, right?, hehehe.

  20. i WILL make this, Wendy *slurp!*

  21. HI Wendy

    this dessert looks v pretty..would like to make it except that i dun have alkaline water.. and i have pandan paste. if i use pandan paste, how much should i use and just add one drop of water to replace alkaline water? will the steps still be the same?

  22. Alice,
    Yeah yeah, give it a try

    if u're using pandan paste, just skip the alkaline water. That 1 drop, ignore it, hehehehe. How much pandan paste to use depends on brand, some are more intense, so u have to gauge it urself.

  23. hi Wendy

    thks for the reply.


  24. Hi Wendy,

    Can you tell me the ratio for the pandan leaves and water to obtain the required 400gm juice.

    Ardent Fan

  25. Ardent Fan,
    It's hard to tell the ratio as the leaves comes in all sizes and quality. Better ones need less to achieve this colour and paler ones need more. 1 cup of loosely packed snipped leaves should be enough.

  26. Hi wendy,

    I tried this recipe last night, this morning i try out.. i was shocked my pandan is bitter. Can u enlighten me of what i did wrong? Thanks

  27. new baker,
    Did you use young pandan leaves plus the whitish parts?

  28. Tiiennah Tea,
    because this desert needs it :)


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