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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lambuk Porridge ~ Bubur Lambuk Terengganu - MFF Terengganu #4

Terenganu style rice porridge :)

I'm sure most Malaysian may have heard of this, especially during Ramadan fasting month, some mosques will be giving out free Bubur Lambuk. Unlike the west coast version, the ingredients used in Terengganu is very different. It uses fish, sweet potato and lots of local wild vegetables. I was curious about the taste, so I decided to try it out.

One is free to use any type of vegetables but some do insist on the use of wild pepper, lemon basil (kemangi) and red fern (pucuk midin/paku merah). I have trouble searching for the red fern and I was told it wasn't found in Perak. Then lemon basil was no where to be sold except at the garden center where I have to buy the whole big pot! I just went ahead with whatever I could buy at the market or source from my hubby's employee.

I have eaten some free bubur lambuk (given at TNB KK, when my hubby went to pay bills) before that uses coconut milk, beef, chicken, carrots, spices, fried shallots and chinese parsley. Frankly... I prefer the west coast version. The one I ate previously sounds like this one. Maybe I'm not used to the flavour of Terengganu's version, or maybe I should've just put in coconut milk and I'll like it better. It's just a matter of personal preference.

But I'll say, Terengganu's version is a much much healthier version, low fat, high fibre :)

Bubur Lambuk
Sourced and adapted from: Hanieliza and DapurMalaysia
Serves: 6

300gm rice
2.5L water

500gm sardines/ Indian mackerel (kembung)
1 tsp oil
½ tsp salt

1 red onion
1cm ginger
2 garlic cloves
3 shallots
1 Tbsp black pepper *
750ml water
500gm sweet potato (yellow + orange)
1 Tbsp fish sauce
½ cup peeled prawns

10 wild pepper/wild betel (kaduk) leaves
5 stalks water convolvulus (kangkung)
5 stalks wild fern (pucuk paku)
4 stalks vietnamese mint (kesum)
1 turmeric leaf (, daun kunyit, if small use 2)

1. Wash rice and boil together with water. Lower to a simmer.
2. Meanwhile clean fish and rub with oil and salt. Grill in the oven at 220C until cooked. (Mine took 15 minutes –no preheating)
3. Let fish cool down and remove flesh from bones. Rub fish flesh with fingers to check the presence of bones.
4. Place onion, shallots, garlic, ginger and black pepper in a blender. Put in 3 cups water and blend until fine. Add in fish and blend. (or you can leave the fish in large pieces if preferred)
5. Dice sweet potatoes. Finely slice all the leaves and tear off the fronds from the fern.
6. When the rice is all fluffy pour in the blended fish. Let it come back to a boil.
7. Put in sweet potatoes and let it boil until cooked. Season with fish sauce and salt (I used 2.5 tsp)
8. Put in all the leaves and prawns. Bring it back to a boil and turn off the heat.

*I sprinkled them on later because I wanted to keep this child friendly

Note that after I added the sweet potatoes, it became too full. so I removed some porridge to another pot before adding in the vegetables.

I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest, Terengganu Month hosted by Lena of Frozen Wings


  1. Oh,I'm sure this is a healty porridge. I love porridge, but not sure about the pepper leaves, doesn't it taste bitter? please let me know,I'm so currious about this. But won't stop me to make it someday.

  2. Nisa's Mom,
    Nope, kaduk tastes pretty nice. It's not the same as sireh. I've never tasted sireh, I don't know if they taste the same :p
    I even eat them raw in Mieng Kam (a Thai snack)

  3. I have not tasted this porridge before. I am sure this is very different from what I am use to. I can imagine this will be an aromatic flavorful porridge. I will try this after the Nutriplus event:D

  4. beautiful! recipe, photography and story! I can’t wait to make this!

  5. As I was telling Lena, I really admire the great amount of effort all of you have put in to introduce these local delicacies. Great job! This one I have tried before during the fasting month, very flavorful but quite different from the Chinese type of porridge that we are used to :)

  6. Thank you for your explaination, Wendy. If you said is not bitter, so the taste is totally different with don't want to try those. Old people used to chew those and help to make their tooth strong.

  7. Wendy, you went all out to make this bubur lambuk :) Back home I have only eaten it once. I like the peppery taste.

  8. Believe me it would taste better if you add in coconut milk of considerate amount. I'm from Terengganu so I know how it'll taste. You made me proud to be a Terengganu-an, Wendy. Thank you :) Maybe you should try making some satar, otak-otak or pulut panggang someday. You might like it :)

  9. Quay Po,
    I think it'll be better if you don't skip the coconut milk, if u ever try this


    Lite Home Bake,
    thanks, come join us then! Join the fun!

    Nisa's Mom,
    and the teeth looks awfully red! Ewww!

    Phong Hong,
    I used pepper as needed only due to the kids :p

    khalis damia,
    yeah, i kinda regretted a bit after that, because i read a few blogs saying it was better without, and even Kak Hanieliza pun tak letak. But then think think, if I added, it will taste like a thick laksam kuah, LOL, that'll be delish! I might be making satar for Kelantan, but still dunno yet, I hate dealing with the tiny bones of the kembung and selayang.

  10. if you never send me your entry, i would have forgotten about this dish that you told me earlier. Never had this before, actually there are so many malay deligts and dishes that i've not tried yet. quite a fascinating porridge to me with so many different kinds of ingredients added in!

  11. Hi wendy, I am from Terengganu and I find this very very helpful! U know, we dont always make bubur lambuk, only during Ramadhan then comes the demand. Thanx a lot


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