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Monday, October 8, 2012

Prawn Noodles - Soupy Noodles #1

It was almost Chinese New Year (somewhere Dec 2011) and I have a lot of prawn shells in the freezer that needs clearing up. I’ve never made prawn noodles before and I’ve been planning for my maiden attempt since months ago. I finally made it when I got some nice fresh prawns again.

I thought it’s difficult. But hey no, it took me just a little while to make this for dinner. The most difficult part could be cleaning the shallots and that’s just it. The rest was quite a breeze.

I used so much prawn shells and heads, that the soup tasted very very nice with no usage of chicken carcass or stock cube. None at all. I referred to these 2 websites to get a general idea and came up with this. Delicious!

I know some of you might find it weird to have pork slices, but in my hometown, we do have this with our prawn noodle at Malai Wong. I see them fishing out huge slabs of pork loin and slicing it later.

Prawn Noodles
Recipe: WendyinKK
Reference: My Wok Life and Eating Pleasure
Serves:6-8, depending on amount of broth in each bowl and portion size

8-10 cups prawn shells and heads(mine was 725gm)
200gm pork loin
500gm fresh prawns
4 Tbsp cooking oil
1 red onion, quartered
2 clove of garlic, smashed
2 Tbsp Shao Xing wine
4L water
1 Tbsp rock sugar
Salt to taste

1. Put water into a large pot and bring to boil. Put in pork loin.
2. While waiting for the water to boil. Fry shells. Put prawn shells into wok and fry until no more juices come out and looks dry. Pour in oil and on medium heat, fry until the shells are very fragrant and has all turned pink/red/orange.
3. Place all the fragrant prawn shells, onion, garlic, and wine into the boiling water. Bring back to a boil and lower to a simmer on medium low heat for 30 minutes.
4. Fish out the pork loin. Strain the broth. Discard the shells (you can rinse the shells with some water and pour this water into the pot of broth before discarding, waste not yeah)
5. Bring the broth back to a boil.
6. Snip feelers off prawns and put them into the pot of boiling broth. When the water comes back to a boil, fish out all the prawns, set it aside.
7. Thinly slice the pork when it has cooled down.
8. Season broth with salt and turn off the heat. Reboil when it’s almost time to serve.

Chilli paste
5 fresh chillies
5 bird’s eye chilli (adjust to personal liking)
5 shallots
2 cloves of garlic
½ tsp salt
4 Tbsp oil (use more oil if you want your broth to look red)

1. Grind chillies, shallots and garlic to a fine paste.
2. Heat wok with oil, the put in the chilli paste and salt and cook it on medium heat until it looks almost dry(still pasty) and glossy.
3. You can either put this into the soup (after boiling the prawns) or keep this for personal addition later on.

Other condiments:
Rice vermicelli, soaked to soften
Yellow noodles
Fried shallots (you can fry this first, then use the same oil to prepare chilli paste)
Beansprouts, blanched
Water convolvulus
Hard boiled eggs
White pepper

I use a noodle strainer to do this for single portions. Place a handful of beansprouts and some water convolvulus into a strainer. Top with rice vermicelli + yellow noodles. Dip the strainer into the boiling water for a few seconds and pour the contents into a noodle bowl. Put 1tsp chilli paste and some white pepper onto the noodles, ladle the soup over the paste to dissolve. Top with eggs, prawn and pork slices. Lastly, sprinkle on fried shallots.


  1. Hi Wendy,

    I'm *drooooooling*.....

    Thanks for sharing this delicious prawn delight.

  2. Wendy.....i think i wanna block my fb from seeing your food post. LOL..... I wanna ask whether got such fucntion ar. LOL..... I just cooked the Asam Laksa yesterday , now u tempt me with this. OMG.. this is one of my fav too...

  3. I love prawn noodles! I've got a tiny collection of prawn heads...waiting for the day it will multiply so I can make some prawn stock =P hehe. Thanks for sharing! Looks too appetising!

  4. This looks so yUmmy! But a lot of effort . Think I shall
    just ask u for a bowl. Lol :)) that's why I said u r a genius.
    Can even make prawn noodles at home. ;D

  5. Cannot get your noodle off my mind.. Gonna to eat prawn noodles for lunch NOW! Lol ..;)))

  6. In the first photo, the prawns are jumping out at me! I love prawn noodles especially with the sambal. Aiyo, cannot tahan.

  7. Hehehe am still in the proces of collecting prawns shells >.<

  8. I thought sliced pork loin is standard, as that's the way I cook it too, learnt from my Mum who hails from Penang. Maybe the Northern way.

  9. Look really yummy!

    Sliced pork is standard here too. Some have pork ribs (pay more) as well.

  10. aeghhhhhh its my FAVOURITE to curry mee and hokkien mee

  11. Hokkien mee!! Yours definitely better than those sold outside, I am sure!

  12. Wendy I can slurpp two bowl. A lot of kung fu to do right? making the soup ain't easy. Look at the photos presentation so tempting.

  13. em.... next time i want to try this. very yummy yummy... now i hungry see your mee....ha...

  14. ooooo... I just finish my lunch hour but still thinking to go eat prawn noodle after seeing all your photos!

  15. Hehehehe.. your prawn mee has got a few missing ingredients and these are essential. The skill of prawn mee is the soup.

  16. Han Annie
    Here's a tissue

    Nah, forget about it. U invited urself into my dungeon, now and forever, ahaha!

    mr.pineapple man,

    dumpling love,
    the more heads the better! jiayou!

    Was ur bowl of noodles able to satisfy the craving? hehehe.

    Phong Hong,
    make sure u catch them!

  17. Peng,
    u too ah? heheh, ganbatae!

    Swee San,

    My MIL was shocked to see pork loin, haha!

    Kampar's Malai Wong also has ribs :p

    Small kucing,
    what u like, I also like

    reana claire,
    I dunno if this qualifies as hokkien mee :p


  18. Angeline,
    ok la, not difficult actually.

    then better go makan :p

    Cynful pleasure,
    U really live up to ur name, hahaa

    Food so delicious,
    I wonder which yardstick did you use to compare my prawn mee with so that it should have a list of standard ingredients? My broth is made so so much prawns heads that it doesn't need budget flavour fillers like jicama or spinal bones. I never mentioned this is Penang version or anything related to it.
    FYI, the Cantonese also makes prawn noodles, with a clear broth that is not spicy at all.
    If you think this recipe is not as good, I hope you can provide me with your ultimate recipe so that I can make the best prawn mee and credit it to u.

  19. I was thinking of throwing away my prawns shells which are still in the freezer....maybe I shall think again:) Your noodles looks authentic!

  20. Wendy, I am drooling over here, must go and hunt for it for lunch later!

  21. My mother used to sell Prawn Noodles during my childhood time. These are the ingredients that my mom used also leh. Nothing wrong ma. Just the clear prawn soup. Basic one. No nonsense :) Got a list of standard ingredient for prawn soup ah? hmm...

  22. Thanks for your wonderful prawn noodle recipe. I tried it the day I read your sharing. Unexpectedly delicious because I use not so many prawn shell. Simple ingredients but delicious homemade prawn noodle. I just use an hour to prepare it for lunch. Can't believe the soup was so tasty (without additional stock cube) and with nice prawn smell. Thank you very much.

  23. Jeannie,
    If u have less shells, ok also de, just add flavour fillers and blend the shells to extract max deliciousness

    go go makan, heheh

    got prawn got noodle, so that's prawn noodle lor, right, LOL. That's the most standard ingredient, any other else is up to the individual, unless it carries a tag of which type of prawn noodle this is.

    thanks for trying out this noodle, I'm glad you found it tasty. Homemade stuff should be easy and delish!

  24. Wendy, how to clean up the prawn head before cooking? Normally I throw it away. Just rinse it?

  25. shenny,
    If i want the shells for making noodles, I wash before I peel. After peeling, I no longer wash and keep them straight in a tupperware. Don't rise all the creamy stuff away from the heads, that's flavour.

  26. i'm also in the midst of collecting the shells, dont know whether jadi or not jadi..just keep our first! our prawn mee here also comes with pork slices and also yue paeng.


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