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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cow Dung Pile @ UFO Tarts 牛屎堆 - MFF Sabah #5

cow dung piles :-)

I'm not trying to be disgusting.... but don't you think they do look like it?

I grew up in an area where I do see cows walking around. They don't walk around freely, but are guided by their owners to feed at the field near my old house. Therefore..... the roads are also decorated with brown piles from the cows. It's no longer a common sight.. it makes me miss those days.

UFO shaped, base baked by placing a Tbsp of batter on a lined baking tray

This tart is the pride of Sandakan. Read here. I first saw these on TV on Axian and that's where I got to know about them. The featured shop piped them like cow dung and I do find them looking cute. I imagined them being rather sweet.... cake, meringue, custard....

But when I tried making them based on a guideline from this site.. it turned out quite pleasant. It is still on the sweet side, but not that sweet  (less sweet than a bar of Snickers for sure!) Adding salt to the meringue helps cut the sweetness, but maintains the structure.

from my 1st attempt, piping work not nice, LOL

I prefer the base to be on the crispy side after grilling as it actually gives another textural dimension to the soft meringue. Maybe you will think otherwise as taste is always a personal thing. To make the base crispy, just let the tarts stay in the hot oven (open once when done, for a few seconds to rapidly remove hot air and vapour, then close it again) until they cool off by themselves, so no rush in eating.  But if you like the base soft, just remove them when they are done.

My family enjoyed this a lot, especially the kids. If you have an apom bokwa mould, making this will be perfect. I reheat them the next day and it tasted just as fresh as the day before. The soft marshmallowy meringue stayed put without refrigeration.

sloppy meringue makes it look like the thing from the cow, hahaha

Cow Dung Pile @ UFO Tarts
by WendyinKK
Reference: Jibuyabu 

Tart Base
60gm butter (I used salted)
50gm sugar
1 egg (Grade B)
½ tsp vanilla extract
50gm cake flour, sifted with 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 egg yolk
1 Tbsp sugar
½ tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp custard powder
1 tsp plain flour
50gm milk

1 egg white
1/8 tsp salt
Few drops of vinegar or ¼ tsp cream of tartar
2 Tbsp sugar
Few drops of vanilla

1. Preheat oven at 150(fan)/170C. Prepare 10 pcs of large egg tart tins (or use muffin pan)
2. Prepare tart base. Beat butter with sugar until pale and then beat in the egg. Beat until it looks like buttercream. Beat in vanilla extract. Fold in flour. Divide into prepared pans. Bake for 15 minutes.
3. Meanwhile, prepare custard. Place egg yolk and sugar into a microwavable vessel and whisk it until combined. Add in custard powder and flour and whisk until smooth. Mix in milk. Zap in microwave on high on 30 seconds intervals and stir. (Mine was done with 2 zapping). Let it cool down. (you can double boil, because this small amount makes direct heat cooking almost impossible)
4. Prepare meringue. Beat egg white with salt until frothy, then put in vinegar. Add in sugar gradually and beat until stiff. Put in vanilla and give it a light beating just to combine.
5. When the base are done, remove them from the pan and divide the custard filling equally.
6. Pipe the meringue using a 7mm round tip around and on top of custard in your preferred manner.
7. Grill at 180C for 2 minutes or until browned. Serve warm.

I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest Sabah Month hosted by Mary Of a Pepper's Love

I can't find a video for Axian's show, but found this instead. Enjoy!


  1. haha, technically when cows take a dump where got come out so nice like dat one. Delish! Meringue and custard!

  2. very nice leh contrary to the name:p

  3. Very cute name and I believe kids will find it amusing :) Looks nice to eat, especially the custard.

  4. I think your tarts look just lovely, dung or not! If my oven is not broken, I would have rushed to bake this now.

  5. Thanks for posting this.This is awesome!!

  6. Whao!!!that's really great and fantastic tart,maybe some other day i should try to do it,do you mind i share your link for the recipe?

  7. Elaine,
    Surely it's ok to share links :)
    thanks in advance

  8. Although I have to say that the cow dung I usually saw near my house last time was more flat, due to the impact of it landing on the ground, this looks amusing (I can imagine the flies around it), and the cross-section looks really good with the custard! reminds me of lemon curd!

  9. Hi! I'm from Sandakan & the 2nd photo really looks like the real thing. Well done in replicating these yummy snacks. You might try using Ideal milk for the custard bit(to make it creamier) as I've seen it on the shelf of a bakery that makes these. Keep up the great posts.

  10. LOOKS SO APPETIZING! So going to try this recipe out!

  11. Hi Mrs Wendy. Great picture... It's also an interesting recipe. Hope have time to try to bake it someday... :)

  12. Hi, may I know how many cake can make for this amount?
    Thank you for sharing!

  13. soh,
    it depends on how big you make them, I got 10.

  14. Hi, shud d egg b RT o cold fr fridge?thanks.ur cow dung tarts look absolutely delicious n lk d real thg!!!

  15. Yen Ling Ngui,
    For baking, it's always room temp eggs, unless the recipe calls for cold eggs.

  16. Do you think of making a video of doing it?


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