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Friday, April 29, 2016

Princess Belle Doll Cake with Mango

*All photos are taken with my phone Iphone 4s

My 2nd girl, Lyanne was once crazy about all things yellow... and that makes Belle her favourite Disney Princess.

Back in 2013, I made her this cake to celebrate her 5th Birthday.

I do try my best to make cakes without food colouring and the best way to make a yellow princess cake, is to use mango. And the mango slices made a nice frilly dress..... I love the outcome of this cake.

Lyanne made the crown herself

1. Line a big bowl with plastic wrap. Place a small piece of cake layer on the bottom, then put in cream + mango, then cake... and more cream +mango, then top with a layer of cake, as many layers as you like. Remember to trim the cake layers to fit nicely.
2. Cover the cake with plastic wrap and chill for a few hours.
3. Peel away the top plastic wrap and place a cake board onto the bowl. Over turn the bowl.
4. Peel away the plastic wrap and stick on cold mango slices, starting with the biggest pieces, from the bottom up.
5. Prepare instant jelly coating and brush it on right away. It will set immediately and the mango slices won't budge.
6. Chill cake until time to serve.
7. When it's time for the candles, just put the doll pick onto the cake.

There is no exact recipe for this cake, but you can use these recipes as a guideline to make something similar.

The sponge cake , you can try this recipe : Sweet Vanilla Cake, but substitute the vanilla seeds with vanilla extract

The filling, it's just cubed mango with stabilised whipped dairy cream. You can refer to my Chocolate Enigma Cake's frosting recipe to prepare the cream. Replace the strawberries with mango.

For the jelly coating, refer to my Mango Mille Crepe Cake's topping recipe, then brush this on the mango slices.

Mangoes... I used Australian mango for the outer layer, as they don't brown that easily and the flesh is thick! To cut cost, I used Thai mangoes for the filling.

My bowl is a 2Qt Pyrex mixing bowl. It's around 9 inch in diameter, so take note that the sponge cake you prepare, need to be around the same size.

The doll pick came naked. I dressed the doll by wrapping her in ribbons.

If you have any questions, you can ask me via the comment, and always leave me a name for me to address you.

I hope I can find more time to blog.... see you all around. 


  1. Wendy, the delight on your gal's face says it all!! It looks so good to me. I'm sure the taste is even better with the sweetness of your gal's glee :)

  2. u see her cute you girl....Happy Belated Birthday....

  3. Beautiful cake! You've layered the mangoes so neatly :)


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