Saturday, December 1, 2007

Claypot Chicken Rice w/o the claypot 陶壶鸡饭

My hometown is famous for Claypot Chicken Rice. Mom used to tapau this when she’s not cooking. A big pot of it would feed the whole family bao bao. But I never like it with sausages and salted fish. Prefer the plain chicken version.

How many of us do have a claypot of home? Good for u if u have one, but I don’t. So, I make this w/o the pot. It may not have the claypot smell, but it does taste similar (not the same cos I put mushrooms). I like to cook this one pot dish. My friends have seconds when I do this for them.

Very easy and delicious!!

Claypot Chicken Rice Recipe

Recipe for 2.

(A) 1 bowl of uncooked rice(washed)
1 bowl of water (adjust to preference and type of rice)

(B) 2 chicken drumsticks cut into small pieces(or which ever part u like)
2 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp sugar
½ tsp salt
Dash of white pepper powder
2 tbsp ginger juice( if u’re lazy, just julienne 1 inch of ginger)
1 tbsp corn starch

(C) 5 black mushrooms (sliced and squeezed dry)

(D) 3 tbsp light soy sauce (or how salty u want it to be)
1 tbsp dark soy sauce (some brands are darker, some lighter)
2 tbsp oil ,fried with one pip of garlic and 1bulb of shallot
½ tsp sesame oil
¼ cup green onion(cut finely)

1. Mix (B) all together and marinade for at least an hour ( I do it overnight to save time)
2. Mix in the mushrooms to marinade for another 10 mins at least.
3. Cook the rice til it’s ¾ cooked through. (you may steam the rice or use rice cooker(water almost dry))
4. Put in the marinated chicken and mushroom. Arrange it nicely and try to make sure the chicken don’t overlap each other.

When everything is cooked, take it of the fire (if u’re using rice cooker,the light is off)
6. Put in (D) and mix it all up. If it’s not salty enough, add more soy sauce according to personal taste.

7. Dish up and serve with some blanched veggie to make the meal nutritionally more balanced, eg: Sawi or Lettuce or Taugeh.

Tip: When I prepare the garlic shallot oil, I make some for my veggie too. Then using the same wok, w/o washing, put in water, boil and blanch the veggie.


    1. You are one great cook! Your family is so fortunate to have you prepare so much yummy food for them!

    2. BH,
      U're good too. I'm lazy nowadays.. kekeke

    3. HI Wendy, I made this for dinner last night!! it was sooo good! It made me think of Hong Kong. Thanks for yet another great recipe. =)

    4. kk,
      Glad you liked this.
      Is it posted?

    5. no, i was too hungry to take pictures! haha =)

    6. Ooooooh, your claypot rice looks simply delicious!
      When you steam your rice in a steamer, do you cover the inner pot ie the pot that holds the rice?
      Have you tried steaming brown rice? Is it the same?

    7. Bh Kk,
      I left it uncovered, always.
      You can steam any type of rice, as if you're cooking it in a rice cooker.

    8. Thanks for your reply.
      Won't the steam wet the rice and turn it soggy?
      Is it 30min for all types of grains?

    9. bhKk,
      If you water is too high up, as in higher than halfway of your steaming vessel, for sure the water will bubble up and go into your vessel.
      If steaming can get things soggy, then we can't steam buns.
      U must 'know' your rice well enough to know how much water to put. too much water in the vessel will 100% make your rice soggy wet and look like sludge.
      How long to steam depends on how much you are steaming and always taste the rice to check it if you are not sure and haven't got the hang of it.
      I have been steaming my rice for more than 10 years and it was never a problem for me.

    10. Ah the good ol' claypot chicken rice! One of my fave growing up. Made this several times using a claypot. I used boneless skinless chicken and skipped the mushroom (hubby hates 'em). I bought chinese sausage from a supermarket here to go with it. It was okay..didn't taste like the one in Kampar. I was kinda suspicious lol. So I thought I could do without it next time.


    11. Menaka,
      The ones in Kampar uses lard, some rice wine(I see them splashing some from a green glass bottle) and the type of soy sauce could just be different.
      Did you use to have the ones with salted fish? Try the chicken with bones and skin on, I assure you it will also taste different. In Kampar, the sausages aren't sliced and cooked in the rice, it is cooked whole on top of the "reduced water rice" and sliced to serve.


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