Saturday, December 15, 2007

Recipe Index


Filling main courses or side dishes of carbohydrate sources

 Poultry Recipes

Chicken, Duck, Quail and other birds


Fish, Prawn/Shrimp, Squid/Cuttlefish/Calamari, Molluscs/shellfish, Crab

Non-Halal for non-Muslims

Iron rich red meat

Cooked or salads

Perfect side dishes

Quick soups, Chinese double boiled or International recipes


Baked, non baked, cheesecake, filled cakes, flourless, chiffon cakes.. all sorts!

Tarts, cookies, biscuits, Scones, puffs, pies....

Ice Cream, Mousse, Jellies, Puddings, Baked or Chilled :)

Bread and Buns

Loaves, Sandwiches, Sweet Buns, Chinese steamed buns

Kuih, Candies, Savoury Snacks, Tid-bits, Pancakes

Refreshing, herbal or general beverage

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