Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pan Fried Oyster Sauce Chicken 干煎蚝油鸡

This is one of the easiest chicken recipe, done in less than 10 minutes, prep and cooking!

This happened many years ago. I was at my cousin's place. Her house mate's friend was cooking in the kitchen. And she taught me this recipe. "Ah Goh" Thanks for teaching me this, easy and tasty.

Very Very easy and tasty.

Pan Fried Oyster Sauce Chicken Recipe


1/2 bulb garlic (chopped finely)
2 chicken thighs (cut small)
3 tbsp oyster sauce (I use Lee Kum Kee)

2 tbsp oil (if skinless thighs, add more oil)


1. Heat wok, add oil.
2. Put in garlic and stir until it's fragrant but not golden.
3. Put in chicken pieces and stir it so that the garlic won't be at the bottom.
4. Allow the chicken to fry for a while before turning them.
5. Fry and turn chicken few times and put in oyster sauce. Fry for another minute and dish up.

Cooking time: 5 minutes!!!

Dished up onto a butter plate, they're cut about 6-8 pcs per thigh.

The garlic taste superb!!! Crunchy and fragrant in the chicken oil.


  1. looks fattening.... but then again, when is the last time you heard that healthy food is tasty?

  2. Well, you can drain off the excess oil after panfrying it. W/o sufficient oil, the chicken will not be fragrant. Kawan, I didn't ask u to drink it up. hehehehe!

  3. I am going to cook this to night. Thanks Wendy.

  4. This Pan fried osyter chicken, taste great and easy to cook .....i tried and superb!


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