Monday, September 1, 2008

Lydia's 3 Birthday Parties

It's finally over!! 3 parties over 3 weekends!!

I'm exhausted...'s not the actual physical work, but more on the mental side.. Maybe a bit from worrying whether I can finish cooking on time.

First Party (16 Aug 2008, Kampar)

Her 1st birthday cake.. mini Strawberry Shortcake .. very ugly icing.. and it's dairy cream on a hot night.... It was done in a hurry... Forgive me for the hole down there.. wonder why hubby din see that when he took this pic

The spread... taken from both sides

All the children that came

Jojo, Hannah and Louis giggling over the dirt pot cakes

The favourite among kids... worm topping

2nd Party (23 Aug 2008, KL)

Well, it was not a actual party for her, it was a family gathering intended for my uncle. So, her cake was just an add on to the occasion... The more the merrier...

Aunt Wan Ching bought her this jelly cake

3rd Party (31 Aug 2008, Kuala Kangsar)

Didn't take the pic of the whole spread... forgot about it.

The wording's red colour was weeping onto the cake..... cos I piped it on the day before..but sofar this was my best iced cake... Still learning to do it better

It's peach cake with orange sponge... tasted very good actually

Clapping to her birthday song..

Getting fed with cake by nanny..


  1. Why no recipe with peach cake ?


  2. As mentioned in the post, it's just a orange flavoured sponge. To make peach filling, just mix the whipped cream with peaches and fill them inside the layers. Top with peach slices and set them with gelatine solution.

    You can use any sponge recipe u can find. To post every decorated sponge cake recipe will be a bit... stupid. As it's just ordinary sponge inside and it's the icing and fruit decorations on top that makes the difference, and they're just the same icing, non dairy topping cream, coloured differently. I might post some sponge recipes that I find successful as I have been trying out different recipes and methods lately.


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