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Monday, September 22, 2008

Pandan Kaya Sponge Sandwiches

My sis in law’s mother in law gave us a bottle of home made pandan kaya.. and it’s been weeks, we still can’t finish it.
So, I made this cake, used the kaya as filling.. yummy, yummy.

160gm sugar
1 Tbsp Ovalette (cake emulsifier)
5 eggs
125gm flour
1 tsp baking powder
40ml thick coconut milk
1 tsp pandan paste
75gm corn oil

Filling½ cup whipped cream
2 heaped Tbsp of pandan kaya

Method:1. Preheat oven at 180C. Line 2 baking sheets with baking paper. ( I used 2 trays of 10X10inch pan)
2. Beat sugar and ovalette until sugar looks crumbly and yellow.
3. Put in eggs and beat until combined.
4. Sift in flour and baking powder and combine to a smooth paste.
5. Pour in coconut milk and pandan paste. Beat until mixture is thick and fluffy. It will double up. 6. Fold in corn oil and bake in 2 baking sheets for 20 minutes each.
7. Cool cake and mix whipped cream with pandan kaya.
8. Place one layer of cake, surface side down and spread filling evenly.
9. Cut into desired size.

*** this cake freezes very well. Just thaw it for a while and yummy, yummy. Hub asked me to make this and freeze it, so that he can have some whenever he is hungry.


  1. Hi, I love reading your blogs for tips and knowledges on baking, one of my hobby too. Wanted to try for this cake but have question on the filling, how do i get for the whipped cream, is it something i could purchase from any of hypermarket - Jusco or Tesco?

  2. From your question, let me guess, you've never used whipping cream before.
    YOu can get whipping cream at tesco or jusco, but they come unwhipped. You have to whip them yourself, and it's not easy for someone who've never used it before. Not that I say you can't do it, but please read up other sites before you embark on using dairy whipping cream as there are a lot of things you need to take notice of.

    I suggest you use non dairy topping cream which is more user friendly especially for newbies.
    If you are from Klang Valley, you can get non dairy topping cream from Bake With Yen Bandar Puteri or Taman Megah, or Chun Yip, or Bagus or Chang Thung, or whatever bakery supply shops cos non dairy topping creams are not found in hypermarts.

  3. You're right and I have never try cream whipping yet. Erm, I have bought the non-dairy cream from Bake with Yen last weekend and still looking for tips on how to..

  4. Mummyooi,
    Ok, so if this is your first time using non dairy. Here's how.

    1. If you are using ceramic mixing bowl, freeze it for 30 minutes. Take bowl out from freezer

    2. Put in desired amount of non dairy cream and whip until it resembles softened butter. When you raise your beaters, it will form a sturdy hooked peak, and when you overturn your bowl, it should not fall. It will further harden when exposed to the air. So if you overbeat it, later you'll get crumbly or rubbery cream. I've done that b4. :) I was once new.

    If you are using stainless steel mixing bowl, place the stainless steel bowl into a bigger bowl/basin that contains ice water (not cold water, but ice water) and do step 2. The reason is that you must keep the mixing bowl very cold.

    Take note that non diary cream will yield triple amount of cream when whipped. So, if you use 1 cup of non dairy, you'll get 3 cups(or more) of whipped cream. Do not add sugar as it is sweetened.

    Any unused portion(unwhipped) can be frozen. Normally I separate them into 1 cup each into ziplock bags and freeze. Whipped cream however, depends on brand whether it can be frozen when whipped. Valuepride or Bake with Yen's house brand (I think it's Pride Joy) can be frozen in whipped conditions. But some brands will not stay in shape when thawed and will melt. Dun worry if it melts cos you can whip it back again, just that it'll take a longer time.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Mummy Ooi
    Oh yes... sorry I missed out.
    If ever you come across any recipes calling for whipping cream or whipped cream, it refers to dairy cream.

    Non dairy will be written as non dairy TOPPING cream. And I rarely use non dairy, except for outer cake deco, for fillings, I always use dairy for better taste and definately it's healthier.

  6. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for the tips, really appreciated! I will try it this coming weekend. :)

    Have a nice day.

  7. mummyooi,
    Oh, hope to hear good results :)
    Keep me posted.

  8. Hi wendy,
    Your cakes are so pretty and well made! I Love them all! Going to make this pandan sandwich this week. Just a question : Can I use a baking tray instead of Baking sheet? Those trays that can be used for swiss rolls? Tks and gooday

  9. cupcake,
    Yes. Just use any shallow baking tray and it'll be fine

  10. Hey wendy,

    I just completed this cake.. Awesome! So beautiful and yummy! Thanks a million for sharing this recipe.

    Love cupcake

  11. Hi Wendy,

    can i bake the sponge cake in a 8" round ring pan? Actually i would like to make the pandan layer cake, so can i use this recipe as the sponge cake.

    Thank you.

  12. Annie,
    8 inch round pan should be fine, bake it for 30 minutes. Remove from pan immediately after baking.

    Can use this for pandan layer cake, no problem.

  13. Hi Wendy
    May I know can I omit ovalette for this recipe? What is the purpose of cake emulsifier? If I cannot omit, what other ingredient can be used in place of the emulsifier? I do not wish to buy a bottle of it and use, perhaps, only once.

    Appreciate your clarification.

    Thanks and regards
    Priscilla Poh

  14. Priscilla,
    Ovalette or cake emulsifiers are used to get a more tender crumb. It is used in bakeries where you get that type of texture that you can't get from homebakes that doesn't use it.
    If you like bakery style sponge cakes, then you should not omit it, but if you don't then by all means omit it and change the technique of beating the sponge. You can either use chiffon method to do it, or any other sponge methods. But the result will definately be different.
    There are no subtitutions if you intend to use the same method as stated here.

  15. hi, i would really liek to amke this cake. But you stated FLOUR in your recipe, is their particular 'flour' u used?

  16. Anonymous,
    If I didn't state the type of flour, it is always all purpose flour or regular flour.

  17. hi, i can't get pandan paste, would like to use pandan leaf (follow your Pandan Chiffon Cake method), roughly what's the amount needed?

  18. Desmond,
    About 1 Tbsp (15ml) of very thick pandan juice.

  19. is it thick like cordial or like kecap manis?

  20. Desmond,
    Either you pound it with a mortar with no water added, and squeeze the pounded leaves to obtain juice, then it is very thick.
    Or you follow my method with a blender in "How to make concentrated pandan juice" post.

  21. Hi Wendy,
    I tried this recipe today n my family members loved the soft n light texture of this cake. I used 15ml of pandan juice & baked it for about 40mins in a 8 inch square pan at around 160~170degree. After the cake had cool down, the centre part of the cake sank. When I cut in slices, i noticed there are a couple wet lines at the top portion(esp those at the centre of the cake). Are these wet lines cause by the sinking? And most of all, why does the cake sank? Can you share some of yr advise on this?
    Many thanks,
    Cyndi Lim

  22. Cyndi,
    Any cakes made with ovalette will be soft. Just like bakery cakes of which are mostly made with some form of emulsifier.

    Yes, those lines could be caused by the shrinking. Hot things will expand and when they cool down surely they will shrink. It's just a matter of how much they will shrink. It's a nature's law for things to expand when hot and shrink when cold.

    But overbeaten egg whites will cause Chiffons to shrink horribly, even when overturned.

    What I read from Alex Goh's baking books, when you bake a cake made with ovalette, you have to release it from the pan immediately so that the cake will shrink uniformly.

    I baked my cake in a shallow big pan, therefore, shrinkage is less visible. The higher(and smaller) your pan is, the more obvious the shrinking will be.

  23. Hi Wendy, thanks so much for yr advise :) May I asked, the 'baking sheets' tat u mentioned in yr recipe, is it those baking lining paper?

  24. Cyndi,
    baking sheets are shallow big pans

  25. Hi Wendy,
    Can i use self-raising flour for this recipe? and omit the baking powder?

  26. I'm from Thailand, I made this recipe,
    it was so good...moist soft and delicious,
    Thank you very much for share this ^^


  27. Hi Wendy,
    I am a new comer to your blog, and finds that you are a very passionate mum with your cookings and bakings. I am a mother of a 11y/o boy, try to cook whenever I can and bake too. I have taken some cake deco courses these few year.
    I tried this recipe and absolutely love the taste and texture. Thanks again for your trusted recipes!

  28. Hi Wendy, good day! May I seek for your expertise on the difference between pandan layer cake and pandan kaya cake? Or both are the same? Thanks for your reply. :)

  29. JJ,
    If I'm not wrong, it seems the Pandan Kaya Cake (I'm guessing you're not referring to this recipe) is popular in Singapore and in Malaysia, the word kaya not used (not that I've seen) in that pandan cake that is layered with a coconutty pudding sort of thing.

    1. i understand.. many thanks for your clarifications. It is so kind of you :)

  30. Hi Wendy. Thank u for sharing , had always wanted to bake spongecke like those from Asian bakery. Can I use this recipe to bake a birthday cake like those from Asian bakery n filled with fresh cream & fruits?

  31. Thank you for your reply, will try to bake a fruit filled birthday cake with this recipe. Will this quantity be enough for a nine or ten inch round cake pan ?
    Also, you mentioned that you baked yours using two baking sheets, do u place the trays on the second n third rack of the oven? I am using a Smeg fan force oven .
    I had tried so many sponge cake recipe n they all do not turn out well. Usually sink in the middle. However I had good results baking various Chiffon cakes using tube pan .

  32. Mama Mia,
    A 10 in round pan is pretty big, and I don't think this recipe will be sufficient.
    A 9 inch round will be better choice, if you plan to slice it into 3 layers, of approximately 2/3 inch thickness.
    Because this recipe has ovalette in it, it is more stable, but nowadays I no longer use such additives in my food.
    Sorry, I have no idea how a Smeg oven works. I baked this in a fan forced Microwave convection oven, and there's no racks. You will know your oven better than me.

  33. Thank you Wendy ,
    Do u bake yr 2 10x10 pans at the same time? I use a microwave fan force convection oven too but I don't think it can fit the 2 pans at the same time, unless I put the high rack placing one on top of the other. Is it ok to bake one at a time?
    You mentioned about omitting ovalette, is the result still the same? Thanks again.

  34. Mamamia,
    I bake them one at a time.
    The method will not be the same, if you do not use ovalette. The result will also taste different. With ovalette, the cake will have that similar fine texture like in bakeries. So, it depends on what you are looking for.

  35. Hi Wendy
    I tried to bake this sponge cake twice . Both times results were not good.
    1st time I baked it using 2x9 inch removable base tin. The layers were thin n didn't rise very much.. I inverted cake to cool.
    Today I tried baking it in one 8 inch square tin. Base lined. The batter was runny, not as thick as chiffon cake batter. Also when I folded the 75 gm oil into the batter , it was streaky , like it was too much & I didn't want to over mix the batter. Both times the cake does not rise to a dome, quite flat & doesn't rise much . I inverted cake to col for 10 mins, release cake n cool further on a rack.right side up.
    Did I do something wrong.

  36. Mamamia,
    This cake recipe contains ovalette and it can withstand all the mixing you give to it.
    This batter needs a long time to beat to get it really fluffy. The beating with a hand mixer could easily take more than 10 minutes, if I didn't remember wrongly
    There is no need to cool it inverted due to the ovalette in it.

  37. Thank you for your reply. I will try again to bake this sponge as my family loves them. I used my Kenwood stand mixer to whisk the batter before adding the oil last. The mixture was creamy.
    So , I do not need to invert pan to cool cake right? So do l leave it to cool completely before releasing cake from the pan or remove straight away. Will appreciate your advice on this.
    I hope to use this sponge cake to layer with fruits n cream . Thanks.


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