Friday, July 17, 2009

Pulut Panggang

One of the all time favourite savoury kuih of Malaysians, a definate local kuih, using all local ingredients... Err... mind u, the currypuff /karipap is not 100% local, it uses wheat flour...wheat...wheat, u see.....

I did this my way!!!

The assembly...
I was lazy to flatten each piece of rice like making sushi roll, so I did it this way.

Or u can just do it swiss roll style!! Your own way, any way.

10-12 dried chillies (soaked, seeds removed)
60gm dried shrimp (soaked)
50gm shallots
3cm fresh turmeric
2 lemongrass
280gm fresh grated coconut
2 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
1 cup water
¼ cup oil

1. Place dried chillies, dried shrimp, shallots, turmeric and lemon grass into a food processor and puree.
2. Heat wok and put in oil. Fry (1) on medium heat until fragrant and dry.
3. Put in grated coconut, and mix well. Continue to fry until coconut is fragrant. Put in seasonings and water. Cook until mixture is slightly moist, as in packable when pressure is laid, but not so moist that u see juices seeping out.
4. Remove from heat and let it cool.
This step can be done in advanced for many days, kept frozen until needed. This amount is for double the amount of rice stated below, so u can freeze this in separated into 2 portions.

600gm glutinous rice (soaked overnight, or at least 3 hours, and then drained)
100ml thick coconut milk
500ml water( or more)
3 blades pandan leaves, torn
2 tsp salt
Placed drained rice into a baking pan and put in water, salt and coconut milk. Make sure the liquid is fully covering the rice.
Steam on high heat for half and hour or until rice turns translucent and cooked. Keep rice warm.

Banana Leaves:
Wash leaves and cut into preferred sizes. Bring a pot of water to a boil and put in few drops of oil. Blanch leaves until they are pliable.

Assembly----My Way:

1. Line baking pan with baking paper overlapping on the sides.

2. Place half the warm rice into the lined baking pan and level rice with a fork.
3. Place half the filling onto leveled rice, and level the filling.
4. Spoon the other half of rice evenly over filling.

5. Press rice to firmly pack it up.
6. Leave to cool down.

7. When rice has cooled down, overturn it onto a cutting board, and slice it into preferred sizes.

8. Wrap each piece of rice with a piece of blanched banana leaf, sealing up the sides with staples or toothpicks.

9. Grill wrapped rice until slightly burnt. (Or u can fry them in lightly greased pan)

Your grilled glutinous rice is ready to be served!


  1. Wah… looks yummy… Why that is you always make it look so easy?
    Eh, since I do not have a proper oven, so I think I can only stream my cakes la right? Do you have any recipe (apart from those steamed pandan cupcakes)such as the Chinese steamed cake(ji dan gao)? I love those but it’s quite difficult to get fresh ones outside coz they go bad easily. Some vendors put lots of preservatives too. Thanks in advance!

  2. It looked easy, but it was time consuming. I was 'itchy' to make it into small parcels. Initially I was planning to do it Swiss Roll style and roll the wrapped parcel on a pan to burn the leaf... but alas, I did it the hard way.

    The jidangao.. hmm.. I saw this bolu kukus thing online, and am planning to try it out.. when? I still dunno. Since MIL went back to the states, baking is greatly reduced, less mouth to eat my stuff.

  3. what a brilliant idea!!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pulot panggang recipe... it is one of my favourite kuehs. Will try this out and link you in my blog.

  5. It's a bit on the malay sort of taste.. more coconutty, rather than shrimpy. You may want to reduce the coconut.

    Thanks in advance for linking me :)

  6. HI! Brilliant idea for the wrapping! Do you think the freeze panggan taste ok if i want to freeze it? Freeze after step 8 and do step 9 before serve? How long should i bake or grill it in oven? Thanks a lot! I am trying to introduce it to my foreign friend.


  7. Lina,
    Yeah, freeze after step 8 and grill it to reheat.
    I'm not sure how long to grill, but I think it's best that you use the highest temperature that u can for top and bottom heat and lay them in a single layer, so that you even even baking. If you use grill function only the surface exposed to the heat will be browned. Just bake them at high temp until they look really brown.

    BTW, you can also fry them in a frying pan. Just lightly coat each piece with some oil and fry them to achieve the same effect.
    and please remember to freeze them airtight. You won't want to have dry and hard rice :)

  8. i love pulut panggang because of its filling. it tastes amazing and very aromatic

  9. Is it best eaten when it's warm? I've thought of making them for a gathering.

  10. anonymous,
    it's ok even at room temperature, just not fridge cold

  11. Its snowing here today, and drooling of M'sian food, and have been craving for pulut pangang for a while, so gave it a try. Yr method of 3 layers in a baking tray was very easy and saves work/time. Only set back was cutting the banana leaves a little too small and quite a hassle to wrap. I couldn't grill them so I pan fry instead. Turns out perfect.
    Haha when I fry the sambal, my Dutchman was frowning eyebrows!!! It does stink as I can't open windows, its snowing like mad, and we have an open kitchen.

  12. Anonymous (I'd love to know your name),
    LOL. Let me try to imagine ur dutchman's look.
    I hate the wrapping part too, so I definitely prefer buying this nowadays


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