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Friday, July 3, 2009

Kuih Talam

This recipe make kuih talam the way some prefers it, but not my brothers!
They said, it’s no good! They were comparing it with the kuih seller in Kampar that makes the kuih talam slightly elastic. I suspect the kuih seller uses sago flour instead of tapioca starch to give it that twang! Plus the kuih seller puts coconut milk in all the layers.

Still this recipe is alright, it’s the texture that is common with Malay kuih makers and some Chinese kuih makers too.

100gm rice flour
30gm tapioca starch
20gm green bean flour
300gm sugar
700ml pandan juice
½ tsp alkaline water

Combine all (A) ingredients and cook over low heat, stirring slowly all the time until it thickens slightly. Pour into a 8 inch round pan or 7 inch square pan. Steam batter for 20 minutes. Batter is cooked when firm to the touch.

20gm rice flour
15gm green bean flour
¼ tsp salt
300ml coconut milk (extract from 1 coconut + water)

Combine all (B) ingredients and cook over low heat, stirring slowly all the time until it thickens slightly. Pour (B) batter over cooked (A) and steam on medium heat for 15 minutes.
Cool thoroughly at room temperature before cutting.

Chilling in fridge may cause the upper layer to be harder due to the high concentration of coconut milk(fat content high).


  1. omg!they looks perfect!I cant find the screwpine leave which has the pandan aroma.So i am sure yours is way better then mine lol.I love the coconut layer.YUM!But what i know about kuih talam is the texture should be soft and not even slightly firm.Hey wendy!I think i did left you the answer about pandan cake lining in one of your post but I forgot which one.But anyhow what is the question again if you dont mind I ask?:)HAve a great day!

  2. I don't think it's in my post... cos i haven't seen u in my blog.... since the cendol post??

    Well, as I said, this recipe is like what common kuih vendors do. Err... so far, I've only tasted firm to touch(not hard, and can be held with fingers) kuih talams, but with a soft coconut layer. KL or Ipoh, or JB.

    It's just my family's preference that it should have a twang to it.

  3. Hmm....I was from Kampar but didnt know about the famous kueh talam seller.
    One day I will try your version but abit worried about the amount of coconut milk. But the photos are so mouth watering.
    And when I went to One U recently,the kueh in Colors are really tiny.

  4. Vien,
    Great to hear that we are hometown mates. We might even know each other or maybe siblings if u're from ACS. Neh, it's the Ah Chai Kuih, now selling at the hawker center near the market. all his kuih are great, I love his Loh Mai Chee... best!!

    This Ah Chai's kuih's are also teeny meeny. 40sen each for one bite. Really, each piece is like a dimsum, one bite gone.

  5. Hi Wendy,

    I tried out your kuih talam on Sunday but failed. The bottom green layer will not firm up even after steaming for 1 HOUR!! I wonder what I did wrong. I wonder if its my green bean flour (Hoen Kwee). I bought it some time back last year....The top white layer was ok. So sad! Will try again once I get new green bean floor. BTW, I plan to make the DDL this weekend. Any ideas what I can use it for besides for frosting of cake and the banofee pie?


  6. OM,
    I don't think the old flour has anything to do with it. I hope you measured everything properly.
    When I touched the green layer before I put on the white layer, it came clean on my fingers, nothing sticked.
    I hope your next try on this will yield better results.

    As for the DDL, there are many recipes online for use with DDL. You can make pound cake with it, spread it on bread, fill it in cookies, just eat it like kaya. I've got another DDL recipe coming up in a few weeks time. It's an ice cream.

  7. Hello Wendy

    How many grams in your 1 coconut please?


  8. anonymous,
    You can use 200ml, But I think for this recipe, 150ml should suffice, 200ml seems too much and the top layer is too hard

  9. Looks good! I like mine less firm on the white part and a little bouncy but soft on the green part =)

  10. Hi Wendy,

    I also love the kuih talam to be a little chewy.

    If I wanna try to use sago flour, I should replace the rice flour portion, is it?


  11. Poh Lin,
    I'm not sure as starch's properties are different than of rice flour.

  12. Thank you very much for sharing your extensive recipes. It seems that you have not written a cookbook. If not, I wish you would. And I also hope that you have your own TV cooking shows.

    From Perth Australia I thank you again for your generosity. God Bless You.

  13. Hi, Try this recipe -- Bottom layer -- 150 gm rice flour, 1oo gm tapioca flour, 50 gm sago flour, 300 gm sugar, 1/4 teasp salt, 840 ml santan from 1/2 coconut, 140 gm pandan juice + water and some green colouring. Upper layer -- 100 gm rice flour, 50 gm tapioca flour, 1/2 teasp salt, 560 ml santan for 1 coconut. Steam in a 9 inches tray. I have not try it since the Kuih Lipis was so, so nice, I think the Kuih Talam must be good too !! I got the best Kuih Lipis recipe, I would like to share with you all. A - 525 g tapioca flour, 150 gm rice flour, 75 gm potato flour/ 澄面粉, 840 ml santan. B – Boil – 450 gm sugar, 630 ml water with 5 duan pandan.
    C – pound 10 duan pandan to get it’s juice – careful as it will make your fingers itchy.
    I make into 3 colours, plain, red and green, the green one I added in Pandan juice and drops of green colouring.
    This is some sort of Thai style BUT very, very nice !!

  14. Hi there,
    Tried your kuih talam recipe & it came out great. But the top layer came out greenish in color. Is is b'cos of the green bean flour?

  15. Viv,
    Green bean flour /mung bean starch isn't green, and usually comes white.
    It won't turn green.

  16. Hi Wendy,
    Wondering how much of pandan leafs to make 700ml pandan juice? What is alkaline water?

    From : Abby

  17. Abby,
    it's hard to say as pandan leaves comes in all sizes. I never count them, but just judge by colour. Refer to my pandan juice post and get your juice at the colour of the 3rd extraction.

  18. Hi Wendy,may i know what is alkaline water?

    Tq so much.


  19. Muliana,
    Air abu in Malay or another English name is lye water

  20. Hi Wendy. Just wondering do you need to grease pan before steaming the bottom green layer. I can't get the green bean flour . please let me know what other flour I can use instead and also if amount of replacement used is the same. Thanks for your help

  21. Chloe,
    Replace it with tapioca starch, amount is the same.
    You can lightly grease the pan

  22. Hi Wendy!

    What is the substitute for alkaline water or lye water?


  23. Moony,
    you can try boiling 1/4 tsp baking soda with 1 cup water, let it cool down then use it as part of the liquid.


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