Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mango Smoothie

Easy Peasy...

I've got these oh-so ripe Chukanan Mangoes in the fridge...... and these oh-so ripe mangoes taste fabulous in smoothies.. but not eaten in its raw form.

500gm mango flesh
250gm ice
2 Tbsp sugar

Just whizz them up in a blender/liquidizer or a food processor.
If u can't finish it, just freeze it (b4 they have totally melted away) to make easy mango sorbet, no cranking needed.

I just love this.... yum yum


  1. YUM! YUM! Mango's my fav fruit too! i've always wanted to blend ice with my fruits but worry that i'll spoil my blender/blades...

  2. I do that all the time.. My blades are all fine.
    Don't worry

  3. Just checking your rich choc ice-cream...noticed u use 8 egg yolks, what to do with the whites after that? and what kind of milk u used? I made ice-cream years ago with nescafe creamer n forgot the exact proportion. Its something like (more or less):
    1L UHT milk (any flavour)
    1 cup sugar (i remember this is a bit too sweet)
    3 cups creamer
    Just mix everything, put in freezer n whizz with hand mixer everytime it starts to freeze, like what u did. I remember that the ice-cream was quite hard la after a few hours in freezer. thinking of trying yours.

  4. You can cook the egg whites, my dear. Check out my scrambled eggwhites with prawns recipe. Or fry rice with the egg whites. Or u can do an angel cake, but u don't have a proper oven.

    Abt the milk, in recipes, when milk is stated, it's common liquid milk, fresh milk or u can recombine water with milk powder. It's the same, UHT or even the susuman's susu. If other types of milk, it will be stated as evaporated, condensed, skimmed or powdered.

    UHT milk is just fresh milk made safe with Ultra Heat Treatment. It's the same as any other milk.

    If u want to try the chocolate icecream, i suggest u reduce the cocoa powder by 30%, and some of the sugar, as many found it too rich... like melted chocolate. Unless u like it that way.


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