Friday, March 13, 2009

Banana Yoghurt Muffins 香蕉 酸乳小蛋糕

I made these an hour ago to use up my yoghurt and my pisang emas..., threw in whatever I have in the fridge. Even the butter was whatever that was left in the wrapper.

Local bananas make darker muffins, as they oxidize much easier than Cavendish bananas.
So, if u use Dole or Montel, u'll get lighter coloured muffins.

So, these were the stuff I threw into the batter....

Ingredients180gm banana (Pisang mas or Finger Bananas)
2 large eggs
140gm plain yoghurt(1 cup dutch lady)
100gm butter, melted
210gm flour
1 tsp baking soda (soda bicarbonate)
150gm brown sugar (can add more if u like it sweeter)
pinch of salt

12 pcs whole walnuts

1. Place eggs and banana into a blender and blend for 10 seconds or until mashed up.
2. Pour banana egg mixture into a big bowl and put in yoghurt and butter. Mix.
3. Sift flour together with baking soda. Combine with sugar and salt.
4. Put (3) into (2) and combine well.
5. Spoon batter into prepared muffin moulds and top with a whole walnut.
6. Bake in a preheated oven at 170C (Convection) or 180C (Conventional) for 25 minutes.

*Take note that Pisang Berangan will make a much sweeter muffin.
The outcome was nice and fluffy! Not too sweet, just nice!

Brought them down to hubby's shop, and half were gone in almost an instant! And they are still very warm.


  1. I made banana mufin a thousand time already. That is very good and easy to make. I had made for my co workers, friends and family. Everyone just kept saying good good good...


  2. what flour u use?plain flour or superfine flour?
    from this ingredient,how many muffins can u make?


  3. Oilai,

    You can use both flours, not a problem with muffins.
    12 muffins.
    Don't use your kenwood mixer for this, a spoon will be enough. Do not stir too much.

  4. Hi Wendy,

    U mentioned do not use kenwood mixer, meaning just use hand whisk?

    As for the blueberry muffin recipe, can i replaced with banana in pieces?

  5. Jerlynn,
    A wire whisk (not handheld mixer) or a spoon will be alright.
    You may if you want to replace the blueberry with banana in pieces.

  6. Wendy,

    Thanks for replying =)

    Will try out..btw, the blueberry muffin was nice!

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for this great recipe :)
    I made this muffin yesterday, texture n taste is v good but i wonder why my muffins is not as tall as yours? mine seems to look 'flatter'..could it be due to the cup mould that i m using?

    Best regards,
    Cyndi Lim :)

  8. Cyndi,
    Any bakes upon cooling will shrink.. at least some.
    If you are using rigid cups, of which the sides cannot shrink, the top will go down instead. Mine are liners that will shrink (and expand) and retain the dome's height.

    but then again, over mixing could cause the muffin to fall flat. :)

  9. Cyndi,
    Oh yes, if you're using rigid cups, it should be fine if the muffin just shrank by its height but retain its dome. But if really it is "flat" and not short, then you have overmixed it.

  10. Tried this one this morning. Didn't have walnuts, arranged some cocoapuffs on top instead, looked very similar to yours. Thanks for sharing. GBU.

  11. I always love a good muffin! Great job!:D
    -Simply Bakes

  12. Dear Wendy,
    Tried making this banana muffin with buttermilk per your advice, turn out so fluffy & tasty! Thank you very very much ^^

  13. hi Wendy,

    I discovered you blog awhile ago and am in love with it. My oven at home has failed my numerous times, so now it is only use to heat up buns. I took another shot after reading your blog.

    I tried this recipe, and half the ingredients. My muffin didn't raise. They were cooked, but there weren't any muffin texture, just wet and heavy pieces of cooked dough. No idea what's wrong.

    Tried your orange yogurt cake the next day, baked in muffin tins. This time they grew taller and had a little of the cake/muffin texture. They tasted quite good, but still not the cakey texture yet.
    Would it be my oven's problem? I up the heat by 20c, mine should be a conventional oven with bottom and top heating elements.


  14. BEL,
    Is the base wet and heavy or in some spots only or just in the center?
    Did you mix with hand or with whisk or with mixer?

  15. Wendy,
    I mixed with a spatula.
    Almost the whole muffin was wet and heavy. Except a few mm on the top there.

  16. XYZ,
    If the top has some cakey texture, the bottom is heavy and dense, then ur muffin is definitely underbaked.
    Did u test it before u stopped baking?

  17. Wendy,
    I tested it with a toothpick as i don't have a cake tester yet. It came out clean.
    If it's under-baked, should I have bake it longer?

  18. XYZ,
    There are 3 reasons why it became kuih,
    1. Beat with mixer for too long
    2. Underbaked
    If underbaked, then bake longer.
    An underbaked cake will deflate and collasp, but if it stayed the same shape , then you must have overmixed it.

  19. Wendy,

    Aha! I see. Ok, thanks for the tips. Will try making it again.


  20. Looks really yummy!!! Will try it later!

  21. Going to use my homemade yogurt. Don't know can or not.

  22. Vivien,
    If the yogurt is sour, just use it.
    You can even use milk + lemon juice.

  23. Great recipe for using up near expiry yogurt and ripe bananas! Tried it , taste exactly like banana cake , yummy

  24. Great recipe for using up near expiry yogurt and ripe bananas! Tried it , taste exactly like banana cake , yummy


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