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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cendol Agar-agar

This is for u, Melody. Hope it satisfies ur jelly craving! Baby in tummy will be happy!!!

I’ve tried making this many many years ago… and to my dismay, the cendol sets to the bottom(If urs are all on top, it means the agar solution is too hot when u added the cendol) I tried adding in some corn starch this time around, and the cendol ended up floating all over!

I’m happy!

*Note: If you're using store bought coconut milk, 1 coconut=200ml

Cendol Layer500ml water
170gm sugar
250ml water
1.5 Tbsp agar-agar powder (12.5gm)
extract from 1 coconut mixed with water totaling 250ml
small pinch of salt
30gm corn starch
500gm cendol (2 cups, drained) Make ur own cendol, see here

1) Mix agar powder with 250ml water, set aside.
2) Mix cornstarch, salt and coconut extract together, set aside.
3) Bring 500ml water and sugar to a boil. When solution has come to a boil, pour in agar mixture. 4) Bring a a boil again, lower heat and pour in cornstarch mixture, stirring all the while.
5) On medium heat , bring back to a boil. Remove from heat and put in drained cendol. Mix well.
6) Pour into a 10 inch square pan.

While the cendol layer is cooling down, do the brown layer.

Brown Layer
200gm gula Melaka (if using Thai palm sugar which is cream in colour, mix with some dark brown sugar to achieve colour)
500ml water
2 blades pandan, shredded and knotted
250ml water
1.5 Tbsp agar-agar powder (12.5gm)
extract from 1 coconut mixed with water totaling 250ml + small pinch of salt

i) Bring 500ml water, palm sugar and pandan knot to a boil and simmer until palm sugar has totally dissolved.
ii) Mix agar powder with 250ml water and pour into the pot. Bring to a boil again.
iii) Lower heat and pour in coconut extract, stirring all the while. When there are small bubbles on the side of the pot, remove pot from heat.
iv) Test cendol layer by touching surface. It should have slightly cooled and developed a film on top that does not stick to ur fingers, but should be wobbly. Pour in brown layer slowly, carefully using a sieve(there might be unwanted stuff in the palm sugar) and let it set and cool down.
v) Chill in fridge before cutting.

If your cendol layer has totally hardened, scar surface with a fork before pouring in brown layer.
You are free to do whichever layer first, But I like mine with the brown on top.

Or if u’re using agar-agar strips…
Do this…

Cook 25gm agar-agar strips with 1.5L water until totally dissolved. Divide agar solution into 2 parts.
Cook one part with the sugar and do step (4) to (6). While cooking the 1st part, keep the 2nd part warm.
Prepare the 2nd part of agar-agar solution by cooking it with palm sugar until dissolved. Do step (iii) to (v)

Lydia can't resist while looking at Mike photographing the jelly.
She must have one!


  1. Wah!!It look so beautiful. I will make it later but i don't know whater can i buy the cendol here.

  2. Yuan Horng, is it??

    Ur mom says no cendol there. Make ur own lor!!!

  3. Can i buy agar agar powder here? What is its english name?

    From: Iris (Yuan Horng)

  4. It's called agar powder. Almost the same, just that it doesn't repeat agar twice. Vegans there use it in place of gelatin.
    U can use the strips type too, the instructions are stated below the post.

  5. Thanks Wendy for this wonderful recipe. I make it for my niece's birthday and everyone love it.

    From: Chua

  6. I do enjoy reading ur blog and browsing thru ur recipes. It looks fairly simple =) I'm going to try out some of it during this cny holiday. Thanks a lot!!


  7. May,
    thanks. Do let me know how they turn out.

  8. Hello wendy...thanks for the great recipe... i just try this cendol agar using ur recipe ..thanks for sharing...

  9. MrsNor,
    Glad that you enjoyed this agar-agar.

  10. Hi Wendy! your cendol agar looks good! Can't wait to try making it. But, may i know if coconut milk can be used to substitute the coconut extract? I have no idea how to get the coconut extract. Thanks for sharing!! =)


  11. Jein,
    Sorry for confusing you.
    The extract that we get from the coconut flesh is coconut milk, not the flavouring that comes in a bottle.

  12. Hi, if i use the packet type coconut cream, what's the proportion of the coconut cream & water? Thks..


  13. Hwee,
    The packet liquid coconut milk usually comes in 200ml(the box says it's equivalent to milk extract from 1 coconut), so with that, you add 50ml water to let it come to 250ml. But the taste is definately inferior to fresh coconut milk.

  14. hi,

    i came across your blog when i was searching for cendol agar agar recipe...thanks for sharing the recipe... =D

    i've made one the other day, it tasted tasted bitter...i am not sure if it was the gula melaka layer or the cendol layer..have u ever came across this situation? had my gula melaka went bad? but it had not expired.... =(

    and another thing was i found out that my gula melaka layer didn't incorporate with the coconut milk....when i cut it, i can see a transparent brown layer (i hope u get what i mean)....when could went wrong?


  15. pinkie,
    Bitter? There is one reason, your cendol. If your cendol is store bought, chances are, it was overdosed on lime water. Malay manufacturers use this in their cendol. And I have encountered cendol that smells so much of lime water. I discarded them.

    Gula Melaka won't go bad. Expiry dates on your packaging means nothing for gula melaka. It is bad if it is mouldy or got worms crawling around.

    You overcooked the brown layer. Did you boil it?
    The instruction says, after you put the coconut milk in, cook until small bubbles appear on the side. If you boiled it, then big chances of the coconut milk to separate and form a translucent layer.

  16. 1st of all, thank u for your reply....really appreciate that.... =)

    yaya, i bought the cendol in supermarket....if there is any chance, i would like to try to make homemade cendol (posted by you).... =D

    okie, will take note on the gula melaka next time....

    ya, i guess i boiled the brown layer....i am gonna make this again next time, after all, this is my 1st attempt of making cendol agar agar....i hope i can make a better one in the future... =DDD

    p/s: i will tell u how it goes if i make this again...thank u again for your reply... (^^,)


  17. Hi Wendy,

    Have you tried making it with gelatine powder instead of agar-agar powder? Does it still work with the same measurememts? My hubby much prefers the texture of gelatine. Thanks!

  18. anonymous,
    No the measurements will be very different.
    Method is different too.
    Go by 1 Tbsp of gelatine to 1 cup of liquid to make it slicable.

  19. hi! how do you make the shape like that??

  20. Anonymous,
    What shape???
    Cut with a knife.

  21. Wendy, I made one with your recipe. Many thanks.

  22. Caca,
    Thanks for trying out.
    I tried to visit, but the post is missing

  23. Hi, how long the agar-agar can keep? Because too big portion i can't finish it on 1 day.

  24. Hi, how long can keep the agar-agar? Because too big portion i scared can't finish within one day.

  25. Jasmine,
    I keep for a few days.
    Coconut milk in jellies don't spoil as fast as in cooking

  26. hi wendy...can i ask for agar powder, 1 tbsp = 12.5? wht about 1 tsp?

  27. Hello... this looks lovely. I'm planning to make this for a farewell party for friends leaving Singapore. Could you let me know the dimensions of the pan you used for this recipe? Many thanks, J.

  28. Hello again.. this is J, I posted a question earlier regarding dimensions of the pan you've used... Please ignore the question, I must be blind. Just saw it when I re-read your recipe. However, I wanted to check if the pan needs to be oiled prior or would the set agar not stick to the pan during unmolding? Thanks again, J

  29. J,
    They don't need to be oiled. Release is easy

  30. Hi Wendy, simply love this! Was wondering if it's ok to add in some red beans and sweet corn kernels? When should i add them in? Anything I should take note of? Thanks a million!

  31. Loud thots,
    Add them to the base layer together with the cendol, not too much, not more than 3-4 Tbsp each. If not, the base will crumble when sliced cos there are too much "stuff" in it.

  32. Thanks! I just made them this morning using konnyaku jelly trays and I added 4 kidney beans in each one of them. They are in the fridge now. Was wondering how long should they stay in there?

  33. Loud thots,
    When you press them, they feel firm, it's set.
    No rush to unmould if you're not serving immediately

  34. Can you share recipe on milo agar agar? Thanks

  35. Hi Wendy, if I want my jelly to be firmer do I reduce the water content? How much should I reduce? Thanks for your help!

  36. Teo Ai Li,
    I do not know how firm you will want this to be, you can try 2 Tbsp or 2.5 Tbsp agar agar powder for each layer

  37. Hi Wendy,

    I have tried it today and it's fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing. I was wondering if you have used agar stripes before and how do you find the firmness in comparison? I will be making it again tmr and hope to see your reply soonest.

  38. Mabel Chen,
    If you use agar agar strips with the same weight, the firmness won't differ much.
    Firmness depends on the grade of the agar-agar used. Even powdered agar agar comes in different grades, with AAA the firmest and the firmness reduces as the grade goes down.

  39. I made the cendol following your recipe and it turned out perfectly. Now I'm thinking of using the leftovers to make the cendol jelly.
    Is agar power same as instant jelly powder? If not, how can I substitute it?

  40. Christine Leong,
    No they are not the same. Substitution amount , I am afraid I won't be able to advise you because I am not sure which type of instant jelly you are referring to.

  41. Hi. Can i mix the gula melaka and santan together to make it one layer? How does the recipe change? thanks

  42. Yes, yr jelly does looked good in picture.
    Just followed yr recipe...with corn starch (1st time I hear this)..OMG what a disaster...turned out not jelly texture...a Chinese cake texture 🥱🙆‍♀️


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